Blood Orange Cardamom Cake & a glimpse behind the scenes
When I'm making recipes for the blog and my books, I have a habit of reshooting quite often. It makes everything take twice as long, but it's usually well worth the effort.

So today I'm sharing photos from the first and second shoot I did with this cake, why I didn't like the outcome at first and why I decided to reshoot.
The recipe is up on the blog as usual, through the link below. I hope you like it!

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Why I decided to reshoot
For this shoot, I envisioned lots of texture and a neutral greyish background with a blue tone which looks really great paired with a pink cake. I knew this cake had great potential, but I could see straight away during the first shoot that there was no point in continuing with this idea then and there, it simply didn't do the idea justice and I knew I could do better. I was however able to take some good pictures of the cake on the wooden table in my kitchen (you can see these at the bottom of the blogpost), but it wasn't what I had originally planned. So after making some changes to the recipe and test baking it I decided to give it another go, and it turned out exactly how I wanted it. This happens quite often, you just never see it on the blog :-) Sometimes you just have to take a step back and see what is bothering you and why, and what you can improve next time.
Both shots are from the exact same spot, right next to a window and have just about the same edit.

Here's the result of both shoots and what I improved:
Issues with the first shoot
-Not enough color in the icing to make it pop
-Cake didn't rise properly and is a little wonky
-My outfit is taking up to much attention with texture and color
-Not enough movement in the glaze
-Unnatural hand position (hands are difficult to photograph!)
-The camera angle is too low for such a flat cake and the back edge of the table is right underneath the cake stand
-Harsh light, sunny day
-Black gap at the bottom of the photo, the shooting surface is too bright against the dark background and the lines of the shooting surface and fabric bothered me
Improvements made in the second shoot
-More blood orange juice in the glaze - more color
-Improved recipe so cake is taller and more even
-My sweater has a similar tone to the shooting surface, just enough texture
-More movement in the glaze
-Better and more natural position of my hand, it's less in focus
-Better angle for a flat cake, cake is more visible and the back edge of the table is behind the cake stand which I prefer here
-Softer light, overcast day
-Less of a gap with the towels draped over the edge. The shooting surface, background and my clothes blend together much better
The set up
The end result of the second shoot
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