Andrea Lani
Mother ~ Nature ~ Writer
The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us
 and we see nothing but sand; 
the angels come to visit us, 
and we only know them when they are gone.
~George Eliot
The kids and I spent much of August on the road, traveling from Maine to Colorado and back home again by way of Utah, Wyoming, and the Upper Midwest. While on the trip, it occurred to me that the secret to happiness is to live an unhurried life. This may seem like an odd revelation to have while hurtling down the highway at  eighty miles per hour, scrambling through every national park and monument we passed, and trying to make up for years' worth of lost time with extended family in a few hours.

But the thought came to me on a beach in Kansas, where I was packing up camp as the boys ran up and down the shore of the reservoir we had camped beside. They were playing in such a free unbridled way that I didn't have the heart to make them help me load the car. There wasn't much to do anyway—I had pared our camp kit down to the minimum and we slept without the tent, out under the stars (and mosquitoes), the night before—and we were in no rush, having just a few hours' of driving ahead of us and no obligations until the following day.

I found my way back to that same sense of unhurried happiness at times throughout our trip—while the kids dug in the sand and made echoes in a box canyon in Dinosaur National Monument; while we ate lunch and dried out our rain-soaked selves in a picnic area at Devil's Tower; at a nameless rest stop along the highway, where I lingered over my cheese sandwich while the kids chased each other around the lawn. 

Now that we're back home and school's back in session and our evenings and weekends are filling up, like trapdoors slamming shut from now until infinity, I'm looking for ways to find that unhurried ease of a beach in Kansas, that simple pathway to happiness.
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I hope you find time to pause for those golden, unhurried moments
in the weeks and months to come, friends. 
~ Andrea
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