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Reminder - Haven Christmas Party Tomorrow!!
24563 E. Crestridge Pl. Aurora, 80016 2-8 P.M.
Please call us if you get lost or having trouble finding us!!

Editing the story...

The movie Hacksaw Ridge tells an amazing story of a conscientious objector named Desmond Doss, who suffered greatly from his own troops and captain during boot camp, even though he had volunteered. During a horrible battle with the Japanese in which his unit had been routed, he stayed on the battlefield and rescued 75 men from certain death. During one scene he saves his captains life by kicking a grenade out of the air. When I watched this, I was certain it was a Hollywood addition, artistic license for dramatic effect, it just seemed so unlikely (like Epstein killing himself in prison!). After the movie, they showed an interview with Desmond Dosscaptain, who had called out Doss as a coward during boot camp. During the interview he spoke of Doss being the bravest man he had ever known and recalled clearly the incident with the grenade. Hollywood did not need to dramatize the story, the power of reality itself was amazing.

The story of Jesus is the most amazing story ever written. It needs no embellishment, no special effects, no script think tanksto spin the story. Sadly, many throughout history have seen fit to edit the story, to change it to their own way of thinking, to fit Jesus into their world view and violently transform the story into something more palatable. A few examples can demonstrate this; Popular Buddhist monk Thich Nan Hanh portrays Jesus as a Buddhist sage who sought enlightenment and came to the world to teach the 4 Noble Truths. Popular Hindu author Deepak Chopra claims Jesus came into the world as an avatar, much like Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu and so on. Urantia readers tell of Jesus being one of over a 100,000 Creator Sons in the universe, and the one that came here came to inspire us to goodness. Jehovahs witnesses believe that Jesus was the Archangel Michael, who came here and pretended to be a human being, and then died on a stake and fooled us into thinking he was physically resurrected, who then returned to heaven as Michael again. Mormons tell of Jesus as our literal older brother, born of one of Elohims hundreds of goddess wives, who came here to show all his younger siblings (i.e. us!) how we can become gods/goddesses on our own planet, as long as we obey all the Mormon rules. In the Word Faith/Prosperity heresy, Jesus was God (depending on the writer) before the incarnation, but once here he was only a man who did his miracles by the power of the Holy Spirit. Hence we as human beings (again depending on the writers since many of them declare humans to be “gods”) can raise people from the dead, heal the blind, and so on. Jesus then came at Christmas to heal everyone and make everyone rich. This is what comes from Bethels Bill Johnson, Hillsongs Brian Houston, and of course Benny Hinn, Ken Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Joseph Prince, Joel Osteen and so many others. Oh, and dont forget many even teach that Jesus himself was born again, just like the rest of us need to be. This is a short list. Islam, Wicca, Scientology, and numerous other cults and religions have their own version of Jesus and the story. So why should we care? Isnt it enough that at least they believe in Jesus”?

Many say it doesnt matter. The details arent important, its just a story of the renewal of life, or the delusion of a conquered people, or, dont worry about it, God is loving so “He/she/it” doesnt care about what people actually believe. (As the Babylon Bee just adroitly pointed out -many of the progressive crowd has no respect for Gods chosen pronouns!!!)

As people have been noting recently, if the Bible is just another fairy tale, why do over fifty countries in the world ban it? Why has it been the bestselling book of all time? Why have some of the smartest scientists, philosophers and so many others believed in it? And maybe more interesting, why are so many committed to editing the story? Why are they threatened?

In some ways there are simple answers to these questions. It goes like this:

God created this world then we screwed it up. Jesus came to die for our sins but we dont want to admit that we screwed it up, so we tame Jesus and edit the story to take away the sting.

Jesus came to die for our sins, this He did completely on the cross and a complete success, the debt is paid, salvation is now available to all who believe.

If He came to heal us all and make us wealthy, then He failed completely. This heresy doesnt even fit the first generation of Christians let alone the millions of Christians who were martyred for their faith, or the thousands of Christians around the world who have died in just the past decade.

Jesus came to die for our sins; that was the prophecy given seven hundred years earlier in Isaiah 53. Jesus was raised from the dead, if the sin part didnt get the editorsthen this SHOULD threaten them. The Lord said He would come back from the dead, even His own followers originally werent buying it, but then He did it. Gods justice, mercy, grace, and forgiveness were seen at the Cross and His power was seen at the resurrection.

He said He was coming again, some folks better wise up! Why change the story when it is so perfect and amazing in its original form?

When you celebrate Christmas this year, focus on what the Bible says happened. Meditate on the grace and mercy that the Lord gives and his overwhelming love that is given to us all in the Incarnation. Emmanuel - God with us! It doesnt get any better than that. If you are running with the editors,you miss the whole point, and pace

Coming Events

Dec 7 - Haven Christmas Party - Yall Come! Our house - 24563 E. Crestridge Pl. Aurora, 80016 2-8 P.M.

Dec 28 - Jan 7 - Mission trip to Geneva, Switzerland.

Jan 20 - Haven Board Meeting

Feb 15 - Haven Staff Meeting

Mar 7 - Haven Staff Meeting

Mar 20 - 29 - Mission trip to Paganicon - Witches meeting in Minneapolis, MN and Tampa, FL to the Scientology center, etc.

Mar 21 - Body Mind Spirit Fair - Denver Merchandise Mart

Apr 4 - Colorado Springs

Apr 18 - Haven Staff Meeting


As always, check back on the website as we are always involved in more events!

Prayer Requests

1. Terri
s health is still not great but as usual she wont slow down. She is having so much of a blessing interacting with her kids and the grandkids. She will also be going on all the upcoming mission trips (Geneva, Minneapolis, Tampa, etc!) so pray for her health for these trips! Scott and Savanna and Conrad and Carmina are doing well. Scott and Savanna is busy working and looking after two very mobile kids! Shawn and Kelly and Tegan and Apple are living with us again and Shawn is working out of the house. They had a house built and will be moving into it soon. Andy is doing great and enjoyed so much going to the Huskies and Huskers game. He got a special blessing and stayed in Nebraska the week during our two trips! Gabe and Shaina and Kaylee are doing really well. They also just told the world that they are now expecting!!! Joey is working, trying to write for a ezine, and is doing well. Rose, Austin, CeCe, Bella, and Luna are doing great and are now enjoying sprucing up their new house! Johanna, Kenny, Kevin, and Kirra and new baby Tesla are doing great. They will be moving in with us after Shawn/Kelly move to their new place. They will be saving so they can get a house too! Jon is challenged by adversity of his own design recently out of prison and seemingly determined to test the law. My mom came out recently and spent a week with us. We all had a great time and it was the first time she got to see all the great grandkids! Please pray for all the family! Especially for my parents, brothers, and sister.

2. We have many friends with serious health concerns. Pray for Sherri C., Rose R., Liz H., Sheila H., Susan L., Joann V., Charlene E., Pepper W., Jason G., Noah G., Tracie P., and too many others. We see all around us that this is a fallen, broken world and we cry out for mercy. Some people yall have prayed for are with the Lord now and this is so very hard for their families. Pray for the families of Zach and Randy. Pray as well for Jane S and her family and the Glendenning family who have both recently lost loved ones. Pray for little Daisy and Marley who are not doing well. Pray for their families and the Lords mercy!

3. Pray for reconciliation of familys which are really broken – Debra, Mike, Cherry, Leon, Susan, Janelle, Jeff, Sandra, Leonard, Grace and way too many others.

4. Please pray for the folks whom we have been talking to this past year. If you have received this newsletter you might remember that we have asked you to pray for many folks from many religions, and once more we ask you to please continue. Pray for Ben my young atheist friend. Pray for Amber the scientologist we talked to again this spring. Pray for the ex-Mormon/now atheist from the pageant, and the BYU prof and his wife. Pray for Buddhists, Muslims, JWs, witches, Hindus, New Agers, adherents of the Urantia Book, and on and on and on. Pray for Ron the new ager and Pat the Urantia I engaged with at the psychic fair recently.

5. Pray for our staff at Haven. Pray for our health, for support, and especially for effective ministry. We gather once a month and it is stunning to hear all the stories of people that we have been witnessing to. We are also considering some new folks who are interested in coming on with us. We are so blessed to have so many with a passion to share the Gospel with people whom most folks just write off.

6. Pray for our military and our family and friends who are serving. There are many here and all put themselves in a position of possible danger. Pray for our first responders the police and firefighters and EMTs who serve all of us.


7. Please prayerfully consider a godlydivorce! We as believers need to be divorced from the music emanating from Hillsong and Jesus Culture and Elevation as well. I know its popular and that many are blessed by it but its hard to imagine imbibing music from worse churches than those three. They are all driven by the prosperity gospeland the new apostolic reformation all of which are filled with new age practices and other abominations. This has gotten so big and thousands of churches are literally financing all these groups by singing their songs. The Lord asks us Can a fig come from a thistle bush?We recognize the rhetorical part of the question given in Matthew 7 as Jesus explicitly warns us about the false prophets. We see so many other warnings in the Scriptures (especially Gal 1) about those who would change the Gospel.


Gratitude and Need!

We are so very thankful for the support for the trips and in general for the support to allow the mission to go forward. We typically run out of funds sometime between August and October. But thanks to the Lord and yall our giving has gotten us through November. Again, thanks for the sacrificial giving that so many of yall make. Please prayerfully giving supporting us now at this time. We have lost some support due to our stand against worship music that comes from cultic groups! So please pray for us and consider giving. We currently are in the red and we ask the Lord to bring our support back where it needs to be. Thanks again!



Non Prophet Addendum

The last newsletter addressed the problems with the Enneagram a blatantly occultic tool that is virtually ubiquitous throughout the Christian churches, schools and publishing houses in America. For information on where it came from and who came up with it please refer to Christians against the New Age CANA. A ministry founded many years ago by a dear friend Marcia Montenegro, who herself was an astrologer and Buddhist before the Lord grabbed her. She does an excellent job explaining the origins and heresies involved with the Enneagram. I also mentioned the Social Justice Warrior/Critical theory/Critical Race theory, etc, etc that is rampant now in the Southern Baptist Convention and too many other places. This is also deeply infesting in ministries like CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). I have talked to several missionaries that we have supported for many years. You can watch the sessions from their training(propagandizing brainwashing whatever you want to call it!) here:

I talked to staff members, some highly placed, to be sure that the report accurately reflected the summer sessions. Sadly, it did. Racism is a sin slavery is a sin and those involved in it like every other sin, need to repent. But collective guilt for people because of their skin color, who did not commit those sins is just wrong. The good news is that there is some pushback within CRU, but unfortunately the leadership is committed to this direction. My thought here if you support CRU staff is to talk to them and see if they are on board with this adulteration of the Gospel. I did not support CRU staff for this new Marxist agenda. Caveat Emptor(Let the buyer beware!)


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