“The Human Side of Charles Manson” the headline read.  One of the really evil people in the world died just this past weekend as I write this.  Many of the younger people do not know him, but he ran a bizarre cult of sex and drugs and murder.  He was convicted of ordering and organizing the murder of many innocent people in the Los Angeles area in 1969.  Given the death sentence, he was later spared by the California Supreme Court and his sentence was commuted to life.  All these years later he finally died. I remember quite vividly as a 14-year-old ninth grader how scared everyone during the week of the murders. The attacks were especially horrific and seemed so random. Turns out the cult lived not far away from where my family lived. My brother Marc and I had even ridden our bikes past the cult hangout three years earlier! Perhaps it was just my age but the world seemed much more innocent before then.  Now as I have gotten a lot older I recognize that there is so much violence in this world. Wars, family murders, home invasions, Islamic inspired attacks, supposedly random attacks on concerts and churches and it seems every week there are more and more atrocities and that is just the stuff we are told about.  If one were to check the police blogs across the country there are also so many individual murders and assaults that happen every single day in the country.  And that’s just the one sin – I could spend hours describing the sexual assaults and sex slavery and other terrible sexual perversion.  Then perhaps I could rant about the greed, and the lying and the hypocrisy – but I don’t want to talk about our political “elites”!  
One of the terrible realities I learned while working as a Deputy eons ago was that there were no such things as a criminal “look”. 

Coming Events

Dec 2 – The Haven Ministry Christmas Party
Jan 10 – Mon/Wed I teach Intro to Philosophy and Ethics at Colorado Early Colleges Parker – ongoing through May
Jan 15 – Haven Ministry Board Meeting
Jan 23 – Home Bible Study – Continuing in the book of Zechariah! – ongoing through June
Mar 17 – Body Mind Spirit Fair in Denver
Apr 14 – Body Mind Spirit Fair in Colorado Springs
Apr 21 – Body Mind Spirit Fair in Loveland
Apr 26-28 – EMNR Conference in New Orleans
There are lots of other events that will be showing up soon.  Please look at the website for the updated calendar!
The Parliament of World Religions has been scheduled for Nov 1-7, 2018 in Toronto. A huge event for us as always. Please be in prayer for this!
We are also considering another mission trip to Israel in 2018 as well!  Pray please!

Prayer Requests

We thank the Lord for the gracious giving that He has given us through so many of you. We thank yall for your continued prayers and support.  We had some large gifts which really helped the ministry account.  As we approach the end of the year we ask yall to both pray and consider whether you can be a help to the ministry of reaching lost people with the Gospel of Jesus. We hope to have more impact as we are enabled through the prayers and support of our Haven folks! 




Non – Prophet Update – So many heretics so little time!

As always, I have too many candidates for this section, but it seems like Jim Bakker, who was such a disaster in the late 80s and early 90s on the largest TV network in the world, then was caught with moral and financial failures, then went to prison where he appeared to repent.  I among many was thankful that he had renounced his word faith teachings/prosperity non-gospel path, but then in the past several years has taken up the Money path again.  He has mixed this with some over the top apocalyptic false prophecies and just recently made it clear that if you didn’t buy his emergency food products that you would suffer in the end times. Sadly, no matter how often these people are exposed as frauds (think Peter Popoff, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar and so on) that the “faithful” still will flock to them and reward them with monetary blessings. It is a sad picture of what calls itself the Christian church that these clowns always get a platform regardless of their behavior.  

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