Lake Tahoe Boating Safety During COVID-19

Lake Tahoe is a popular place to socially distance, but COVID precautions follow you onto the water. Let your frustrations go once you are out there. Here are some tips, advisories, and resources to help you take care of the environment and thousands of other boaters, paddlers, and beachgoers who share your excitement about being here.

Safe Social Distancing on the Water for American Century Golf Championship

Edgewood Golf Course, July 8-12

The boats and party scene along hole No. 17 has served as NBC’s iconic television shot portraying Lake Tahoe before a national audience for 30 years during the American Century Championship. Since spectators aren't allowed on the course this year, efforts by fans to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities from the water is expected to be even more heightened.

With that in mind, tournament organizers are calling upon the good nature and community spirit of Tahoans to show a national audience how to do it right -- to “party smartly” to help keep everyone safe. 

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All about Lake Tahoe, no-wake zone boundaries, area attractions, and how to enjoy the lake safely and responsibly.

Enjoy the 600' No Wake Zone.

It's an area for motor boaters to relax and slow down.

Lake Tahoe is big. Really big. And so are the conditions. 

  • Pay attention to changing wind and weather.
  • Avoid cold water shock and hypothermia — enter water slowly and control your breathing.
  • Avoid jumping in the water to rescue someone. Throw them a flotation device.
  • Always wear a life jacket to keep your head above water, and to keep you insulated.
  • Make sure your paddle craft is Clean, Drained, and Dry before entering the water. Learn how here
  • File a float plan with the Lake Tahoe Water Trail, which includes 37 public launch and landing sites, mapped paddle routes, real-time weather conditions, and water safety and conservation tips.

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