Praise God with us!
Outgoing Costs = 100% Covered
Monthly Costs = 60% Covered

       We are humbled by God's provision and blessed to report that our one-time outgoing expenses have been fully covered because of the generous and sacrificial gifts of so many saints! See our support team progress chart below.
       Now that our one-time outgoing costs are fully funded, we ask you to pray that God would finish building our monthly partnership team so that we can leave this summer. 
       Some cannot give financially, but have committed to pray diligently for us—THANK YOU! This is a spiritual endeavor and so your prayers are critical.
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New Pictures of the Girls

       Our sweethearts had their pictures taken in December. Here's a few of our favorites:

Inglewood, California

       Earlier this month, we were blessed to meet with the missions board at Fairview Heights Baptist Church in Inglewood, California. We also had a wonderful time worshipping the Lord with this church.
Our girls made a new friend named Hope

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

       Our family was delighted to finally meet the faithful saints at GraceLife Church Edmonton! They have been praying for us for over a year now. Thank you for praying for David as he shared about the ministry in Madagascar, preached God's Word, and as we both did a Q&A time together before the church.
Associate Pastor and long-time friend Mike Hovland and I enjoyed some laughs together
Mike and Jodi Hovland (and their sons Rees, Joel, and Ivan) were the most gracious and fun hosts that you could ask for. We had a wonderful time!
A sweet family from GraceLife Edmonton invited us to their home for sledding, dinner, and fellowship. We became instant friends with the Pillidges and the Fords!
       Our girls were so excited to see some real snow. They've always dreamed of sledding and playing in the snow. It was new for all of us to experience such cold temperatures (we arrived in Edmonton to a brisk 5°F or -15°C).


  • Praise God for the recent opportunities to meet with various churches to share about the needs in Madagascar.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the Lord's provision to have our monthly support team in place soon.
  • Pray for Ashley as she is beginning the 3rd and final phase of her biblical counseling certification—where she will need to complete 50 supervised counseling sessions. 
  • Pray for the salvation of our four daughters. We rejoice that each of them expresses faith in Jesus.
  • Pray for all of us as we begin preparing for a transition and arrange logistics. There are still many details to work out and moving from L.A. will bring heartache for us all.

A Note from David:

       Time and time again I am amazed at the Lord's work around the world in local churches. As we've had the opportunity to visit various churches, I've beheld the glory of Christ through the lives of believers that He's transformed by grace. We've been warmly received and loved by those we had not previously known, and their love for us and Christ has shone through. I never considered how fundraising to leave for the mission field would allow us to build so many friendships with those from other cities, states, and countries—praise God!
— David Ellingson

A Note from Ashley:

       This month has brought some humbling moments as a mother, and many opportunities to see my weaknesses and find my strength and joy only in Christ. It has been good for our family to have new, wonderful experiences, visit new churches, travel together, and deepen our dependence on God in each of these circumstances. I’ve been reminded lately how God ordains the details of life, including the trials, for our good and His glory. I am thankful that when we are weak, exhausted, sick, or caring for sick kids, God’s grace and power are sufficient in every moment for every need. We aren’t promised ease, comfort, health, or enough sleep, but we are given God’s strength and peace. One example of this was in Canada. David and I were exhausted from travel and had sick children when we arrived on Saturday. As Sunday morning quickly approached we were tempted to be fearful that we wouldn't have the stamina. Sunday was a full (wonderful) day because God gave us an abundance of strength that we did not naturally have. We are not left to work in our own powerpraise His Name for that!
     — Ashley Ellingson
All Glory Be to Christ,
David & Ashley, Isabella (age 8), Lydia (age 7), Anna (age 5), and Clara (age 4)


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