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Newsletter November 2017
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Successful first review on 12 July, 2017, Project Coordinator Dr Markus Eisenhaue

We are pleased to announce that the COMPOSITION project successfully passed its first review meeting in Brussels this July. The meeting was, quoting our Project Officer, Mr. Arian Zwegers “The chance to exchange views with the experts, go through the project and discuss what choices have been made”. The partners presented the status of the project, its main achievements, as well as the plan for the main activities for M11-M18 and received valuable input by our Project Officer and other three reviewers. 

As a bonus to the run-through of the project, the reviewers got a detailed introduction on how COMPOSITION is incorporating features of the blockchain technology. The emphasis was on analysis of the state-of-the-art technologies and solutions, on creating concepts and specifications, and on the exploitable results that will be delivered in the next project phases. 

“We are pleased to communicate that the overall assessment of the reviews was that the project has achieved its objectives and milestones for the period. We are excited to get pointers and suggestions from the reviewers on how to address specific issues towards a successful implementation. Moreover, on the dissemination, exploitation and impact potential, the project got very good comments and the estimation is that it is likely to provide results with significant immediate or potential impact in the next reporting period.”, says the Dissemination Manager, Ms. Ifigeneia Metaxa. 

“I feel the need to point out that, during the review meeting, different promising software results have been presented, which the reviewers perceived on much higher readiness level than expected at this early stage of the project (for example cyber security, simulation, deep learning and forecasting), and therefore the ongoing work can bring useful results beyond state-of-the-art.”, states the Technical Manager, Mr. Peter Rosengren. 

The work done and the envisaged next steps are very relevant against the backdrop of the emerging use of platforms in manufacturing value chains and ecosystems. The work started on the use cases promises that concrete data-based solutions to real-world industrial challenges may be delivered. The industrial partners are committed to the implementation of the project, and the process to identify the requirements has provided interesting results. Therefore, the project has potential to generate considerable impact, both in terms of industrial competitiveness and sustainability. 
COMPOSITION at Connected Factories Scenario Building Workshop

The Connected Factories CSA Scenario Building Workshop took place on 27 and 28 September 2017 in Brussels and the COMPOSITION project participated with Mr. Aggelos Papadopoulos and Mr. Theofilos Mastos from KLEEMANN HELLAS S.A. and Mr. Jorge Rodriguez from ATOS. The main goal was to discuss possible future scenarios and explore the challenges and opportunities towards the digitised and connected factories era. 

COMPOSITION is under the “hyper-connected factories” scenario, one of the application scenarios for Factories of the Future developed by the Connected Factories project on the basis of digital platforms utilization and characteristics. We provided our vision of the future hyper-connected factories. COMPOSITION is a project that embraces the digitisation of factories of the future, since its main goal is to develop an ecosystem for intra and inter factory collaborations. The session focused on how the transition of industries to the new era of manufacturing “Industry 4.0” will be implemented through digital platforms. Communication and information along value chains and supply chains should be digitized, and data should be shared and distributed to help the development of complex digital platforms. The COMPOSITION project is working in this direction. 

Finally, it was highlighted that there is a need for a common glossary regarding digital platforms as well as internal collaboration and information sharing between European projects in order to reduce overlaps and gain valuable knowledge.
COMPOSITION blockchain technology at HIAB CargoHack 3 Hackathon 2017

In September 2017, the COMPOSITION partner CNet participated in a hackathon organised by Finnish-Swedish crane and demountable company HIAB. Eight finalists out of forty proposals were selected to participate in the final three-day event at HIAB headquarters. CNet was selected as one of the finalists and applied COMPOSTION blockchain technology to build a system where information from the crane could be entered into a blockchain.

In this way, critical hand-overs in a supply chain can be automatically recorded into a distributed ledger shared by all actors in a global supply chain. Data like crane load, location and situational photos taken by the crane or phone are stored in a blockchain, allowing tamper-proof verification of location, load and actions of the crane. The transport and processing of the goods are visualized in an iPhone app which reads and interprets the blockchain transactions.
Test, installation and operation plan template to share

In COMPOSITION we are working towards the collaborative Industry 4.0 and we believe that to proactively drive best practice we should share with others so that they apply similar methodologies as well as give us suggestions as to how to improve ours. Our deliverable D7.4 Test, installation and operation plan template I addresses potential customers for the Integrated Information Management System (IIMS) and (semi-) automatic ecosystem developed within the COMPOSITION project and contributes to future exploitation of the results.

During the review meeting, the reviewers especially highlighted this public deliverable as a valuable document, which not only can be used to attract new Industry 4.0 and COMPOSITION platform users, but also may be useful for other FoF and ICT projects. Everyone in COMPOSITION is looking forward to seeing the project produce some solid results which will benefit Industry 4.0.

We invite all of you to look into the Test, installation and operation plan template I and share your comments with us. You can find it on our website. Stay informed on our results in the Knowledge Centre section. We are looking forward to your feedback. 
COMPOSITION project was presented at the Maintenance Forum in Athens, Greece

This year the Maintenance Forum event was second decade of dynamic presence in Asset Management, having already contributed to the emergence of the role of maintenance. Dozens of businesses each year are drawn on knowledge and guidance to shape their own strategy and align them with international practices. To share the relevant solutions being developed in COMPOSITION, ATLANTIS had chosen the most important event for the maintenance domain, which took place in Greece on 12 and 13 October, 2017.

The 11th Maintenance Forum began with the Euromaintenance 2016 dowry, which was held for the first time in Greece. With the inspiration and theme of one of the most successful conferences in Europe, the 11th Maintenance Forum looked at the modern Maintenance & Asset Management organisation models, with a predominant Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) methodology, as well as the Condition Based Maintenance technologies.

The goal of the Maintenance Forum was to highlight the importance of maintenance in the efficient and safe operation of equipment of industrial installations, as well as to organise the maintenance of buildings as a whole. The developments within the COMPOSITION project were used to achieve this goal exactly. After all, it is a universal challenge for all companies to reduce operating costs, improve the quality of services provided, ensure reliability of their equipment and maximise their efficiency. It was interested to interact with professionals from the asset and maintenance management domain. 
ATLANTIS and COMPOSITION participates at DLEARN public conference

The European Digital Learning Network, DLEARN, was created on the initiative of valuable and experienced European organisations, active in Europe for many years in the field of education and training. As part of exploiting their existing networks of European institutions and stakeholders, these entities decided to come together to boost the potential of their territories and enhance the possibilities of the people, especially in the field of digital learning and digital skills.

The approach of COMPOSITION, which aims to face digital challenges and to facilitate the collaboration among companies and individuals, was disseminated and networked at the Annual Conference in Brussels, on 19 October 2017. 

We were eager to learn and share the results of the research “What do you think about the future of digital Education and Training in EU?”, which was introduced by a top level panel of speakers. This initiative was promoted in the past months in the framework of the pledge awarded to DLEARN as member of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition and have led to the collection of 1000+ questionnaires.

The COMPOSITION project has taken advantage of the outcome of the survey, in order to understand the point of view of the professionals in education and training and to collect feedback from people that deal daily with challenges, improvements and changes in education and training in the industrial sector and in on-the-job-training.
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The COMPOSITION project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 723145.

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