Andrea Lani
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Walking is the exact balance of spirit and humility.
~Gary Snyder
A little more than a year has gone by since Curry, Emmet, Zephyr, Milo, and I set out on our Big Adventure—driving from Maine to Colorado and then hiking nearly 500 miles from Denver to Durango. As photos from the cross-country drive pop up in my Facebook feed, I realize that what was once a dream is now a memory.

While on a hike in northwestern Maine last month, I paused at the edge of a clearcut to look across the valley at the opposing mountain. Even though the air was hazy with humidity and the hillside covered in dense, tangled vegetation looked nothing like the Rockies, the act of sweating my way up a mountain and having a momentary view of more mountains brought on a deep and pained homesickness for last summer's hike.

It's strange to think that a trip that I spent years planning has been reduced to a memory. It's also tempting to feel wistful, because we don't have any plans for another epic adventure. Our hike may, literally, have been the trip of a lifetime.

For the last ten months, I've been immersed in an adventure of another type—turning last summer's hike, plus a hike Curry and I took on the same trail 20 years earlier and the environmental damages seen from the trail, into a book. Sometimes the writing is as grueling as climbing to a pass, and I finish a session gasping, "I hiked five pages today." I am a slow hiker and a slow researcher and writer. But while I never trot smoothly along, sometimes I come to the edge of truly outstanding vistas.

This is the challenge I pose for myself as I face the often frustrating repetitiveness of day-to-day living: to find adventure and beauty in the everyday, to balance spirit and humility while walking, writing, and living a life.
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Happy trails, friends, wherever your adventures take you. 
~ Andrea
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