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It's time to put on the pressure, since there probably won't be another shot at big legislation to avert the climate crisis.  David Roberts at Volts says it best:
Congress is working on what is likely to be its last big shot at climate change policy for a decade or more. If things go well, the legislation will include a clean energy standard (CES) and clean energy tax credits, which together would revolutionize the US electricity system. If things don’t go well, there will be no substantial climate legislation for many years to come.
You can read more of his analysis here, but it's clear that we need some big changes, and we needed them years ago.

Call Senator Markey and Senator Warren today!

Hi, I'm a constituent here in <TOWN>, and I wanted to urge that the senator makes sure that the reconciliation bill includes a clean energy payment program and expanded clean energy tax credits.  We're probably not going to get another chance at something big, and that means our planet will continue to burn.  We need this.

Warren: (202) 224-4543
Markey: (202) 224-2742

Willamstown SB Meeting.  This Monday’s meeting of the Williamstown Select Board will include a presentation on the Williamstown CARES Community Safety and Wellbeing Assessment. Please attend, bring others, and voice your support for this critical research. For the past year, community members in Williamstown have been speaking up about how safe (or unsafe) and welcome (or unwelcome) they feel in our town. The Community Safety and Wellbeing Assessment is a professional needs assessment conducted by the Town of Williamstown. It’s a critical starting point for creating safety and wellbeing for all residents—but unfortunately, it’s been facing myths and misinformation, so a strong show of support is essential. Please show up this Monday, August 9 at 7 pm via Zoom: (the public hearing at 7:05 will be held at Town Hall, then the remainder of the meeting via Zoom).

Also, a reminder to Williamstown residents that the Town Manager Search Survey is open through Monday, August 9. Please make your voice heard on the qualities YOU want to see in a Town Manager.

August GT Meeting.  Save the date—we’re meeting in-person again! The next Greylock Together meeting is scheduled for Sunday, August 22, 3-4:30 pm at the Williamstown Youth Center. If weather permits, we’ll meet outside. BYO lawn chair. Can’t wait to see you all again in 3-D!

Voting Rights Actions/ Volunteers Needed.  We’re at a make or break moment in the fight to defend our democracy. The freedom to vote is under attack by extremist state lawmakers across the country who want to put up deliberate barriers to the vote, especially for people of color. On August 12 the census data will be released, and self-interested politicians in some states are ready to advance highly gerrymandered maps that deprive Black and Brown voters from having their voices heard for the next 10 years. Meanwhile, activists across the country are mobilizing on August 10 for a Democracy Can’t Wait Day of Action. If you’ve been looking for your opportunity to get involved, this is it!

  • Postcarding: Round 2 of postcards are here! This week, email Wendy at to pick up yours. The postcards go to activists in key states, asking them to call their senators urging them to eliminate the filibuster and pass S1.

  • Phonebanking: Click here to sign up. There are times available nearly every day of the week - Thursday evenings are hosted by our stellar friends at ​​Indivisible Northampton. Wendy and Sarah attended one last week that generated 58 calls to Senator Manchin’s office from his constituents - in one night!

  • Calls to Markey: We still need Markey to be more active and vocal in the fight for S1. It really makes a difference to call his office daily to keep the pressure on. Reach him at 202-224-2742.

 Don’t forget to log your actions on our Voting Rights Action Tracker.

Press for the Pittsfield Rally.  Berkshire Eagle article here.

News Is Weird Now.  I have to tell you frankly that it's still weird, even all these months later, to be sending you all good news.  After years of headlines that were insane and cruel ("PRES TRUMP EATS BABY; SEN COLLINS 'DISAPPOINTED' "), it's been surreal to have so much good stuff to pass on.  Your hard work has paid off -- let's not lose sight of that:

Infrastructure Win.  Right now, one single senator is holding up the entire infrastructure deal -- but Sen. Hagerty (R-TN) can only delay it for another couple of days.  The votes are there, and that means that the bill will pass the Senate soon.  Why are Republicans helping pass legislation?  Maybe it's the fact that everyone agrees on the need for investment, or maybe it's a looming threat to the filibuster.  Either way, it's headed to the House, where it will sit for a while (Pelosi has promised no vote until the budget reconciliation bill also passes the Senate).  It's not done, but Senate passage was the biggest hurdle, and the bill's going to clear that hurdle with plenty of room to spare.  The great jobs report eliminates one of the last things that could have killed it.  Pretty nice!

Student Debt Partial Win.  Progressive activists have pushed hard for Biden to cancel federal student debt, either substantially or completely, but so far the president has refused to do so.  However, he did agree to extend the repayment freeze until January (describing this as the "final" one).  Biden did promise some amount of cancellation while running, though, and he's buckled on things like this before, such as when...

Eviction Moratorium Win.  Biden extended the eviction moratorium, even after repeatedly announcing that he wouldn't, and that he couldn't because it was illegal, and that only Congress could do it, and that the government would get sued if he tried.  Credit goes to Rep. Bush (R-MI), whose public pressure campaign turned all eyes to the issue.  

Check out more news from this week at Muckraker Farm.

Resist and persist!
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