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                                          May Newsletter

“The first fundamental mistake in your own existence is when you think you have to run the show. Now, how many of you had an opportunity to live as a guest in a friend’s house? Please raise your hands. Almost everybody must have had a chance, correct? How many of you were foolish enough to go into a friend’s house and start running the household?” - Yogi Bhajan

What can I work on this month?

Every month, we invite you to explore different aspects of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings as a teacher or as a student. For that, we use the Aquarian Numerology, based on the spiritual 10 Bodies, the quality and facets of numbers according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Numbers represent a fascinating window to look at our consciousness, to recognize the synchronicity in our lives, and bring a deeper understanding of the interconnected reality we live in.



Accept the grief

Stand up to face the unknown

Be fulfilled

Until now, this year has been a process of uncovering the illusion we once took for real (Maya). This scenario had been created by our personal filters (beliefs, wounds, traumas, fears, shame, guilt, ...) and the identification to it became the only reality for us. Therefore, the digestion of these filters might have been challenging, questioning the core of our self-built identity, burning down what before seemed to be permanent and what looked like a true reference for us.

The dead fire in our life

April was like looking at the fire when it is consumed. You are first hypnotized by the flames, but even when the flames are gone, and only the smoke, the ember, the dark calcined wood are left, it is hard to leave, you need time to digest this change, this is called grief. Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the change or the end of a familiar pattern of behaviour. It might make you feel deeply alone or empty, and yet a new field of opportunities opens up. By connecting to your feelings and by sharing them, you have a chance to bring clarity and reach your deeper and innocent self.

May (5) is a pivot number. It is an opportunity to stand up, leave the dead fire behind, and be ready to face life in its unknown, facing the vulnerability and renouncing the control. There is a sacrifice to be made in order to explore this new field of possibilities and discover our inner fire; let go and let God! 5 is the teacher and it is time to learn from it.

In terms of actions, the last strings that link you to the past must be cut: the ones that connect you to a meaningless and toxic relationship; those of habits that bring you down physically and emotionally; the beliefs and (self-)judgments that are not serving your deepest self, … Drop them!

Are we ready for the new choices?

May is the time to make clear choices to start rebuilding what was burnt with the new intention to be faithful to our truth and to feed the fire of our consciousness. It does not mean that our decisions and actions have to be huge, but they have to be clear and sharp (no compromise), and we need to carry them through without becoming shaky. We will need a balance and strong nervous system to face this challenge and journey.

If we are able to apply the changes required, without doubt, trusting our feelings, we will experience a new sense of flow (5+3=8), a new sense of fulfilment that does not depend on the outside circumstances but on our capacity to be guided by our inner teacher. Going in nature for walks, to play, to contemplate, to breathe, … will support our self-discovery. Parallel to that, we will automatically become more impersonally personal and approach life from a higher perspective, without being so attached to the outcome but enjoying the ride that it is offered for this lifetime, accepting the challenges with more lightness and joy.

If we are not able to let the change happen, we might try to revive the dead fire and recreate the illusion. For this, we need to isolate ourselves in our stubbornness, because everything outside will remind us of the necessity to change.

We work against our own prosperity

There is a story about a Guru who receives a foot massage and reads the thoughts of the giver - he wants two horses and a bag of golden coins. After the massage, he gives him what he wished. The masseur was surprised but he accepted and was very happy!

As soon as he goes away, a disciple asks the Guru: “Why did you give him two horses and a bag of golden coins??” The Guru answered:” Well, that guy was so good. I wanted to make him my successor, but he just wanted two horses and a bag of golden coins, unfortunately…”.

Kriya & Meditation suggested for this month

Kriya 1: “Kriya to throw off stress” - IAWW, about 40 min Balances the nervous system, helps to relax and increases our sensitivity to connect to our intuitive self. Helps to let go.
Library of Teachings

Kriya 2: “Puja Kriya” - 11 to 31 min, KRIYA Manual.
Open yourself to yourself (your destiny) and build up the strength to be faithful to your feelings. Open your heart.

Meditation: “Guru Kriya - Touch Every Heart” – A Year With The Master - Atma Singh & Guruprem Kaur, page 51.
Connects to our inner guidance and expands our radiance. Feeling the universal support and guidance, by connecting to our inner compass, our heart, and neutral mind. “Make your heart flow like a river—all your difficulties will wash away.” - YB

New Moon on May 4 (European time):
Kriya "to throw off stress” + “Guru Kriya - Touch Every Heart” 31 min

Full Moon on May 18 (European time):
Kriya of your choice.
Meditation “Soul Talk Meditation” - 22 to 31 min.

Contact us if you wish to receive the kriyas.

Diet suggestion: Avoid sugar for one month!

               In Yogi Bhajan's system of the 10 Bodies, the number 5 is the physical body. Sugar affects the nervous system, depleting, through the mechanism of stress, the physical body of its natural force and defence. Sugar also impacts the mind activity, increasing the thoughts and blurring our clarity. A shaky nervous system will never allow a jump into the unknown and into change, simply because the necessary strength is lacking.

To try and avoid sugar for one month will also make you conscious of all what contains sugar, from the obvious biscuits and sweets to the less obvious soups and sauces!

Joke – An easier disease

A guy suffering from a miserable cold begs his doctor for relief.
The doctor prescribes pills. But after a week, the guy is still sick. So the doctor gives him a shot. But that doesn't help his condition either.
“Okay, this is what I want to do,” says the doctor on the guy's third visit. “Go home and take a hot bath. Then throw open all the windows and stand in the draft.”
“I will get pneumonia!” protests the patient.
“I know. That I can cure.”

Golden Rules of Authentic Relationships
     In April, we taught the Level 2 Authentic Relationships in Australia, SunShine Coast. The group experienced a deep healing process and many insights came to build up more authenticity in relationships. Here are the 10 Golden Rules for Authentic Relationships from one of the study groups:

1. Be aware of your projections and clear your subconscious with regular yoga practice
2. Determine the need behind the action/reaction/behaviour of the other when issues arise
3. Assess and integrate the dynamic of the existing male and female polarities within yourself
4. Process any unresolved grief through introspection and daily practice
5. Observe your masculine and feminine polarities in every interaction
6. Respond with empathy and understanding whilst keeping your personal boundaries
7. Observe and reflect on your repeating patterns within your relationships
8. Be aware of your existing conditioning from earlier life experiences
9. Understand, integrate, and balance the 3 Gunas, Tama, Raj & Sat where possible in relationships
10. Ensure that your feelings match your actions and be aware of how you might be perceived by others

Dancing into the present

A contribution of Joan Sita Pavan Koh ( who participated in the workshop on Gurdjieff Movements and Kundalini Yoga that we offered in Shenzhen, China, at the end of March:

One of the most profound thought forms changes my yoga practice has brought is to relinquish the constant need to do things to make anything happen. I wouldn’t have believed if you told me I could relax and trust, that the thing I work so intensely for will show up at my doorstep. Taking my hands off the steering wheel, letting go of how things should be for myself and those I care about, never figured in my radar.
The perfect justification was I loved doing them. Like the song goes, life is what happens to you when you’re busy making plans. My changing and ageing physical body was, however, the best proof it didn’t appreciate my restlessness. It couldn’t keep up with my cognitive universe.
My teacher Sat Sarbat said “We see the world in terms of success or failure. We are unable to be. In ‘to be’ there’s no judgement. We’ve to do, to perform. We’ve to get it. That’s what they taught us in school. Nobody taught us that ‘to be’ is enough.”
Unlearning a lifetime of conditioning is a work in progress. Last week was one such unbecoming. I spent an insane week in a retreat deeply immersed in Gurdjieff Sacred Dances, navigating the paradox of staying relaxed yet awake, dancing spirit back into the present.
Gurdjieff Sacred Dances are not just a dance of letting go. It’s an incredibly powerful way to restructure and rewire The Mind.
Ancient teachings write that one can gain enlightenment in three ways: The Fakir tradition where you renounce everything and live through pain; the monastic way through devotion; and the way of the yogi by experience and knowledge. Gurdjieff’s work is said to be the Fourth Way.
Like Yogi Bhajan, Gurdjieff said that we can no longer sit on nails or meditate in caves for 10 years. We have to live here and be conscious here.
And just like Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, Gurdjieff’s work is confrontational, to say the least.
Gurdjieff’s movements were designed to create frustration. Certainly, frustration was an understatement. I was compelled to confront and break my own long-held mental patterns and habits. It was non-negotiable only because suffering was the other option. Staying stuck was not a very attractive place to be.
Sat Sarbat said, “Frustration is a side effect, not the objective. Because you break patterns in your brain, you’re helpless. You should welcome it.”
Truth be told, it took a few days to welcome non-control, to relax the over-controlling and over-rationalizing Intellectual Center, to fully grasp how the Mind, powerful as it is, did little to ease me into being in the present moment.
Many moments, I was frozen in place and in my head, orchestrating the next step. All that was needed was a split second of scheming the future, I missed three steps. I missed life.
Gurdjieff’s approach to movement deepened my insight into the mind-body-spirit connection. How to lean deeper into the most important relationship, the one with my own consciousness.
By fully allowing my body, the Moving Center, and heart space, the Emotional Center, to move with my all-powerful Intellectual Center, I flowed with structured chaos designed to confound and confront. I was awake and relaxed.
Being fully present is being alive. Effortlessly. The present is a resting place full of vitality and grace.
The purpose of these movements is not perfection. Sat Sarbat reiterated it is to use pressure, joy, or frustration, to keep the capacity to observe it without saying “I did it,” or “I am sh*t, I can’t do it.”
“When you’re not hooked by the past, hooked by hope, then you can be in the moment where trinity [of I, Am, Me] can be in action.”
And I danced and danced with all my centres engaged, a misstep be damned, fully stepping into the spirit with nor force or denial.

We learn when we go in a relationship
We love when we are in one

An invitation for personal exploration by fJoti Surpreet Kaur, student of the Level 1 Teacher Training Zurich, Switzerland, 2018:

Last Friday I attended a lecture of a neurologist. His hearts greatest concern is to support the unfolding of potential in communities. He created a fascinating vision which inspired me to think beyond.
His thesis implies that children don't need to develop, they only need to unfold. But because of experiences at school, in family, through social media, they get entangled. Then, as grown-ups, we are so entangled that the unfolding of our potential is difficult. So first we need to detangle so that our potential can be activated. For this, we need alignment, a goal, and a real community to support us throughout this process.
I see a lot of similarities to Kundalini Yoga. To recover our light and perceive it more strongly, we first have to detangle… so that then we can walk on a more dharmic path, the path our souls shows us.
Regarding the “Leader”, the neurologist says that it should be somebody loving... He sees a synonym in the wording: supportive Leader. This is what I'm researching now. And with the wording “somebody loving”, a new riddle came up. What does it mean to love?
Today after my sadhana, this description came to me:

To learn means to go into a relationship
To love means to be in a relationship

When I say 'relationship', I mean the relationship from me to me and from me to everything outside of myself. When I go into a relationship to myself or with something outside of myself, 'learning' is what happens. When I can uphold the relationship to myself and to everything outside of myself, then it is loving. This is comparable to the picture of meditation.
The foundation of relationships are the essential experiences of connection and individuality/freedom. The neurologist refers to needs.
This is the biggest quest for a leader to practice being consistent in the total connection with himself and at the same time to all the people and everything outside of himself.
AAA Around the World
Stories, Happenings, and Programmes
First week of Level 1 in the Sunshine Coast near Brisbane, last 4 days of Level 1 in Melbourne, and finally Level 2 Authentic Relationships with a very varied group of 19 participants. Now writing at the airport on our way to China, enormously grateful for these experiences…!
We found a new seminar centre in Austria and will hold the first week there next August, Level 2 Conscious Communication: Biohof und Reiterhof Laussabauer in 8932 Sankt Gallen.

Summer Master Classes in Vienna – Bilingual English/German 5 Master Classes with Satmukh and Sat Sarbat will take place in 1020 Vienna (location:, on Wednesday evenings from 19:00 to 21:30 on the following dates: June 5,  July 3, July 24, August 28, and September 25.

Contact us in order to book your spot. Book early as the Studio is small!!
In order to prepare the Rebirth workshop, the Chinese sangat has created a WeChat group where 400 people joined to chant every day the ReMan shabad for 11 min. It is not an easy shabad, especially if you chant it fast! About the ReMan, Yogi Bhajan said:“…the perfection of the ReMan Shabad brings a person total health and penetrates through the mental body right to the spirit. The potential manifestation of this meditation is that your state of consciousness is always meditating even when you are not formally meditators…” “…the meditators can develop an arc line of gold. It can lead to a perfect state of mental health… You will have wisdom, you will have the purity of a yogi…”

Rebirth workshops: China on May 17-19, Istanbul on September 28-29, and Belgrade on January 18-19 2020.

                                Coming soon in May/August


Level 1 Switzerland – Zurich, Module “The Self” first part, May 3-5
Rebirthing Workshop China, May 17-19
Level 1 Turkey, Module “5 Elements” - May 22-28
Level 1 Australia – Brisbane, Module “The Self”, June 02-08
SunChild Teacher Training to teach children, Austria (first block) – Vienna, June 05-09
Summer Master Class in Vienna – June 5
Level 1 Austria, Module “5 Elements” intensive week - June 11-18
Thursday 20 June we will teach at the Austrian festival, will take place from 19.-23. June in Schloss Limberg bei Graz.
Level 2 Turkey, Module “Vitality and Stress”, June 25-30
Summer Master Class in Vienna – July 3, 19, Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30
SunChild Teacher Training to teach children, Austria (second block) – Vienna, July 04-07
Summer Master Class in Vienna – July 24, Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30.
Level 2 Austria, Module “Conscious Communication”, August 20-25
Summer Master Class in Vienna – August 28


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