Hello gas fighters!

As promised, we bring you the second edition of our newsletter on the fight against gas, gathering key information on policy progress and grassroots resistance.
The months of September, October and November all looked packed with exciting events (see below), so we hope you have time to take a well-deserved summer break and enjoy the many climate camps that are held this August.
We’ll keep this short and to-the-point.

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1. Exciting news
  • UK month of resistance 
“This July the Rolling Resistance kicked off in Lancashire, UK with disruptive action against Cuadrilla and the fracking industry every-single-working-day!” told us Anna who spend the entire month coordinating the resistance, including a solidarity action with NoTAP (see pictures). The success is undeniable with public support for fracking in the UK now at record low. 
- follow the link below to read Anna's full report back. 
  •  NoTAP
Contractors and riot police have entered the TAP site in Italy to resume their work on the 4th July. This was done in lack of transparency (1-7am in the morning), using police force and with no regard to democracy, as the vice-mayor protests were ignored. Against initial promises to wait until the end of the summer, work has also started on the underwater pipelines putting in jeopardy the vital tourism economy of the region.
Local citizens have kept the resistance strong and organised a boat protest, but are facing intimidation. Support will certainly be needed in September when the actual works are expected to start. - Read full story here
  • Swedish climate camp
The first ever climate camp with a focus on gas was held last weekend in Gothenburg, Sweden. Despite storming winds, they performed a stunning kayak action (see picture) and held critical workshops for over 140 participants. The camp doesn’t stop here, check out their website and facebook group to be kept in the loop and keep these discussions going!
  • MidCat updates   
We bring you good news : 
- the Environmental Impact study for the MidCat Pipeline has expired and will have to be redone - this is great considering the lack of transparency around the study for the first section of the pipeline.
- we've heard that a public consultation on the French section of the MidCat pipeline could be held before the end of the year. See the official information brief of TIGF (in French) here. This could be a nice opportunity to kick off a coordinated response by the many interested French groups. Get in touch for further details.
Here you can find the entire video of the International Gas Conference organised by Podemos, ODG and Ecologistas en Accion in Madrid on June 22, 2017. It is a comprehensive look at the geopolitics and energy reality of gas in Europe (mostly in Spanish, but with presentations on international issues in English) that gathered to share information around the risks gas poses for Europe and the Iberian peninsula. Ojo! See below for more information on the next Spanish gas organising meeting planned for the autumn of 2017.
  •  Nord Stream II
Environmental Impact Assessment of the too-often-forgotten Nord Stream II are currently under way in multiple countries (Germany, Denmark, Finland, etc). This mega pipeline linking Russia to Germany may not be supported by the EU, but it most probably has enough private supported to go ahead anyway. We are trying to put a list together of people working on the pipeline. Please get in touch if you would like to be included!
  • Bloomberg questions the pro-gas narrative
Bloomberg wrote a fiercely critical article on the oil industry’s strategy to put their eggs in the gas basket. By unpacking gas demand projections (and specifically looking at the EIA’s clear shift in European gas projections), Bloomberg depicts renewable energy as the most economically smart option. This is mainly due to the fact that gas has “decades long investment cycles”, while renewables is “almost free to run once after the initial capital investment has been made”. Gas only seems interesting in China and India, regarding they introduce policies favouring gas over coal.   
The article is also a good read to remember what the pro-gas industry bases its arguments on.
Read more on the UK resistance
2. Events

"Debate, Resist, Act - this is the moment" - Attac summer university tagline. 

Where to strategise and organise against gas over the next months : 

  1. Attac Summer University : During the wicked summer school of Attac, a workshop will be specifically held on gas and the resistance held in Spain, Italy and West Africa - Saturday the 26th August, Toulouse. More info here.
  2. Global Gas Lock-in : linking North-South resistance : The second edition of the RosaLuxemburg conference will be held on the 21-22-23 September in Brussels. Participants from across Europe and Africa are expected. The aim will be to concretise a common strategy to fight gas, build solidarity and agree on processes to work coherently together. More info here.
  3. Spain and UK gatherings : Both countries will be holding national-wide coalition meeting during September/October to discuss gas. Get in touch with Alfons (Spain - or Lise (UK - if you would like further information on the events.
3. COP23
The 23rd edition of the UN climate talks will be held this November (6-17) in Bonn, Germany. While fantastic anti-coal protests are being organised, we also want to make sure a dissident voice on gas is spoken.
COP23 will be a central opportunity to :
- get our networks and allies that are already involved in the fight against fossil fuels to be more informed about gas;
- make gas a topic of debate via events, workshops, press conference, actions;
- use the space for face-to-face meetings and discussions.
We will be organising/supporting actions, a side event in the negotiations, workshops at the multiple conferences, and an open meeting to coordinate strategies on gas. 
If you will be in Bonn, email to be kept in the loop of the many activities or to let her know what you are panning. 

With COP being held in the Global North, we'd like to highlight the YOUNGO Global South Scholarship that provides financial support to attend COP for young people from the Global South. Don't forget to forward it out to your relevant networks. 
4. Gas? Natural gas? Fossil gas? 

Gas is a difficult topic to talk about. It has no colour, it has no smell, it has no consistency. It’s scientifically complicated and politically even more so.
On top of this, we are struggling to pick the right terminology to name it : should we use the industry’s “natural gas”? Does “fossil gas” make it more obvious that it is negative? Or should we simply call it “gas” to avoid adding another term? And how can people fighting “fracking” feel they are involved in the same struggle?
This is an open question but we hope all of us working and resisting gas can take the time to think about it. Hopefully, we can come to a common agreement at one of the many meet-ups that will be held over the next months to ensure we are at least coherent amongst ourselves!

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