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From Barcelona to Girona to Perpignan, passing the mountains towards the heart of Geneva, down to the very South of Italy into the town of Melendugno, the #UnitedBeyondGas Speakers Tour has left its footprints.
Meet Oliveria Montes, spokesperson of the Consejo Regional de Pueblos Originarios en Defensa del Territorio Puebla y Hidalgo, a council with members representing 40 communities from all over the region of Puebla and Hidalgo in Mexico. Their region is currently threatened by the construction of a pipeline proposed by the infamous Canadian company TransCanada and its partner in crime, the Italian Bonatti. The Tula-Tuxpan pipeline would have a devastating impact on the communities’ water sources, their homes, and their culture.

For 12 days, together with a team of other gas fighters, Oliveria visited various cities in Europe, sharing the inspiring story of how the Consejo is fighting the Tula-Tuxpan pipeline monster. 

Fighting against gas means fighting for land, for agriculture, for livelihoods, for the right to decide where public money goes. The United Beyond Gas tour brought together various groups fighting gas in their regions. Stories were shared, struggles were connected. And ways were found to support far away struggles from closer to home.
The tour started off in Catalonia - first on the Spanish side (Barcelona and Girona), then on the French side (St Jean Clas and Perpignan), where we learnt about the resistance against gas in Mexico, Argentina (Vaca Muerta), Italy (TAP), Catalonia (MidCat) and the Netherlands (Groningen): fearless, organised, and in Latin America: indigenous-led!

After Catalonia, the tour team travelled to Switzerland, where Oliveria met with UN special rapporteurs to denounce the violations linked to the construction of the Tuxpan-Tula gas pipeline and the abuses of the Mexican government on the indigenous communities of Totonacos, Nahuas, Otomíes.

Local groups took action against Swiss bank Credit Suisse to denounce its investments in fossil fuel companies, pointing their fingers at the bank to highlight its role in the financing of gas pipelines.
The tour’s last stop happened in and around the town of Melendugno, in the Southern Italian region of Lecce, where resistance against the arrival of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is strong and growing.

As part of the tour, we gave multiple workshops on gas and how groups can be involved. If you are interested to host us for a workshop or to learn how to give one yourself, get in touch with

To find out more about what happened and who joined and supported the tour, check out the Tour page on the Gastivists website and

Some short videos from the tour to watch : 
- The fight against the Tula-Tuxpan pipeline in Mexico
- How to cut the funding towards fossil fuel infrastructure
- Resisting the MidCat pipeline
- The situation on gas in Groningen, Netherlands
- "Partager C’est Sympa" : famous french vlogger made a video on the MidCat resistance
- The Tour wrap-up video



Gastivists at the SB48

In the beginning of May, climate talks took place in Bonn. Gastivists organised actions, led workshops and lobbied decision makers to counter the false narrative of gas as a climate solution. Outside the conference centre, we stood in solidarity with allies in the US, Ireland and France as part of #BreakTheFrackingCycle, to oppose Rio Grande LNG terminal and the Rio Bravo Pipeline, with groups taking action at different points in the international supply chain. Inside the centre, we disrupted the diplomats’ lunches to call out the elephant in the room - fossil gas expansion as a climate solution - and distribute information and proposals for methane reduction.



On May 22nd, activists from Groningen together with Greenpeace Netherlands demonstrated at the Shell AGM, along with many groups in solidarity. A pop-up expo was held, people holding up various examples of the 50+ worldwide court cases against the multinational. A couple of days beforehand, an investor briefing was published, informing shareholders about the increasing litigation and liability risks facing the company.


Krk: lawsuit against Croatian Ministry for Energy and Environment

FoE Croatia has filed a lawsuit against the Croatian Ministry for energy and environment because of their decision that the LNG terminal on Krk island is environmentally acceptable. 


Nigeria-Morocco agree on pipeline

Nigeria and the Kingdom of Morocco have signed an agreement on the regional gas pipeline that will export gas from Nigeria to countries in West Africa sub-region that extend to Morocco and Europe.

Future EU budget leaves open loopholes for fossil fuel subsidies

On June 6th, the European Commission set out spending plans that could further lock Europe into a fossil fuel future well into the next decade, in proposals to extend the Connecting Europe Facility. Loopholes are left for the EU to continue spending taxpayers' money on fossil fuel infrastructure, including gas. Friends of the Earth Europe published a reaction

Good to know
Why IEA is not a reliable reference on fossil gas

As of recently, a new page on the Gastivists website is dedicated exactly to answering this question. 

Fracking and Health

If not yet penned down in your diaries, here an updated overview of some interesting events over the next months. 
- JUNE - 
Block around the Clock: Mass camp and blockade in Lancashire - June 27th-30th

Code Rood climate camp and mass action in Groningen, Netherlands. Joined by representatives from various gas fights. Workshops, trainings, get-togethers. See you there!
The annual Beyond Gas Conference will be held in Brussels by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation on September 20th-22nd. Get in touch soon if you'd like to join for strategising and developing coordinated work on gas.
Global Gasdown / Frackdown on (and around) October 13th : international day of action against gas, as part of Reclaim Power 2018.

A more complete overview of climate camps and events this summer can be found here


  • Ça Sent Le GAZ ! - The Partager C'est Sympa team joined the United Beyond Gas tour in Catalonia, and made this amazing video about the fight against the MidCat/STEP pipeline (subtitles in EN & ES)
  • En qué piensas cuando piensas en gas natural? - video by ODG, debunking the natural gas as clean fuel myth (available in Spanish and Catalan)
  • A new report was released about MidCat to debunk 8 myths associated with the project about the environmental, climate, economic, energy security, safety benefits that the pipeline is allegedly supposed to bring. The name of the report? Of course: MythCat
  • CEO and TNI have have brought out a new report showing how the little-known Energy Charter Treaty is being used by Big Polluters to stop the energy transition, while its expansion to many countries in the global South threatens to lock them into a dirty development pathway so Northern corporations can keep profiting
  • If you liked Frida's article on why Renewable gas is not clean or Green, you might be interested in a more detailed report on "renewable" and "decarbonised" gas, published by E3G
  • Oil Change International, alongside 20 partners from around the world, released a new briefing on gas production in G20 countries and why fossil gas is NOT a bridge fuel
  • The results of the master thesis are in! A really interesting report on the climate impacts of the gas supply chain: in particular, those associated with liquefied natural gas (LNG) transits arriving in the European Union and the port of Barcelona. Congrats, Josep!

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