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Monthly ‘bytes’ on Xperanti & IoT innovation, keeping you up to speed on the 0G revolution in Malaysia.

Asset Tracking with Immediate Benefits
SIGFOX IoT solutions are now being used and pushing boundaries in various industries ( Total, DHL, PSA/IBM, LVMH...), seamlessly tracking assets worldwide, and optimizing supply chains for better efficiency. Now you can do the same for your business - at only RM1/day/asset! Track and locate your non-powered assets across Malaysia and over 65 countries, with no additional roaming charges. Call us now for more info on logistics and supply chain solutions that brings immediate business benefits; increased efficiency and optimised costs. 
Join us and witness the impact of the SIGFOX ecosystem in the IoT world!
Watch industry experts address how Sigfox solutions are delivering cost savings, improved utilisation & sustainable operations, with focused solutions in the Logistics & Transport, Industry 4.0, Utilities & Energy, Smart City & Facilities Management markets.
Smart Bukit | monitoring hill-slopes - Our Xmen in the field, installing the tilt monitoring solution powered by Sigfox 0G Technology. It enables people to gain more visibility about the conditions and movement of soil, ensuring the safety of community (from weather and/or construction activities). Special thanks to our ecosystem of partners Orissa, TSGlobal and SmartLabs for assisting us in this journey.
Smart Aquaculture | monitoring water conditions - Truly a plug and play device with the help of our partner Wondernica. We are able to detect the level of dissolved oxygen in the fish farm located in the middle of the ocean! 

Watch the video: 

Smart Aquaculture | monitoring water conditions -   With our aquatic application solution, we are helping talapia fish breeders to take a proactive approach towards managing water conditions in their fish tanks. Powered by Sigfox 0G technology, we can mitigate and reduce the issues of contaminated waters as well as trace the level of dissolved oxygen in the fish tanks.  
Smart Agriculture | monitoring soil conditions - With our smart farming solution using Sigfox datalogger, we are able to monitor the soil pH conditions at a pineapple plantation. This not only helps to reduce pineapple soil infection but to also give insights to farmers on the environment of their plants.

Asia Mobiliti Produces an Industry-First: Dual-Connectivity, eSIM and Sigfox enabled IoT devices for buses - Homegrown transit tech startup Asia Mobiliti has successfully completed the pilot deployment of Orion, an IoT device made for buses. The pilot was executed in collaboration with local fleet operator KR Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd. Orion is the first locally-made device in the transportation and mobility industry to feature dual LTE and Sigfox connectivity in a single device. >> Read more <<
11k Sigfox Devices Supplied for Malaysian Market - Xperanti’s partnership with Digital Matter resulted in the supply of over 11,000 Oyster Sigfox tracking devices for asset tracking in Malaysia on the LPWAN Sigfox network. This IoT solution is used for Ground Support Equipment (GSE) management and also for fleet management, trailer, and livestock tracking. >> Read more <<
Launch of Sigfox Thailand - Another big milestone to SIGFOX ecosystem. Xperanti is excited to collaborate with ThingsOnNet to leverage SIGFOX global IoT network and track mobile assets (eg. containers/pallets) and monitor (cold-chain) seamless across Thailand and Malaysia - enhancing and optimising the Transportation and Logistics sector. 

Sigfox complements Kontron’s embedded solutions - We had the opportunity to showcase Sigfox 0G Technology to Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow and State Domestic and International Trade, Consumer Affairs and Entrepreneur Development Committee Abdul Halim Hussain through our collaboration with Kontron. Joining them was the CEO of Kontron Asia Pacific Design, P. Shanmuganathan.

This partnership will help realize the goal of aiding industries in Penang to fluidly grow and innovate alongside the need of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

A.T Kearney’s CXO Roundtable on Industry 4.0 - “With the Industrial 4.0 revolution taking shape globally, key sectors like supply chain, manufacturing and agriculture are expecting a significant boost to their competitiveness via its adoption. Xperanti aims to promote practical and sustainable industry IoT solutions via its nationwide network, as well as foster innovation that helps bridge the digital divide between SMEs and MNCs” – Vicks Kanagasingam. The event co-organized with Ekuiti Nasional Berhad and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), included participants from Danfoss, TopGloves, manufacturing companies, investors, solution providers and government agencies. 

The manufacturing sector contributes 21% to the ASEAN economy, driven by F&B, E&E, industrials, chemicals and consumer goods. To achieve its high income status by 2023, manufacturing remains a core sector of sustainable growth under the 11th Malaysia Plan.

International Conference on Industry 4.0 at Segi University - We had the honor to proudly showcase Xperanti solutions towards a more diverse audience, encompassing students and government officials with the help of our partners GKK Consultants. At the event, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathi said there was no option but to be aggressive in taking up Industrial Revolution 4.0 in view of the high speed in which new technologies were changing and developing. “With our National Policy which is on Industry 4.0 that began last year, our objective is driving Malaysia towards becoming a connected nation.”

With our ecosystem of partners, Xperanti aims to bridge the digital divide, support the adoption of IR4.0 in Malaysia as well as the government's push towards digital transformation.

“E2E roll outs on IoT solutions require many elements, Xperanti provides the connectivity element that greatly complements Kontron’s embedded solutions where scalable monitoring solutions can be realized using Sigfox communication seamlessly. In the mission to formulate a homegrown truly Malaysian Solution that would greatly benefit local adopters, bridging the gaps with local Technology partners is key. Xperanti is very well versed at what they do and are ever willing to assist.” - Kontron Asia Pacific Design Sdn Bhd
Shaping an Entrepreneurial Nation - Collaboration of local players to is imperative to be able to boost entrepreneurship programs in the country. Xperanti is glad to be apart of the launch of the E-Nation Symposium hosted by MAGIC.  The opportunity to interact with aspiring entrepreneurs about the future of technology. With the support of a great ecosystem of partners such as Vivy Yusof from @FashionValet, it emphasizes the importance of a collaborative effort of local players to boost the entrepreneurship programs in the country for E-Nation.
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Monitor your industrial assets with smart monitoring solution - With the help of our partner Nanolike and Sigfox 0G technology, you can not only track in real time the geolocation and fill level of the Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) but also monitor the ambient temperature reading of the liquid inside of it. Save cost and optimize your logistics with this new level of transparency, especially suited for the oil and gas, chemical and food industry. 

Measure and monitor chemical supplies through connected smart tanks providing visibility of stock and fill levels of fuel, additives, lubricants, diesel and other chemicals in storage environments.

A tech geek with an Electrical Engineering degree,  Alistair interned at Ericsson Malaysia where he provided support and troubleshooting for various network issues with a local mobile operator. Prior to that, he was a Technical Support Officer for an Australian IT service provider that provided IT and cloud services to enterprise clients from a broad range of industries.

Besides having a fetish for everything tech, he’s also a metalhead drummer that secretly worships Slipknot and plays chess, probably to the sounds of double bass and electric guitars while someone screams into the microphone.

No doubt being a well qualified X-Man, Alistair has a Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Avionics and Mechanical) from Aviation Australia / Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Queensland University of Technology.
Looking out for more X-men and X-terns - If you know anyone who you think has a flair for innovation, breaking boundaries and not afraid to speak for technology, let them know we’re hiring.

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