Hello everybody!

It has been awhile. I just want to give everybody an update on my ministry efforts.

I was in New Orleans at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary on April 27-28th attending the Evangelical  Ministries to New  Religions(EMNR). I spoke on the topic of Mormonism. I entitled my speech “Joseph Smith, Necromancy, and the Impossibility of Baptism for the Dead”. I showed how talking with the dead is frowned upon while the LDS Church speaks of it in positive terms. My speech is at the bottom of this email.

Some of my witnessing opportunities have included talking with a young man in his late 20s by the name “KS”. He is a Bickertonite( is a Mormon denomination that is through the line of Sidney Rigdon(right hand man of Joseph Smith). “KS” was once part of the Community of Christ. He left because he was hurt by their leaders.

“KS” and I have not talked recently about doctrine as we usually do because his dad just died. Unfortunately , he has been sleeping in his car. I have just been encouraging him lately.

I have also been talking with “SS”. He is LDS. I haven’t talked to him for about 3 years. I decided one day to send him a message through Facebook messenger. He is excited for the summer because he is a gardener. We have got into the subject of all sins being forgiven. I quoted D&C 82:7 which says, “7 And now, verily I say unto you, I, the Lord, will not lay any sin to your charge; go your ways and sin no more; but unto that soul who sinneth shall the former sins return, saith the Lord your God.” After I shared that passage with him he stated to me, “I am sure that you understand that I disagree with you about future sin being forgiven, I believe that you are not forgiven till you repent of the sin,”.

Another conversation I had with him concerned whether or not we worship the same God. I asked him, “IfMormonism is Christianity,  why are we getting different answers concerning what truth is?  Why would God tell me one thing and tell you something different concerning faith?”  I tried to get the point across that we may not be worshiping the same God. He did not seem to understand my point because he told me that it is possible for God to give us different answers. I prayed that I planted seeds of truth in his life.

I have also talked to “BB” who is an RM(returned missionary). BB plans on meeting me at the Mormon Miracle Pageant( I will be there from June 20-24th. This is my 6th year attending the pageant. I am guessing between 200 and 300 Christians attend this event to witness to Mormons.  An overview of what goes on is that we get training at a local Christian Church in the morning.

I am still in need of money in order for me to go to Utah this summer. I will need money for a plane ticket, lodging, gas, food, etc. Please go to and choose my name to donate to., I am not able to do this without your support. Please consider donating. Please send your donation via cash or check. Make the check payable to “Haven Ministries”. Put “Trevor Wolfe” in the memo line. Send it to:

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Baptism of the Dead?

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