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May Newsletter
May 2020 Newsletter – Broomhill School
2021 Summer and 2021-22 School Year Registration Information

Summer 2021 Registration: Registration is open and will close on May 28th

School year 2021/2022 Registration: Registration is open and will close on August 13th
Please remember if your child is ill to keep them at home.  Sharing any COVID -19 concerns with us will help us keep everyone safe.  As communicated by the school our district has a COVID -19 team that helps all departments and families navigate their way through COVID-19 concerns.  As we are all aware of COVID-19 symptoms mirror many other illnesses.   If your child is excluded due to COVID-19 symptoms but you feel it is due to another illness it is recommended you have them see your physician.  If your child is diagnosed with something besides COVID-19 their exclusion would be adjusted based on the new diagnosis.  Also please have a pick up plan if your child needs to be picked up due to illness.  Your plan should enable your child to be picked up in less than 30 minutes.

Please remember to notify Kids' Company if your child/ren have been sent home from school as well as any days after. The schools do not notify Kids' Company of any absences that happen during the school day. 
Highlighted Staff of the Month!


These staff members above are being recognized for going above and beyond their regular duties here at Kids' Company! They have all been an outstanding employee this past month. We are extremely grateful for all of them! 

May 14th: Distance learning Day! Registration opens on April 26th and closes on May 6th.

May 28th: Registration closes for Summer Kids CO.

May 31st: Kids CO is CLOSED

*** If your child/ren will NOT be attending the School Closure Days you will be charged your regular contracted rate for the School Closure days that are the same as your contracted days. In order to NOT be charged you will have to contact Patty Karels - and request a COMP DAY. ***

What to pack for Distance Learning and Non-School Days:
- Morning Snack
- Home Lunch
- Afternoon Snack
- Even though we do not have a designated homework time, your child is welcome to bring their homework and work on it during free time. 
All students will be going outside as long as the weather is above zero degrees and is not raining. 


If your schedule has changed and you no longer need care during the School Closure days please let your site lead know ASAP

Kids Company is asking for donations for our summer's crafts! If you would like to donate here are some of the things we are looking for:

Gallon milk jugs
Knit stretch gloves
Egg cartons for planting (not styrofoam)
Large cardboard boxes
rings from mason jar lids
milk and juice carton tops
tin soup/fruit cans
bubble wrap
planting dirt
clothes pins
bird seed
5 gallon buckets
straw/hay bales
Where has the school year gone??  Hard to believe that is it already May and the end of the School year.  This month we will be talking about many different animals and about SUMMER!
May 3rd-7th  Flying Insects and bugs: We will be talking about bugs that fly and some of the lifecycles they go through to get there.  We will watch caterpillars turn into butterflies over the next few weeks.  Our Social Skills lesson will continue to go over the Hidden Rules…Expected and Unexpected behaviors.  Letter: U  Number: 19 
May 10th-14th  Farm animals: Spring time is an exciting time on farm. We will learn and talk about all the new baby animals that are born in the spring and how they grow throughout the year.  And of course we will need to watch some videos of cute farm animals since we are unable to visit one at this time.   Our Social Skills lesson will be on Sharing your Imagination, this is such a fun topic for Preschools, as they have the best imaginations and we will continue to encourage them to expand and grow with their imaginations.  Letter: R  Number: 20
May 17th-21st  Farming crops:   We will be talking about the importance of farmers and all the crops they grow.  We will learn about how it all goes into making food for us and others. Our Social Skills lesson will continue to go over Sharing your Imagination.  Letter: S  Number: Review
May 24th-28th  Summer Fun: We will be talking about all the fun things we all do in the summer with our friends and family.  Camping, fishing, swimming, baseball are just a few things we will talk about.  During our Social Skills lesson this week will be learning fun games that we can play outside with friends and family.  Letter: Review  Number: Review 
May 31st-June 2nd   Father’s day and last week: We will be talking about the important guys in our lives…maybe it’s dad, an uncle, grandpa any one important to you.  We will take this week to make gifts for them.  We will also spend the week doing things we enjoyed doing during the school year.  JUNE 2ND IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL YEAR KIDS’ COMPANY.  
REMEMBER KIDS’ COMPANY WILL BE CLOSING JUNE 3RD  FOR SUMMER PREP AND REOPENING JUNE 14TH AT SOUTHVIEW FOR SUMMER CARE.  If you have not registered and still need care for the summer, there are a few spots left.

Please call or text with child’s name 763-458-5217 when you arrive for drop off or pick up and a staff will come to the door

If your child/ren will not be attending Kids´ Company during a contracted day please call 952-442-0614 or email to let us know.

Please remember that all morning drop offs will be at the art room doors and all after school pick ups will be at door #15 off of the bus lanes.

Drop off: With the weather warming up we will be going back to our original drop off location of entering though the cafeteria door number 13 down the hill. 

pick up: You can park in the parking lot. 
Then you will need to walk down the hill towards the playground. We will be using the door that goes directly into the cafeteria. That is door number 13.


Drop off: We will use the doors on the north side of the building that goes directly into the cafeteria door number 12.
You may park in the parking lot as long as you arrive by 8:15 am.

Pick up: We will use the doors on the north side of the building that goes directly into the cafeteria door number 12.
You may park in the parking lot as long as you arrive after  2:40 pm.
Childcare options on Distant Learning days through Kids' Company

As directed by the Governor, we need to prioritize who we offer childcare to on distant learning days.  At this time Waconia Elementary Schools will have one distant learning day a month. 

How will prioritizing work?
All registrations are time stamped when received.
We will first confirm registrations of families that qualify and are confirmed as critical workers
We then will confirm the remaining spots with the families that have registered using the registration time stamp

What families qualify for critical worker statues

If you are a two parent household both parents will need to be critical works and supply documentation.  If you are a single parent household then that one parent needs to be a critical worker and documentation will need to be provided.  In both scenarios Kids' Company needs to be your only option as no one is home to care for your child.   

Who are critical workers
Please use this link and reference page 113 for the list of who qualifies as critical workers

How do you get your critical worker statues confirmed with Kids' Company 
On or before you submit your registration for Kids' Company, you will need to email your documentation to Patricia Karels at
You must provide a letter from your employer stating your position and their contact information. During your registration you will be asked if you are claiming critical worker status.  Please understand that you will not receive this statues just by clicking the box.  You will need to submit your documentation to Patty no later then the day you submit your registration.  We will not be following up with families that click critical worker statues on their registration but do not turn in their documentation.  Once Patty receives your documentation she will confirm if you meet the criteria.

Location of care
We will be at Southview elementary 

Hours of care
6:00 am - 6:15 pm

What to bring
Two snacks and a bag lunch
Clothes that are appropriate to be outside in
Labeled water bottle

Will distant learning be done while children are at Kids' Company?
Since this day is a planning day for teachers students will not have zoom meetings and will only be assigned homework.  Since homework can be done at any time during the day Kids' Company will not be having homework time on this day.  

Cost for critical workers
Care for critical workers is free from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Care before 8:30 am is $10.00
Care after 2:30 pm is $17.00

Cost for non critical workers
Care between the hours of 6:00 am and 6:15 pm is $45.00
We are excited to have the weather starting to get warm and the sun coming out more! With that being said this also means having more mud. Please send these things with your child everyday:

Extra masks(when the old one gets wet/dirty)

Extra socks

Extra shoes or boots 

Water bottle
Don't forget to like Kids Co on Facebook to see any important updates and all the photos from day to day projects and fun activities your children enjoy while at Kids CO! Below is the link to our Facebook Page
Waconia Kids' Company Facebook Page Waconia Kids' Company Facebook Page
Who to contact when your child will not be at Kids CO!

Southview Site- 952-442-0627
Site Lead-Yanet Rosales

Bayview Site- 952-442-0614
Site Lead- Ashlie Scheuble

Laketown Site-952-442-0667
Site Lead- Ashley Karels

WEC Site- 952-442-0649
Site Leads- Rhonda Bjerke/Sierrah Bjerke

Requesting a comp day please contact Patty Karels

Year End Tax Report for Kids Company~ How to Access

Go to:

Click on the “My Account” tab

Enter your home phone number and password

Click the "Documents" link from the toolbar.

From there, simply select the tax year you wish to view and print.

All family members who share the same Family ID number and were registered for Kids’ Company will be on the same report.

Kids' Company billing is on a contract basis. You are charged your contract rate everyday Kids Company is open NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH SCHOOL CLOSING. 

Comp days are for contracted days that your child does not attend, but you do not want to pay your contracted rate for that day. You may also use Comp days for Non-school days!

If you have any questions about billing please contact Patty at:

If School closes due to the snow then Kids Co will also close and you will not be charged for that day.

If school calls a two hour delay before 6 am  Kids Co will do the same and open at 8 AM.

If school closes 2 hours early then Kids Co sites will let you know ASAP if Kids CO will close 2 hours earlier than normal schedule.

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