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“If we had not winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

- Anne Bradstreet

“We threw snowballs; and I’ve never had so much fun since!”

Annie Dillard

Making the Best of a Snow Day

February 1, 2019


Tomorrow is Groundhog's Day.  According to legend, if the rodent comes out of his den and doesn’t see his shadow, he’ll stay out and about, signaling the arrival of an early spring.  Let’s hope for a cloudy day tomorrow.  After a week like this, I’m ready for spring.

These past few weeks have indeed been challenging as the harshness of winter has taken its toll on our patience.  Yet, I’m convinced that with some intentional effort, we can take the challenges of winter and turn them into learning opportunities and enriching family time. 

Here’s just a few suggestions I have on what you and your family can do the next time we experience being snow bound.  I’m hoping it doesn’t happen again anytime soon. But when it does, try the following:

1.      Stock up on cookie baking ingredients before the next storm.  On the next snow day, have your kids join you in baking a big batch.  I know for a fact some of you have some great chocolate chip recipes!  Make enough to share with your neighbors.

2.      Dinner and a movie is more than just a good date night idea.  Make it a family time event.  Make a nice dinner with the kids helping.   Then settle in for a good family movie.  You might want to try doing it in reverse.  Watch the movie first and follow it with dinner and discussion of what you saw.  Either way, make it good family time.

3.      Set aside time for reading; you and the kids.  A good book; and the habit of taking advantage of the slower pace of the day, is a good habit.

4.      Play a family game; preferably not all video games.  It’s always a good idea to reduce the screen time for our kids.  Experts continue to remind us of the addictive nature or our devices.  It’s tempting to let our kids play video games all day but this isn’t healthy for them and is ultimately detrimental to quality family time.  There’s nothing like a good game of Scrabble to exercise the mind, expand the vocabulary and build the family bond.

5.      Check in with your neighbors.  In challenging times, demonstrate to our kids what it means to be a good neighbor.  Shoveling side walks, clearing drive ways, making sure those around us have what they need are all good ways to extend the arm of friendship to those in your community. 

I’m glad we were able to be back at school today.  Let’s hope for more school days than not in the weeks of winter that remain.  But if we encounter more winter challenges, let’s be prepared for some quality family time together.

Happy weekend everyone.



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