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Kitchen Chronicles: Almost Cooking!

This will be a short edition of Straight From The Saddle, your favorite newsletter. 😊

We don't want to spoil it ~ we just want you to come see it at the Barbed Wire Ball on September 24th!  (RSVP here!)

The new Yummy Tummy Cafe is ALMOST DONE.
The building is built.  It is so beautiful it takes our breath away.

The enormous septic system is installed in its enormous hole in the earth.

The drainfield is tucked into the Bunkhouse lawn, and finally covered after months of backordered-parts delay.

The plumbers and electricians are coming and going every day.

The solar electricity and hot water installers are scheduled.

We are on a narrow, delicate path to cooking in this building for the Barbed Wire Ball! 

Regardless of that, we are SO EXCITED to show it off to you. 

YOU made this possible.  Please come celebrate with us!
And, we are still $96,000 from ringing the finish bell on this historic campaign. 

That $96k is vital for putting the final touches on the building, like installation of the giant wood stove it will take to heat it in the cold season. It'll also pay for healing the massive disruption to the earth we have caused. And, we still need to finish the final rewiring in the Lodge, to ensure safety and durability of this historic building. 

>>>  If we can knock this gap in half before the Barbed Wire Ball, we THINK that the event could bring it home! <<<


So exciting. Such a relief. Such an accomplishment. Such a bright future for the vital work of Ekone Ranch.

It's been a long haul, folks. And it's not quite over. Will you see it to the end, with us, together?
Please renew your support, double down, or join the 332 folks who've lifted this project to here.  Donate Online Here or contact Shonie at or 509-250-1034 to have a conversation!
Our full, long season of camps, field trips, and programs reinforced the value of this work. A sense of belonging, rooted in place, is a vital, nourishing, transformative experience. We ALL need this, and Ekone offers it as a lifeline to hundreds (and soon thousands) every year. As a seed of well-being, compassion, and empowerment, to grow into a more beautiful future for this world. 

Thank you for helping us plant these seeds.

Wishing you a good meal, with us, soon!
♥ The Saddle Up! trail bosses.

p.s. We KNOW not everyone can come to the Ball, and we promise to send more pictures of the fabulous kitchen and bathhouse in October!  We're dang busy planning the event and managing a full fall program season ~ we'll issue a longer, illustrated edition of Straight From The Saddle real soon.
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Sacred Earth Foundation stewards 1,263 acres in the upper Rock Creek watershed, and is the home of Ekone Summer Camps and White Eagle Memorial Preserve.  ~
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