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July Newsletter

“By conquering the mind, wandering ceases and victory is attained” - Guru Nanak

What can I work on this month?

Every month, we invite you to explore different aspects of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings as a teacher or as a student. For that, we use the Aquarian Numerology, based on the spiritual 10 Bodies, the quality and facets of numbers according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Numbers represent a fascinating window to look at our consciousness, to recognize the synchronicity in our lives, and bring a deeper understanding of the interconnected reality we live in.



Rest & assess


From expectation(s) to inclusion

Deeper understanding

Entering July (7), we might feel that we are running empty. Our active mind has been consuming a lot of prana. Disconnected from our physical body, we were not aware of when to rest and relax. We might need a break and bring some lightness into our lives. This slow-down period is an opportunity to look back and assess where we are at, enriched from the experiences of the first part of the year. No need to ruminate on the past with regret or resentment, it is gone. No need to use our intellect and analyze the past. It is more about using a clear mind to contemplate neutrally where we are at and to learn from the past. This will help us to plan the second part of the year and to find the right projection and attitude to carry our truth.

"When a person has the energy and power through his psyche to focus on things or not, then he has nothing to worry about. The projection of the magnetic field will arrange the radiance of his existence. All the surrounding magnetic fields that will make up the environment and opportunities will be organized to connect and fit with each other. The environment will operate in tune with his purpose." - Yogi Bhajan

The first 6 months of the year has been very intense for many. The fire (3) has destroyed, cleansed and refined many forms (business, relationships, job, …) that had become an obstacle to be entirely free in ourselves. This has given us a chance to let go of our attachment(s) and to (re)discover our longing and our original nature, our home. It might have been just a glimpse, but it was enough to remember our infinite origin.

This month, we can observe how much we looked for this oneness outside of us and how much we are still attached to this illusion. There is a natural longing of the soul that we, unfortunately, project on others. We try to fill in this longing by becoming one with another limited being or with something limited as well! The others become the source of temporary happiness, and without relationships, we feel depressed. This dependency automatically leads to expectations and frustrations. We try sexually (body), we try by being great companions (mind), we try by being in love (emotion), but we fail to feel one. The other one is never enough and can't be enough, nor we feel sufficient for him/her. The relationship becomes a place of stress, where our, and our partner's expectations should be fulfilled. In both cases, it is a source of conflict. These expectations are the product of our mind in reaction to an inner tension created by the longing.

We need to look at relationships as a way to express our happiness and not as a way to seek happiness! The right expression of the longing is to include something or somebody and experience life around us as a part of us. This is yoga.


"This whole universe is just the coexistence of a working electromagnetic-field. There is no difference between us. Every magnetic field is electromagnetic; this means that our psyches are intertwined." - Yogi Bhajan 12/1/86

Another aspect to observe this month is how much we look outside to grow spiritually. Spiritual growth has turned into an obstacle to expand our consciousness beyond the “me”. It gives us the illusion that there is something to understand, something to solve out, something to fix, something to change, … it is endless. We become very busy attending workshops and training and are increasingly self-centred on our own problems. These problems become a distraction and shape a new identity, which keeps us away from our original home. There is nothing to change about us. We are complete and spiritual. We just need to recognize our mind distractions, fantasies, projections, judgments, … blocking the access to the divine presence that is manifested at all time and in every moment. There is nothing to reach, nowhere to go, and nobody to become.

How much are we attached to this spiritual busyness in order to avoid to face our original pain? How much are we attached to this mental illusion, which gives us a false anchor?

This month is “all or nothing” (7+3=10). We can be very clear when our mental capacity (7) is aligned with our soul – the Aura being transparent (tattwas balanced) and allowing the light of the soul enlighten our path. Or, if the subconscious is triggered, the Aura will filter the light of the soul and our thoughts will be fed by our limited identifications. It is important not to judge ourselves in the second case, but it is time to clearly see our own egotic tendencies as well as the difficulties that arise as a result of identifying completely with our mental chattering. Keeping a deep connection to our physical body is the guarantee to use the mind in a proper way and to avoid a spiralling up of our self-created illusion.

We can use this clarity on how we sabotage our own life to find a new motivation to practice and meditate!

Let's become humans that can uplift each other by letting our own inner light shines. This light will never be found outside of us!


“Hu means light; man means mind. A human being is a being of mental light, a being of mind as well as body. But to experience yourself as a human being, you have to condition your mind to experience Infinity.” - Yogi Bhajan

Kriyas & Meditations suggested for this month

1. Pranayam “Control the mind”, 6 min.
Change the activity of the mind by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.

2. Kriya “Strengthening the Aura”, 9 min.
Stimulate our inner fire and strengthen our auric field.

3. Kriya / Meditation “To recharge the Self for the Aquarian Age”, about 60 min From YB during this kriya: “Naturally you are beautiful; by self-denial, you become the victim of your own ugliness. Naturally, you are wise; by self-denial you become insane. […] You must claim the energy from within you; nobody is going to give you an injection from the outside. Change your magnetic field.”
This kriya / meditation breaks our dependencies and expectations on others. It clears the mental games and how we identify and are attached to them. It roots us in our deeper self and our personality can serve the soul.

New Moon on July 2 (European time):

Kriya “Strengthening the Aura”, 9 min
“Meditation into Being, I Am, I Am”, 11-31 min
Chant Narayan Shabad, 11 to 31 min

Full Moon on July 16 (European time).

Kriya “Strengthening the Aura”, 9 min
“Meditation for Faculty of Self-Engagement”, 22 min
Chant Narayan Shabad, 11 to 31 min

Contact us if you wish to receive the kriyas.

Diet suggestion: Make your own ghee!

Making ghee is a process of transformation through fire bringing clarity and fluidity.

Buy organic butter.

To make ghee, gently melt the butter in a saucepan over medium-low heat. After melting, the butter will separate into three layers. The time that is needed will depend on the quantity of butter. Foam will appear on the top layer, the milk solids will migrate to the bottom of the pan, and clarified butter will float between the two. Remove the foam and filter the ghee (ideally with a clean cotton cloth) when the clarified butter is ready.

You can cook and fry with ghee or add it to your dishes.

Chanting mantras while making ghee informs the ghee with subtle energies and helps to enter a meditative space.

Here are the suggested mantras to chant:

(These mantras are in Sanskrit from the Vedic traditions. Yogi Bhajan only used the third one in certain meditations).

1) Ganesha Mantra: OM GUM GANAPATAYE NAMAH(a)

2) Gayatri Mantra: Om Bhur Bhuvaḥ Swaḥ Tat-savitur Vareñyaṃ Bhargo Devasya Dhīmahi Dhiyo Yonaḥ Prachodayāt

3) Tryambakam: Om Tryambakam Yajamahe, Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam , Urvarukamiva Bandhanan, Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

A contribution by Emrah Akkalaban, 2018 Level 1 student Turkey

Rumi“If you fly into love, your wings are burned, if you don’t, what are the wings for?”

Beliefs create actions, actions nourish beliefs. When you realize that this loop absorbs you, you decide to cancel holding your limited “self” and step into a neutral area. And there, even you are very sensitive to love and pain, you are not attached to them; you are in the eye of the storm! When you stop being identified with that limited “self”, or emotions & mind games, you also let them express themselves. Maybe for the first time, your anger shows its anger, your sorrow shows its sadness, your hope shows its enthusiasm, your face shoes its smile, your body comes to life, like spring flowers, like birds, you fly!

You are hosting all your feelings, knowing that the real host is your soul but not those feelings and thoughts that comes and goes in your head. In search of “you”, your fear and hope help you, like a pair of wings. The negative mind and the positive mind as your wings, move you to the neutral area every time you flap them. You are the breath of life; the path is the sound of breath. Like the birds looking for Simorgh, you will fly until you find it. You will fly until you see that you are it. In this journey, there are 7 valleys for you. What a surprise to see the similarities between “7 valleys” and “7 steps to happiness”! Rivers of teachings come together in your heart. What an exciting meeting!

"God sleeps in the rock, dreams in the plant stirs in the animal and awakens in man" İbn Arabi Isn’t that GOD sleeps in you and awakens in you. Then, why is it so hard to get rid of fake personalities or your limited “self” or your ego, and why does it take so many lives to pass through these valleys? Why is this much effort, heat and pressure! :) …in search of a truth, which you already know… Divine paradox!

Footnote on 7 steps to happiness (Yogic version) – 7 valleys (Sufi version)
7 Valleys to Simorgh
Persian poet and mystic Farid ud-Din Attar, in his masterpiece is the Mantic at-Tayr (The Conference of the Birds)  he tells how the birds of the world gather in order to search for a mythological king, the Simorgh. In this collection, he describes a group of birds (individual human souls) under the leadership of a hoopoe (spiritual master) who decide to search for the legendary Simorgh bird (God). During this journey through 7 valleys, the birds must confront their own individual limitations and fears while journeying through seven valleys before they ultimately find the Simorgh and complete their quest. The 30 birds who ultimately complete the quest discover that they themselves are the Simorgh they sought, playing on a pun in Persian (si and murgh can translate as 30 birds) while giving us an esoteric teaching on the presence of the Divine within us. Attar's poetry inspired Rumi and many other Sufi poets. It is said that Rumi actually met Attar when Attar was an old man and Rumi was a boy, though some scholars dispute this possibility.

Farid ud-Din Attar’s 7 Valleys is in line with Yogi Bhajan's 7 Steps to Happiness

1st Valley: Will - Commitment
The first of the 7 steps to the happiness described by Yogi Bhajan; the valley of will. In Sufi tradition, it is defined as recognizing the ego's desires and giving up on them… The desire to search for “Simorgh”. The desire to change, the power to say “no” to your limited self; I do not have to be who I think I am!

2nd Valley: Love - Character
Love, aşk, amor becomes your character. Once the fire in the heart is lit, you need to remember “him” more to extinguish that fire. A paradox! Your meaning & your character is brightened by your inner light, and all the directions turn their face to love & aşk. It is the place where the divine fire fell to the heart. It will burn you until there is no “you”… Just flap your wings…

3rd Valley: Ingenuity - Dignity
You are getting aware of the closeness to “Simorgh”. You are moving the curtains away. You get a new meaning among people. You taste the feeling of getting rid of your “personhood”, your small “I”. You start to love what you do not love. The moment of recognizing that, the other person is you! The main question is “what can you do for others?” Full of service…

4th Valley: Heartfulness - Divinity
Universe carries you like a boat and you do not need the double oars... All idols in your heart are broken, both tangible and abstract ones... The idol of shopping dependency or the idol of egoistic “self” realization, all gone… So many idols to break! This is the valley of pleasure, joy of living. This is the valley of removing the suspicion and anxiety of “Simorgh”. The people are also pleased with you, trusting you, not afraid of you. Divinity as a never-ending joy…

5th Valley: Tawheed - Grace
Sufis say that all the things up to this valley are possible with each bird's own effort, but beyond that, you need to become one. “If you cannot see god in all, you cannot see God at all!” If you are already, Simorgh is ready too. All you need to do is to knock the door, contumaciously! To experience the oneness, to get rid of duality, to liberate from time & space, to remove the boundaries between you and me, you need to keep on knocking the door. Who is behind the door? Sat Kartar!

6th Valley: Wonder - Surrender
It is the valley where you destroy yourself and your mind is lost. The moment of observing the infinite variety of existence and a continuous feeling of wonder! Even leaving the “wonder” behind and surrender… “Is a river return from its way while going to the sea? As the sea scent comes closer, those who see with their hearts are enthusiastically drawn near -to Simorgh- and those who are blind are distracted with fear. One waits for the love of reconciliation, the other says it is the end of the way. Come clean, that is the point. Get away from the entire ego, whatever you do to you. Come as you have come to Earth, so the companion comes to you.” (Farid ud-Din Attar) Divine blackout! :)

7th Valley: Non-existence - Happiness
Lover and beloved becomes one and drop merges with the ocean. It is dying before you die. At the end of the valley, Simorgh opens himself to you like a giant mirror, and it is you! You see you. It’s all about you.


"I" has only one meaning that you can do something for somebody. When "I" is for yourself you have wasted your life."  Yogi Bhajan

                               Joke – The new position

A new business is inaugurated and a friend of the owner wants to send flowers to him for the occasion. He goes to the florist and orders an exquisite floral bouquet, which arrives on the new site. The owner reads the card: "Rest in peace". Livid, he calls the florist to complain. Faced with his anger, the florist apologizes saying, "Sir, I'm really sorry for the mistake, but rather than getting angry, try to imagine that somewhere, today, a funeral is taking place, and they got flowers with a note saying, "Congratulations on your new position!"

AAA Around the World
Stories, Happenings, and Programmes
Pic of the Month
Together we finished the 40-day sadhana!
Radiant Ines and Priti Jaidev Kaur! 2019 Level 1 Austria

Module The Self, KY Teacher Training Level 1.
From Siri Hari Kaur, KY teacher and AAA Trainer-in-Training in Melbourne:
"An inspiring week of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training this June up in Noosa with a group of wonderful and inquisitive souls.
We returned to the venue we visited in April and immediately noticed something had changed in how nature welcomed us, the landscape had changed or was it us that had changed or maybe both. Somehow we felt nature was engulfing us, accepting us as part of it, we could also feel the presence of the ancient ones.
It was so fitting that the week was devoted to exploring the sacred teachings of “The Self” discussing so many aspects of what makes us human, our minds, our bodies, our spirits. What is it to be a human on this earth? Guru Nanak gave us the answer: Ek Ong Kar .. We are one: With each other, with our earth…we are one.
There was a unity and acceptance in this group that was so palpable, a deep connection to the land and the ancient aboriginal legacy in Australia. On the last day, we were blessed with a rainbow that landed right in the nature that had welcomed us, so close we could see the end of it and in the middle a Kangaroo!!"

"We all have one thing common—we all have different minds, we all have different bodies, but we have one soul —we’re a part of one soul. If we can see the soul in each other and relate to it, find it, understand it, respect it, then that oneness will be forever." Yogi Bhajan


The 5 Elements week Level 1 took place at the Ferienheim Niklasdorf, Grüner See.
Satmukh Singh writes:
“While it is true that we profit from every experience, this time nature was very clement with us and showed itself in all her beauty. Surely we did not remember Niklasdorf like this from last year when it rained every day! This time the weather was beautiful and the place displayed all elements intertwining with each other. The river snaked through the trees in the forest, offering a great home for the frogs. The green lake immersed benches, road, trees, ... because of its high level of water. Rare orchids bloomed everywhere. After a few days, the trees open their arms and welcomed us in their world. This connection helped us to deepen our silence and listen to the void. We realized how much the void was, in reality, full, interconnecting all, and making us aware of the one universal energy in which the worlds and the beings live and move. We were guided by the Guru through our journey. The dedication and trust of the students was key to this uplifting experience.  Forever grateful.”

Summer Master Classes in Vienna with Satmukh and Sat Sarbat continue!
Location: 1020 Vienna , (Kleine Mohrengasse 6-8), on Wednesday evenings from 19:00 to 21:30. Next dates: July 24, August 28, and September 25.
Contact us in order to book your spot. Book early as the Studio is small!!

We had great fun with the small group attending the first block of the SunChild Teacher Training to teach children. Second and last block starts on 4 July!
Here is what Randeep Prem Singh, one of the participants has to say:
“The space allowed me to feel good and let go. I could fully dive in the energy of the little Randeep Prem and experience the teachings and the class from a completely new perspective. Trainings always include a more factual and knowledgeable part. The spirit of the teachers, the heart, the honest efforts they make to bring the topics through are the things that make a training a special experience. And there is also the experience with the inner child and the wounds and here also there was lots of trust and room to allow processing these sensitive aspects. Thank you Sat Sarbat and Satmukh for the journey.”

Thank you to you, Randeep Prem, for always making efforts toward your growth and for your passion in sharing what you learn!


AAA participated in the Austrian Festival which took place from 19.-23. June in Schloss Limberg near Graz with a class on Longing and Belonging. Veronika Alusia who participated sent us this text:
“When we started with the class closing our right nostril, breathing and connecting with the "longing to belong" and the pain of separation, tears started streaming down my face and something deep opened in my heart. Always running away from this pain, this void, this fear, and deep sadness in daily life, I felt like NOW I choose to stay present to it. And I did! These two hours I felt my heart and my soul, I felt tons of guilt, heartbreaks, sorrow, ... and beyond that all I felt the deepest love and connection. Something has been HEALED by just being HELD. I am soooo grateful to have Kundalini Yoga in my life and the support of my teachers and our beautiful Sangat. WE ARE THE LOVE GENERATION!”

The following request comes from Campina (
“Namaste, I am the owner of the Yoga Studio “Campina's Yogaville” and I look for teachers for autumn and eventually also summer. Maybe your students and certified teachers are willing to join our small and cosy team. We work in small groups because for us beings are important. I look forward to your message. Namaste Campina”

We received a message from a student who attended the Rebirthing workshop and this is how she describes her after-Rebirthing experience:
“Following the magic experience of reciting RE MAN 1001 times in this Rebirth Workshop, we decided to continue the monthly recitation RE MAN Shabd 62 minutes. After more than 7 hours of chanting in the Rebirth Workshop, our electromagnetic field became so clear and transparent that the filters for the reality disappeared! And "reality" became a constant flow of love.
I especially want to share the transformation of my life after returning from the Rebirth Workshop! Really felt very clear and transparent, and that the spatial dimension of the matter was much higher and deeper. It's hard to dwell on the conflict of the ego, and clearly see whether the ego is behind actions and ideas, or the truth. The mind and the body are often in a state of relaxation now. I think this should have something to do with the seven-hour rebirth of Jappa recitation! The filter is gone, the reality is present!”


Yoga Spring - French Kundalini Yoga Festival 2019

A contribution by Govind Bhajan Singh,  2018/2019 AAA student Level 1 and 2:
“The French Sangat gathers every year at springtime in a beautiful castle located in the centre of France. River, green fields, peacocks and sunlight compose the setting for those 4 days of practice.
This year, we were gathering around the theme of Happiness, after exploring the six first steps the previous years. Yogi Bhajan explained those 7 steps as follow: Commitment, Character, Dignity, Divinity, Grace, Sacrifice, and Happiness.
For this edition we were several students of the school happy to find each other again in the event, exchanging our feelings as we were in the middle of a pretty intense diet preparing for Level 2.
Exploring the theme of happiness is not such an easy thing to do, as we discovered with the various teachers sharing their insights on stage: when you feel you have reached happiness, what more is there to search for? The search for happiness begins with this original separation, this longing to belong coming from the Ong. It fuels our daily life, always pursuing something to fill up this huge void created by this separation.
After this festival, happiness has for us a very different meaning : it doesn’t mean that all desires have been fulfilled but rather that the source of all desires is now quiet, and also that we are strong enough to observe and accept the big void that appears when we stop trying to fill it no matter what.
As always, we felt it was a blessing to share the teachings and to see how they manifest when we are together as a community. The Guru was present in every face, every smile, every breath.
Happiness is just accepting the moment as it is.
"Happiness is our ability to carve out a space within, a space deep enough and vast enough to welcome anything that comes".
Sat Nam”


The first AAA module Level 2 in Turkey just finished. Fateh Singh, who taught the module with Sat Sarbat Kaur writes about the experience:
“The meditation on the organizing force of creation ( Vishnu) brought us a step further. Through the Narayan Shabad, our awareness of the body’s intelligence increased tremendously.
The food made with love with the 6 tastes of Ayurveda helped us a lot in this process. We could connect to the personalities of the organs very deeply. It was cooked by two fantastic Sevadars, Dyaljeet Singh and Sach Devah Kaur. Tantric ghee was prepared every day chanting a different mantra according to the sequence of the elements.
We were blessed to realize how beautiful and sophisticated our bodies are and many people got an insight about the way they want to eat or prepare food.
We finished with a renewed sense of reverence for the earth and the whole creation.
Sat Nam :)”
If you hesitate to do Level 2, here some thoughts from 2017/18 students:

"Each module that I’ve attended in Level 2 has been a journey of discovery that I’ve grown, understood and connected. Through its rhythm and content, I’ve become aware of my limits and unlimitedness, I’ve got closer to my real self and each time I came back home as a different person.. Sometimes confronting, mostly crazy bur each time deep, transformative and extraordinary…” Aysu Yıldız (Sach Devah Kaur)

“Attending Level 2 made me realise how important it is for me to have this space with people on the same path and with the same intention. Every module helped me to deepen some parts of myself and to reconnect with my inner light. The mirroring effect is amazingly deep. I can only recommend it for every kundalini yogi on the path of truth.” Theo Gilij (Dyaljeet Singh)

                                Coming soon in July/October


Summer Master Class in Vienna – July 3, Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30
SunChild Teacher Training to teach children, Austria (second block) – Vienna, July 04-07 Summer
Master Class in Vienna – July 24, Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30
Level 2 Austria, Module “Conscious Communication” – August 20-25
Summer Master Class in Vienna – August 28, Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30
Level 1 Serbia, Module “The Self” – September 9-15
Level 1 Switzerland, 4 weekends (The Self) – September 13-15
Summer Master Class in Vienna – September 25, Wednesday evening from 19:00 to 21:30
Level 1 Austria, last weekend of the 2019 teacher training – September 27-29
AAA Chinese Festival in Xiamen, October 01-06
Level 1 Australia, Module 5 Elements, Oct 12-19
Level 1 China, Wenshan, Module “Foundation”, Oct 14-20
SunChild Australia, Brisbane, Oct 20-26
Level 2 China, Module “Authentic Relationships”, Oct 29 – Nov 3


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