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                                March Newsletter

“The world is a drama, staged in a dream” - Guru Nanak

What can I work on this month?

Every month, we invite you to explore different aspects of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings as a teacher or as a student. For that, we use the Aquarian Numerology, based on the spiritual 10 Bodies, the quality and facets of numbers according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Numbers represent a fascinating window to look at our consciousness, to recognize the synchronicity in our lives, and bring a deeper understanding of the interconnected reality we live in.



Light & darkness

Devine & Devil

Sacrifice your identifications

The energy of this month, 3, is intensified because it resonates with the frequency of the year, 2+0+1+9=3.

Which shape do you create?
With 2 points you can draw a line, with 3 points you can draw a triangle. 3 is the first shape or form, the Trinity from which everything is created. 3 is the first visible form I can identify to. 3 is about identity: to what do I identify myself in order to exist?

Imagine yourself in a situation where your “red button” is pushed. Automatically, there is the first reaction to defend yourself based on past experiences and memories (negative mind, 2). Then, the positive mind will relay that first impulse by proving that you are right to react, building up the argumentative that justifies your first reaction. If you don't have the capacity to digest (3 – digestive fire) this flux of information, it becomes your reality and your drama. You identify to your thoughts and add layers and layers of them to justify this identification. It is like when your attention is caught by watching the fire, it is like a trance.

We face plenty of situations like this one in life. The trigger might be a comment from your partner, a reaction from a friend, a judgment from a family member, ... It resonates with a non-digested past story and you react to it again! You fall into that sub-personality (or that mask): you might disappear and play the victim, you might attack back and play the perpetrator defending what you judge as a betrayal or injustice, etc. Are you able to sacrifice the story and the part of you which believes it for the truth?

“The living Trinity is to know the truth, to practice the truth and to sacrifice for the truth; and if it means death, you are willing to die. We can call it Trinity of attitude. The word Samadhi means attitude.” - Yogi Bhajan

This is what the yogi call the Maya. It means illusion. It does not mean that reality does not exist. We exist at the material, emotional, mental, and spiritual plans and none of them is an illusion. Maya means the illusion that we create out of our personal filter and the identification to that illusion, which becomes the only reality for us.

The positive mind, 3, is about potential and possibilities, therefore it is very creative. There are infinite possibilities to alter “what is” to fit our preconceptions, beliefs, opinions, who we think we are and masks.

How we justify our self-destructive habits
Another example very much connected to the number 3 is how we are able to keep self-destructive habits and justify to ourselves that we need them. It might be food habits, sexual behaviours, drugs or alcohol consumption, …. We know that it is not beneficial for us but we keep doing it! And if somebody asks us why we are doing it, we are sometimes able to prove to them that we don't have the choice, it is part of us, it is us. These habits illustrate our incapacity to deal with or digest a certain impulse that we can call information, like a depressive or a self-judgmental thought. Through these habits, we will reinforce the information that brought us there. You drink to avoid depression and you feel even more depressed!

"We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons." ~ Jim Rohn

The work on ourselves
In order to create a change, we have to work on ourselves. Changing our thoughts isn't enough. 

If we want to be calm, we need to meditate each day.
If we want to stay healthy, we need to exercise each day.
If we want to learn to draw, we need to spend at least 30 minutes a day with a pencil in our hand.

In order to change our lives for the better, we need to take consistent, disciplined action!

Positive affirmations
In Kundalini Yoga, we use positive affirmations to build a positive identity and avoid to fall into the trap of these self-destructive sub-personalities or masks. “I am the light the soul” “I am bountiful”,... These sentences or positive affirmations are tools to build a new form, persona, mask, which serves better our infinite self. This new projection helps us to initiate our inner fire to transform the old patterns and crystallize a new consciousness. But we still have to do the job! First, we fake it, but then we need to cover the distance through our discipline and commitment in order to face the dark, the devil, and digest it! If we just identify to this bright image that we create, and we don't do the job, we create a deep sense of separation within that we will compensate by manipulating others for them to fit our reality. Our spiritual ego will need the projections of others in order to feel right about who we are. But the light exists because there is darkness. If we increase the light, we increase the darkness.

“Human beings are surrounded by an atmosphere”

Extract from the book "La Prise de Conscience et G.I. GURDJIEFF"
by Solange Claustres

"One day, I told G.I.Gurdjieff that I experienced much energy after a Movements class, and that it disappeared, that I could not hold it. I added that in life also certain circumstances gave me energy, and that, in the same way, I would lose it.

After a silence, G. responded, tenderly, with tranquilly, that human beings are surrounded by an atmosphere, like the earth. That through thoughts and emotions, one lets out one's energy, and it is lost. He specified that this atmosphere is more or less large according to each, as a continuity of the body, as a limit.

That it was necessary for me to exercise myself in feeling the space around me, to experience (sense) my atmosphere as a continuity of my presence, and to sense its limit, without it getting out, without it overflowing. To learn to conserve my energy within the limits of my atmosphere. To not let it be attacked by something from outside, that nothing can enter into it.

G.Gurdjieff continued, saying that if one lets one's energy go in imagination, emotions, one identifies and it is lost. That it is necessary to learn what it has not been trained for. That I need to learn to think, to feel without identifying.

That habitual thoughts are not real reflection, but associations, emotions with which one identifies, and that in consequence the energy is absorbed and is lost.

That the development of attention, of consciousness, is accomplished with the energy of our being. That one has to learn to use it for the full development of one's being and not to waste it."

“The Man who lost his axe" – by OSHO

There was a man who lost his axe and he suspected the boy next door. He watched the boy walking – he had stolen his axe.

His expression, his talk, his behaviour, his manner, everything about him betrayed he had stolen the axe.

Soon afterwards the man was digging in his garden and he found the axe.

On another day he saw the boy next door again. Nothing in his behaviour and manner suggested that he would steal an axe.

That is the difference between a Buddha mind and an ordinary mind. An ordinary mind is an active agent. It is not like a mirror. It is not just showing whatsoever is the case; no, it penetrates actively. It brings its own ideas to reality. It colours reality, it gives a shape. It gives a form to reality which is not there, which has been brought by the mind itself. […]

Sufis say the mind is the disease. And all those who have known agree with them. And the trick is such that whatsoever the mind thinks, it always finds there… because first, you put something in reality and then you read it. With the right hand you put it, with the left hand you read it and you think you are reading reality. […]

The boy remains the same. The boy is not even aware of what is happening. He had become a thief, now he is no more a thief – a beautiful, nice boy, very good! Look at his walk – so innocent. The boy remains the same but the mind of the man has changed.

If you bring your mind to the reality you will see something which is not there. You may miss something which is there. Hindus call this bringing of the mind to reality, Maya. This is the root cause of all illusion.

If you want to understand the Hindu concept of Maya, this is the base. If you live through the mind you live in Maya, you live in illusion, you live in your own projections and ideas. Layers of your thoughts hide you from reality and hide reality from you. Dropping the mind is dropping the Maya, the very base of all hallucination. Once the mind is not there, suddenly that which is is revealed.

                                                            Osho, Just Like That – Talks on Sufi stories, Ch 5 (excerpt)

Kriya & Meditation suggested for this month

Kriya 1: Correct the 5 Tattwas – 11 min. Here the video

Kriya 2: Remove you subconscious blocks – 1h30. Here the video

If you practice by yourself, practice these kriyas with the videos of Yogi Bhajan. If you teach them, make sure to watch the videos before.

Special date: 3/3/3 March 3rd 2019

Practice both kriyas or teach them to your community!


“To live in the highest Self is what human life is all about, but we waste our life on small things. Our poverty doesn’t hurt us, but our neighbour’s richness does. We are always competing and comparing and planning and imagining things. We rarely allow the flow of life as God wants us to flow with it.” - Yogi Bhajan

New Moon on March 6 or 7 depending on where you are in the world

This month, use your intuition and be creative!

Full Moon on March 21

Repeat the Ray Man Shabd from 31 min to 2h30.

Contact us if you wish to receive the kriyas.

Diet suggestion: Ojas drink (especially after sex!)

8-10 oz. milk
1-3 tsp. grated fresh ginger root.
1-3 tsp. black or white sesame seeds.
1-3 tsp. ghee.
Cinnamon, clove, and honey to taste if desired.

Warm the milk to comfortable drinking temperature. Blend the ingredients in a blender. Drink after sex especially men, or daily as a restorative for sexual function. It increases your capacity for regeneration.

Joke – Thinking outside the box

AAA Around the World
Stories, Happenings, and Programmes
NEW! Summer Master Classes in Vienna NEW!
Starting summer Sat Sarbat and Satmukh will hold 5 Master Classes in 1020 Vienna (location:, on Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30. Check out the dates: June 5th, July 3rd, July 24th, August 28th and September 25th. Contact: in order to book your spot.
5 to 10 February in TamanGa. We experienced the 5 elements, following a sequence of purification. Each day one element, including the food. We cooked according to taste and colour. So much vitality, fun, growth, love, and inspiration!
NEW! Here is the new AAA Kundalini Yoga Austria! NEW!

This time the Level 2 week brought a special blessing at its end: a group of four, Randeep Prem, Abhai Jiwan, Amrit Shiva, and Deshprem came together and decided to open a local AAA group in Austria and offer AAA monthly numerology workshops as a team. It is such an honour to see AAA spirit carried by others beyond our own initiative. Thank you, guys, and many blessings for the growth you gain and the success you deserve!

Here their contact:
Facebook: AAA Kundalini Yoga Austria
Instagram: aaakundaliniaustria

Dates of next months' workshops: 23 March, 27 April, 25 May.
LEVEL 1- 28 Jan to 3 February - AAA and Amar Das Wien
by Sat Sarbat
This year the teacher training 2019 in Austria opened the space for a new exciting experience.
The reservation we had made in the seminar centre where we were supposed to be, was cancelled just two weeks before the start as we could not reach the minimum number of participants requested to open the place which is usually closed in winter.
At short notice, we decided to have it in Vienna but most of the students were not happy with the idea to remain in the city and we know by experience how much better is to hold a retreat where participants come closer to each other in daily life routine. 

We found a small place, the Zen Temple, just near Vienna, which could accommodate participants in two rooms, one for men, one for women. The place is surrounded by a forest and especially with snow, not reachable by car. Georg, who has been doing Karma Yoga there for a while, maintaining the place with a lot of love, was very happy to welcome us.
It is in this new and uncertain situation that we all made our way in, most of us without knowing each other, on a day where snowing reached one of its peaks! Some had resistances because of the little private space offered by the dorms and the idea of sleeping with a bunch of unknown ones.
Of course, my mind imagined the worst scenarios of people being stuck or lost and starting the training way later than planned. That was a good time to apply the teachings, especially those connected to the number 3, the topic of this month's newsletter.
I was alone underway with my daughter's small Fiat 500 – yellow and very visible in the white of the landscape but also very much at risk to remain stuck in the high snow. Satmukh was in Serbia for the first teacher training Level 1. We are used to doing everything together. It was a new feeling to bear the whole responsibility.
But at times, when the decision is right, things work themselves out, as Yogi Bhajan says, God takes care of your routine. We were even in time for the start at 10.00! Everyone arrived in time and safely, everyone was positive and in a good mood.
This is how the week started and continued. A wonderful group of people that very soon melted together, did an excellent Seva for our small community and kept up the right spirit throughout the week.
We did have our challenges! One of the bathrooms broke, the sinks of the toilet did not work, the drainage in the kitchen was blocked. We ended up with one single bathroom for 12 and washing the dishes in a bucket. But nobody was negative about it; one more proof that attitude is everything.
A note, very connected to this month's number 3, was the excellent food! Among the aspects of the 3, nurturing others and the way we nourish ourselves are important ones. Food more than anything else can destabilize moods and raise emotions. The cook had to cancel last minute (one more challenge!) but was replaced by two friends of Georg who happened to be travelling around Europe and accepted to cook for us during the week.
That was about the best food I ever had in a retreat! For sure, apart from the teachings which are always healing, the excellent food kept us going.
The students will go on soon with one weekend in Vienna (I miss them already!) and then we see each other for the intensive 5 Elements week in June – an adventure in the mountains. Wahe Guru!
LEVEL 1 Austria, small, solid, and dedicated group of souls! There are no pics while practising yoga - they were all in it, very seriously. But when there were no many waves of laughter :)


First KRI Kundalini Yoga teacher training Level 1 held in Serbia organized by Natasa Vukoje. She joined the Level 1 and the SunChild in Austria a few years ago and decided to bring the Level 1 in Serbia, where her family lives. Most of the students discovered Kundalini Yoga through her popular online classes with Natasa. The module was deep with moments of great joy.

Lucy Fazekasova, who attended the SunChild in Vienna last year, invited us to teach a workshop in Bratislava. We had fun and the group was so eager to learn more about the teachings that, at Lucy's demand, we planned a series of workshops next summer, on Tuesdays July 2nd, July 23rd and August 27th from 17.00 to 19.30.


KY Level 1 Notes from Emrah Akbalaban, a student of the 2019 Level 1 Turkey:
“The manure that goes into the heart of the earth, vanishes and gets rid of the dirt,  increases the taste of melon and watermelon”

It is hard to write, may be unnecessary, and I feel that writing is like freezing a living reality & meaning. Still worth trying. Just to feel free, to burn the words… Just like that; At the end of a week, the light of life shone again in the eyes of all. Like the ostriches that have buried his head in the darkness, you as holding your breath, busy in mind, timid person, started to turn into a creative being whose heart plays tom-toms of war. This war is with the limited self, with your “ego”, with that you think you have been, with the things that prevent you from “being”, with the emotions you put on your back since childhood, with your ruthless judgments, your obsessions, your fears of putting your feet down & feeling the earth, with your pride, with your shame, with your self-pity… It is a war with your finesse in giving, with your fears about receiving, and all the shit you need to be aware of, accept and give back to the ground. You usually do not smell this shit when it is in you, but no worries, Kundalini Yoga comes into play at this point, and pushes you with heat and pressure, and helps you to let go & release. :) At that moment, you have two options to do; to escape or to stay with your dirt.

If you stay, you see that there is nothing to be ashamed of, you are filled with relief, you laugh, you are broken and the divine light begins to fill in, you tickle, just like liberation from your “self”! In order to stay in it, you need a strong nervous system, a fertile soil. This shit in the soil is beginning to be the nutrient for the most beautiful fruits. It is increasing your taste. Eyes start to see ears start to hear… You are the fruit! What a great meeting with “you”, what a surprise!
(to be continued in a next newsletter!)

                                 Coming soon in March/June

Level 1 Switzerland - Zurich, Module “Foundation” first part, March 1-3
Level 2 Taiwan - Module “Authentic Relationships” - March 2-7 Level 2 China – Yunnan mountains, Module “Mind and Meditation” - March 18 – 25 – FULL, no more registrations can be accepted.
Workshop Gurdjieff Movements and Kundalini Yoga China - Shenzhen - March 27 – 31
Level 1 Australia – Brisbane, Module “Foundation”, April 3-9
Level 1 Australia – Melbourne, Module “The Self” second part, April 11-14
Level 1 Switzerland – Zurich, Module “Foundation” second part, April 12-14
Level 2 Australia - Brisbane, Module “Authentic Relationships”, April 16-21
Level 1 China – Module “5 Elements”, April 27 – May 4
Level 1 Switzerland – Zurich, Module “The Self” first part, May 3-5
Rebirthing Workshop China, May 17-19
Level 1 Turkey, Module “5 Elements” - May 22-28
Level 1 Australia – Brisbane, Module “The Self”, June 02-08
SunChild Teacher Training to teach children Austria (first block) – Vienna, June 05-09
Level 1 Austria, Module “5 Elements” intensive week - June 11-18
Level 2 Turkey, Module “Vitality and Stress”, June 25-30

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