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Hats off and a deep bow to these generous friends and their YES to a bright future for Ekone's work (many before we had a clue what we were doing...). 

What's this YES about?  Here's all the background in case you missed it! 
Chapter 1: The Reason for the Journey
Chapter 2: Where We're Going
Chapter 3: The Trail Map
Chapter 4: Provisioning for the Journey
Chapter 5: Truth-Checking
Chapter 6: The Dusty Trail Behind Us
Chapter 7: How Many Cowpokes Does it Take to Saddle Up?

~Yours truly, the Saddle Up! trail bosses. 

Chapter 8, Route Scouts:  The early donors who believed in this journey before we even knew the destination.

We are humbled, inspired, and a bit…verklempt…by this list of people who have committed cash donations and pledges to the Saddle Up capital campaign.  Each of these names has a story; one of connection to this place, belief in its work, and optimism for the future.
What you're making possible:
The preservation, stewardship and sharing of this vital and inspiring place.
Draft Horse Drivers:  Pulling the big wagons, ensuring we get there with the goods!  
$75,000-$200,000+  (7-10 donors needed in this range)
  • Hacienda Homestead
  • Hess Family
  • Sacred Earth Foundation operating surplus, made possible by many, many supporters
What you're making possible:
A foundational experience of community in relationship to land.
Point Riders:  Leading the herd, setting the pace with momentum and giddyup!
$25,000-$74,999  (23-30 donors needed in this range)
•    Alexia Allen
•    Jack & Shirley McIntyre Foundation
•    Richard and Lois M. Worthington Foundation
•    Anonymous (1)
What you're making possible:
Learning about good work and hands-on earth stewardship.
Swing Riders:  Riding at the sides, keeping the herd together with git-along!
$5,000-$24,999  (25-35 donors needed in this range)
  • Eliqua Fund
  • Griffith Motors
  • Jacqui & Richard Murray
  • Karey & Dale Osuna
  • Marilyn Cossey & Darrell Hogan
  • Pollock Family
  • Ray Mitchell Memorial Sanctuary donors
  • Read Products Inc
  • Therese Charvet & Tere Carranza
  • West Star Foundation
What you're making possible:
The opportunity to return to the earth in a simple, natural, sacred way.
Flank Riders:  Riding at the sides, making sure no one gets left in the dust!
Under $5,000  (80-125 needed in this range)
  • Barbara Bell (was the VERY FIRST donor to this project!)
  • Baskin Family
  • Bree Metherall & Kira Faber
  • Brian Frank
  • Fischer/Enderlein Family
  • John & Gail Milton
  • Judy Todd
  • In memory of Kevin Rauch
  • In honor of Lucinda Rose Armour
  • Stewart/St. Clair Family
  • Tony Green and Shara Alexander
  • Victoria DeCillo and Dave Catterson
  • Weiland Family
  • In memory of Zoey
  • Anonymous (3)
What you're making possible:
The many teachings of horses.
Our deepest gratitude to all these families and individuals who have chosen to invest in Ekone and “pay it forward” for future generations.  May your generosity return to you tenfold. 
"There's STILL no "click here to donate" button??"

You're right.  We are not asking for your donation today--but we both know that we will.  And soon. 

During the September Stampede pledge drive, we'll be asking everyone we know to   s t  r   e   t    c     h     on behalf of Ekone.

Now that you have all the information, please talk to your family and financial advisors, think about who you know, and consider carefully how you might be able to help Ekone Ranch survive and thrive long into the future!

We'd love to have a personal conversation with you to talk about how you can help--and we'll be making hundreds of personal phone calls throughout September.  Ready to schedule that conversation, or simply raise your hand in support of this work?  Please jot your name down HERE and we'll follow up!

Sacred Earth Foundation stewards 1,133 acres in the upper Rock Creek watershed, and is the home of Ekone Summer Camps and White Eagle Memorial Preserve.  ~
509-773-4536 ~

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