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June Newsletter

There is no man yet born on this planet who is ugly, who is criminal, who is negative, who is weak, and who is sick, these are all acquired, acquired features” - Yogi Bhajan

What can I work on this month?

Every month, we invite you to explore different aspects of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings as a teacher or as a student. For that, we use the Aquarian Numerology, based on the spiritual 10 Bodies, the quality and facets of numbers according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Numbers represent a fascinating window to look at our consciousness, to recognize the synchronicity in our lives, and bring a deeper understanding of the interconnected reality we live in.



Stepping out


Stepping in


May (5) offered an opportunity to stand up, leave the dead fire behind, and be ready to face life renouncing the control. It gave us the chance to let go and make new choices.

Are our choices a new illusion to make our life easier on the short-term or are we planning far, long-term, wisely? This is not a time to compromise and wear a blindfold in order not to see what we do not wish to see. That would be dangerous; soon the mind would kick in again justifying the illusion. Off we are again for another round of struggle to keep up a constructed “truth” that we just made up and which makes us small!

Events worldwide are escalating, global warming, pollution, energy and environmental security, conflict and poverty, the rise of new powers, competition and global imbalances, health crises… By opening our eyes widely, we realize that there are no two areas, mine and the global one, no separation. It is easier to judge the outside situation (chaos) than recognizing that every day we betray ourselves by nourishing it.

The moment we betray our needs (2), we betray our longing to belong and deny the deep feeling of separation, which is the true expression of the paradox that we are both limited and unlimited. This betrayal creates an identity (3), a social mask, rooted in other people's expectations rather than in our own soul. To cover this gap, which is a source of pain, we might become clever and efficient, we think we know! This is the denial of our inner child, source of innocence and excitement.

This denial is reflected in the imbalance of the brain hemispheres and create blocks in our arcline (6). If only all could feel this for one minute, without reacting, our personal unconscious would spiral up in new vibrations, resonating with the universal field, opening the channel for the teachings to be manifested at the personal level. By accepting the gap, we fill it in with infinite love (9).

The right assessments in our private life reverberate in the cosmos and back to us. My story (3) is always a reflection of the Universal story (9). By recognizing my needs, I know what is right for me. I can shine and share. I discover Seva, not as a duty, but as an expression of love. A community where the seeds of our potential can sprout and the spirit descends to water them in a constant flow.

June (6) brings us this spiralling out, from me (3) to the community (6) and coupled with the year (2019=3) it makes a 9, giving us a first glimpse that our awareness of the community will also have to be left behind as it flows into whole humanity.

It starts with me and finishes with All.

Kriyas & Meditations suggested for this month

1. Kriya “For the colon, spine, and organs” - (December 20, 1983) – 40 min

Will help adjust the metabolism especially in connection to the green diet.

2. Meditation “Jupiter meditation “ to become intuitive (NM184 951013) – 31 min

3. Meditation “For the Arcline”

New Moon on June 3 (European time):

“For the colon, spine, and organs”

+ “Gupt Kamal Gyan Mudra with Siri Gaitree Mantra” - 31 min (YB Library of teachings)


Full Moon on June 17 (European time):

Sun Salutations + Meditation “For the Arcline” - 40 - 56 min

Contact us if you wish to receive the kriyas.

Diet suggestion: The green diet

The biggest environmental impact: our food decisions! Let's cleanse our body and clear our thoughts with a 40-day green diet (...or whatever you can do). This cleansing mono-diet consists of eating only green foods. These are primarily vegetables, with an emphasis on leafy greens for calcium, seaweed for minerals, and avocado for healthy fats; with a few fruits (green apples, green grapes, kiwi, and pears) and pistachios to enrich the diet and keep the blood sugar balanced.

This diet allows the blood to become more alkaline, decreases cortisone and other stress factors in the tissues, adds moisture to the colon and purifies the liver, pancreas, and intestines.

At this time of the year, it is easy to find a vast array of green vegetables which are all healthy and nutritious. Chlorophyll and iron-rich green vegetables can create the base for any meal, as they are incredibly versatile. Some popular greens are cucumbers, zucchini, kale, collards, Swill chard, rainbow chard, asparagus, romaine and red leaf lettuce, green beans, and broccoli.

The train to Heaven and the train to Hell

Osho relates a story about Edmund Burke who used to go to church on Sundays – he was not a believer, but he liked the preacher and the way he talked about things.

There was an English thinker, Edmund Burke. He used to go to church on Sundays – he was not a believer, but he liked the preacher and the way he talked about things.

Somebody asked him: You are not a believer and you are not a religious man, so why do you go every Sunday and so regularly? He said: Once in a while I like to see a person who really believes. Just to see a person who has faith is beautiful in itself. I don’t have any faith, but this preacher is a man of faith. He may be wrong – I know that he is wrong, but that doesn’t matter. He is beautiful in his faith. It seems that he has attained. Maybe he is in a delusion, but that is not the point. I am continuously trying to achieve something and he has attained. So just to look at him, I go there.

One day after the priest preached – he had preached that people who are good and virtuous, and believe in God, will go to heaven – Burke asked him: What about people who are good and virtuous, but don’t believe in God? Where will they go? Will they go to heaven? If you say yes, then to believe in God is not necessary. Then the belief, the whole hypothesis is useless! If a person can go to heaven just by being virtuous, then what is the point of belief? And if you said that people who are virtuous and good, but don’t believe in God will have to go to hell, then what is the point of being virtuous and good? Just believing in God will do.

This Burke was a logician and the priest was puzzled. He said: Give me a few days, I will have to enquire. I don’t know exactly what happens.

He tried for seven days to think from every nook and corner, but he couldn’t get it, because the puzzle was there. If he says Yes, then there is a problem. If he says No, then too there is a problem.

On the seventh day he came to the church, one hour before his sermon; he went to the terrace, was brooding there, closed his eyes – the whole of the previous night he could not sleep, because he was thinking and thinking and thinking – and again he fell into sleep and he had a dream.

In the dream he saw himself going in a train somewhere. He asked: Where is this train going? and people said: We are going to heaven. .

He said: This is good. This is the right thing. I will ask where those people are who are virtuous, for example Socrates – good, virtuous, but he never believed in God; where are those people? So he went into heaven. But he didn’t like the look of the place. It looked a little ruinous, no happiness, a little boring, no excitement – of course, silent – but it looked dead. He could not believe that this was heaven.

Then he asked: When does the train leave for hell? The train was ready, so he entered.

He went to hell. He could not believe his eyes again, because things were really beautiful. Beautiful trees, greenery, flowers, birds singing, and everybody was happy. He said: There is something wrong! This seems to be like heaven. He went into the town. He asked people: Is Socrates here? They said: Yes, he is working in the fields.

So he went to Socrates and he said: Are you here? You, good and virtuous, but you didn’t believe in God? So you have been thrown in hell? He said: I don’t know about hell at all, but since we came here we have turned it into heaven.

Shocked, his eyes opened.

Edmund Burke was waiting downstairs. He came there and he said: I don’t know now exactly, but I will tell you about a dream I had. In the dream I came to realize that people who are good and virtuous, wherever they go – that place becomes heaven. People who are not virtuous and good, even if they believe in God, wherever they go – that place becomes a hell. This is how it has been revealed to me in my dream.

Osho, Tao, The Three Treasures – Talks on fragments from Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, Vol 4, Ch 1 (excerpt)

                                Joke – I am very clear

Little Felix is having a test from a child psychologist.

Now, Felix,” says the shrink, “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

I want to be a doctor, an artist, or a window cleaner,” replies Felix.

I see,” says the puzzled shrink, “you’re not very clear about it, are you?”

What?” says Felix. “I am perfectly clear. I want to see naked women!”

AAA Around the World
Stories, Happenings, and Programmes

Summer Master Classes in Vienna – Bilingual English/German
5 Master Classes with Satmukh and Sat Sarbat will take place in 1020 Vienna (location:, on Wednesday evenings from 19:00 to 21:30 on the following dates: June 5, July 3, July 24, August 28, and September 25.

Contact us in order to book your spot. Book early as the Studio is small!!


The 5 Elements week Level 1 took place at the beginning of the month, in nature. Here is feedback from the students:

"The level one training let me rediscover life and experience every moment of life, happiness is inherent right, life is a gift, Wahe Guru!" - Dhyan Seva

"Kundalini yoga has fully awakened my soul which had been sleeping for many years. I have been trying hard to be a good wife and mother, a good employee, a good child. But one year of Level one training let me really care about myself. Kundalini yoga is very strong. I believe in Buddhism for many years, Kundalini yoga has surpassed my enthusiasm and understanding of Buddhism. In fact, no matter how happy you are, everyone has the pain of growing up. You need to clean up and heal yourself. Kundalini yoga can be a good tool. I learned and grew more." - Bobo

"When I first met Kundalini yoga, my teacher said, Kundalini Yoga is like a precious treasure, an encyclopedia. Everyone who walks in will be able to pick some up, and as for how much, that depends on your personal creation. Now a year has passed, and I have completed the teacher training. From the uncertainty and doubts to growth and joy, the deeper I understand Kundalini yoga, the more I submit to its power and wisdom." - Sandy

The Rebirthing is always a very special moment of the year. The participants kept up during the full day meditations and during the night Jappa. We all felt that this time the Jappa caused some restructuring of our body, mind, and spirit.

The students speak:

“The efforts of the physical body have brought a sense of thoroughness from the inner side to the outer side. I experienced the lightness and contentment of the soul, even though my muscles ached. I also integrated and experienced the 5 virtues that our teachers taught us during the last mediation with my card partner. Looking into her eyes, I experienced fully contentment with the present moment that the universe has sent to me. When we chanted loudly the Longtime sunshine, I felt the whole space surrounded by love. Tears came out deeply from the soul, what indescribable happiness! Gratitude to the guidance of our teachers, and to be accompanied by the Sangat. The presence of each person there made this unique experience happen!” - Ravleen Kaur, Xiamen

“I didn’t have such a sense of rebirthing on the last day of the workshop, but the next day I felt my whole navel hot and there was warm energy flowing on my shoulders and back. After the whole-night Jappa, I was still energetic the next day. I witnessed the power of group chanting.” - Stella, Shenzhen

“This is the second time I experienced rebirthing. Be truly open and welcome love. Act and experience life with consciousness.” - Tej Seema Kaur, Kaifeng

“When looking into the eyes of my card partner, I encouraged her with my eyes when she got slightly nervous. Little by little I felt the energy and love supporting each other.” - Seva Manhan Kaur, Zhengzhou

“The seed of prosperity has been deeply planted and rooted in the navel during the rebirthing. Being with my teachers, hand in hand, looking into the eyes, I feel their deep love and compassion. The experience of those meditations reminded me of the 5 virtues.” - Zhou Lei, Jiangsu


We started a new cycle of Numerology Training in Shenzhen. Astonishing and exciting how the students grasp the concept after just one week of training. The picture shows a group of former students who completed the requirements for certification and receive their certificate.


One of the study groups of the TT L1 in Serbia sent us this inspiring feedback after their second study group:
“Hello again from rainy Belgrade
A few days ago our group held a second meeting (Olivera Danilovic, Snezana Andjelkovic, Mirjana Dzelebdzic, Vida Radonjic, Ivana Perazic). We began with the meditation ‘Breath of fire lion’s paws’ and we all had an identical experience - clarity of mind and feeling of peace.

After the meditation, with a glass of lemonade, we switched to a spontaneous conversation based on the questions that were the subject of the second meeting. We all continued with our own practice every morning after we finished 40 days of homework Sadhana. Some of us took another kriya and meditations, and some just continued with the same kriya. None of us had challenges in keeping up the Sadhana - it was simply natural.
Most of our close friends and family support us and have an understanding of our changes in daily routines. All of them are very happy for us because they notice how good Sadhana affects us...and most of them are curious to learn something about Kundalini Yoga.

Our personal practice has helped us to understand the types of relationships we have with friends and family. Some relations have been consolidated and some are over.
It also brought us more energy during the day. We have no more oscillations in energy and somehow we all have the impression that we can do many more things during the day....or maybe it’s because we get up very early and have much more time.

Only two of us started with formal classes and they are both very satisfied. They have good feedback from students and learn much from them and their questions.
Warm regards and lots of love!
Sat Nam!”


The Swiss group had their 3rd weekend TT Level 1 and did their Western Anatomy presentations. Here one of the small groups at work. Now we look forward to meeting them at the final intensive week, 5 Elements, in Austria, where the TT students 2019 of Austria, Serbia, and Switzerland will come together.


The  Level 1 5 Element week in Turkey was beyond expectations. The commitment of the students and their devotion opened a deep space of listening where the teachings could flow down to us, washing out our wounds and reaching out the depth of our hearts. A tantric experience, in touch with the transparent but ever-present net of teachings, enhanced by the presence of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib (the spiritual book that Yogi Bhajan referred to, the source of the Shabd Guru). The Sufi prayers sang by the students brought us back to our innocence, to feel in all our cells the pain and joy of the original separation of the soul. Forever grateful to have the opportunity to teach in this sacred land and to be touched so deeply.

                                Coming soon in June/September

Level 1 Australia – Brisbane, Module “The Self”, June 02-08
SunChild Teacher Training to teach children, Austria (first block) – Vienna, June 05-09
Summer Master Class in Vienna – June 5, Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30
Level 1 Austria, Module “5 Elements” intensive week - June 11-18
Thursday 20 June we will teach at the Austrian festival, which will take place from 19.-23. June in Schloss Limberg near Graz.
Level 2 Turkey, Module “Vitality and Stress”  – June 25-30
Summer Master Class in Vienna – July 3, Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30
SunChild Teacher Training to teach children, Austria (second block) – Vienna, July 04-07 Summer
Master Class in Vienna – July 24, Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30
Level 2 Austria, Module “Conscious Communication” – August 20-25
Summer Master Class in Vienna – August 28, Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30
Level 1 Serbia, Module “The Self” – September 9-15
Level 1 Switzerland, 4 weekends (The Self) – September 13-15
Summer Master Class in Vienna – September 25, Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30
Level 1 Austria, last weekend of the 2019 teacher training – September 27-29


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