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Dear friends of Ekone,

We have BIG NEWS to share with you.  News that has been brewing for about 4 years, behind the scenes here at the ranch, amidst all the good and important work of camps, conservation, stewardship, cemetery, retreats, and community.  And now, finally, it's time to spill the beans! 

We can't tell this momentous story in the 5-words-or-less modern attention span, and we believe that YOU want and deserve to know what's happening at Ekone.  So we created the Straight from the Saddle newsletter to spell it out and break it down.  The first chapter of Volume 1 is below, and we'll send one chapter per day for the next 7 days!  Spoiler alert...there are cliffhangers and suspense, heroes and tragedies, but no villains.  (And we highly recommend enabling the pictures.)  Enjoy! 

~Yours truly, the Saddle Up! trail bosses. 


Enough hints and sneak peeks…here’s the dirt on what’s ahead at Ekone!  For two years, we’ve been dropping hints of big plans afoot at Ekone Ranch.  We’re finally ready to share these plans with the world, and to tell the story of Ekone’s next great adventure.  We’re setting out on an epic journey, and invite you to Saddle Up and come along!

Chapter 1: The Reason for the Journey:  Ekone’s work with kids, adults, community and land is proven, essential, and needs to continue for many generations to come. 

Ekone Summer Camps have been changing kids’ lives for 33 years.  The experience of being an important, included, empowered member of a community, in relationship to a place, working together in service of something bigger than ourselves, is profound. Campers and parents vouch for this, and are beating quite a trail to Ekone—camp demand is skyrocketing. 
And it’s not just summer camp.  Ekone is booked nearly solid from March into November, with a wide variety of programs for children, adults and families offering a similarly powerful experience.  People are hungry for the land-based, community-oriented counterpoint to modern life that Ekone creates in so many different ways.
We believe that the future needs and deserves this work to continue.  And we recognize that without the investment, adventure, and epic journey at hand, the important and valuable work happening at Ekone will wind to a halt far before its time. 
Watch in the coming days for these upcoming chapters of Straight from the Saddle! 

Chapter 2: Where We’re Going:  And what it’s going to look like when we get there!
Chapter 3: The Trail Map:  Our route through the wilderness of a Capital Campaign, and landmarks pointing the way.
Chapter 4: Provisioning for the Journey:  What we need and how you can help.
Chapter 5: Truth-Checking:  Do we really gotta do this??  The stakes.
Chapter 6: The Dusty Trail Behind Us:  A brief history of Ekone’s facilities and how we arrived at this crossroads.
Chapter 7: How many cowpokes does it take to Saddle Up?  Our team.
Chapter 8: Route Scouts:  The early donors who believed in this journey before we even knew the destination.
"Um, wait a minute.  There's no "click here to donate" button."

You're right.  We are not asking for your donation today--but we both know that we will.  And soon.  We'll be asking everyone we know to   s t  r   e   t    c     h     on behalf of Ekone.

But it's not a decision we want you to make impulsively.  We want you to have all the information, talk to your family and financial advisors, think about who you know, and consider carefully how you might be able to help Ekone Ranch survive and thrive long into the future.

And ideally, we'd love to have a personal conversation with you to talk about your gift, your connections, and other ways you might be able to help.  Ready to schedule that conversation?  We'd love to hear from you! 

Sacred Earth Foundation stewards 1,133 acres in the upper Rock Creek watershed, and is the home of Ekone Summer Camps and White Eagle Memorial Preserve.  ~
509-773-4536 ~

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