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1. Exciting news
  •  Mexican pipeline victory
A private gas project, owned by Spanish and Italian companies, will have to undergo a public consultation in the 60 communities that are affected along the gas pipeline. “After 2 years  and 5 months of legal battle against the gas pipeline for the thermoelectric facility of Huexca, the judge delivered a court ruling in favour of the plaintiffs, four Nahua communities of the Atlixco municipality” writes gas activist Julian. While this does not mean the project is fully stopped, it is a strong obstacle for its completion, sets a legal precedence and gives strength to the communities to keep resisting the pipeline.
Julian from Mexico wrote us a full piece to share the fight against gas and for democracy - follow the link below to read. 
  •  Code Rood
On June 24th, the first mass action of civil disobedience against fossil fuels in the Netherlands took place in the port of Amsterdam, the biggest gasoline port in the world, and the second biggest coal harbour of Europe. More than 300 people occupied a coal terminal for the day with a clear message: oil, coal and gas needs to stay in the ground. Code Rood stands in solidarity with the people of Groningen, in the North of the Netherlands, where many households are feeling direct consequences from the gas extraction in their area. (see picture)
  •  Standing Rock 
Activist from Standing Rock have just ended a European tour to share their story and influence decisions being taken here. They stopped in Barcelona during the Fearless City Conference and discussed the MidCat pipeline, as well as the Groningen gas field. "Here in Spain you have your own struggle, the Midcat Gas pipeline...don't wait until you can't drink the water" warned Rachel Heaton, water protector (see picture). 
The ERIDAN pipeline in the south of France is facing rising resistance. It has been brought to court by several stakeholders arguing it is unsafe for local citizens, as well as legally and energetically incoherent. Over a hundred people gathered to show their disagreement with the project at the courthouse.
  • PCI consultation 
The Projects of Common Interest (PCI) list is being reviewed this year. So far, a huge number of fossil gas projects have been proposed to be included on the new list, which would give them political and financial support. NGOs based in Brussels are ensuring as little fossil gas projects as possible are included on the final list. Many groups recently engaged in a public consultation to give their opinions on each proposed project to the European Commission. As a result, over 80% of the surveys opposed all the gas projects!
  •  No TAP resistance  
The resistance against the Italian section of the Southern Gas Corridor (Trans Adriatic Pipeline or TAP) is still active and strong (see picture). A number of olive trees are currently being moved under the sharp eye of the local citizens. The resistance is impressively organised and wide. Public assemblies are regularly held, allowing for rapid response to be effectively organised and for a strong campaign to be built.
Counterbalance and have launched a petition against the financing of TAP by the EC, EBRD, EIB. Sign here - no doubt, the most useful way to spend the next 30 seconds of your summer.  
  •  Spanish gas gathering
Podemos held an international meeting at the Spanish Parliament with presence of Spanish grassroots struggles (Fracking EZ, Plataforma Resposta al Midcat, Salvemos Donana) to confront Spain’s positioning towards being a major middle-man in Europe’s gas expansion.
Our favorite scientist, Robert Howarth, made a wicked video for the gathering reviewing the scientific knowledge you would ever need to know on gas (in less than 8 minutes).  
For more information about the next Iberian/North African gas gathering contact
Read more on the mexican pipeline
2. What to read

Long hours in a train to spare? Or simply a nice read for an afternoon in the park? Here are the latest reports on gas that are worth your time:

  1. Conflicts of interest in the gas industry: FoEE exposes the scandalous (yet unsurprising) conflicts of interest that are currently being held by the gas industry while deciding on the PCI 2017 list. Read their report on ENTSO-G here (image above).
  2.  Country per country factsheets (FoEE and F&WE): Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about any EU country on its gas (demand, supply, infrastructure, future projects).  A hell of a report which gives you full insight into each European country’s context. The result of months of research ready for us to use. Simply click on your country of interest to download its factsheet.
  3.  How the EU is reinforcing colonial structures by importing fracked gas from Algeria : a strong report by ODG which brings essential perspectives to the european gas fight (and a good opportunity to improve your Spanish).  


3. Summer events
  • Hamburg: the Gastivists will facilitate a workshop on fossil gas at the Climate Barrio during the G20 protests. If you are attending, come meet us and share your work on gas. Details here.
  • UK month of resistance : Fracking activists are entering into a rolling resistance against fracking over the entire month of July. People are invited to join legal demos, actions or skillshares. Friday the 7th July will be a specific demonstration on the theme “Not here, not anywhere”. If you can’t make it in person, don't forget to spread the word on social media!
    Details here.


  • Sweden climate camp: Join the first climate camp with a focus on fossil gas this August 4-7th. Hosted by the Fossilgasfällan, who campaign against the construction of the Gothenburg LNG terminal, the camp will focus on learning about strategic resistance from each other; sharing stories about fossil gas resistance in Sweden and Europe; taking part in action trainings; developing visions about the just and fossil free society we want. Details here
  • France camp: This year, the ANV/Alternatiba/AmisDeLaTerre summer camp is held near the location where the MidCat gas pipeline is planned to pass. Come spend a few days with climate campaigners at the Spanish border to discuss and share ideas on the MidCat pipeline and much more. Details here. (MidCat workshop on Sunday the 6th)
4. Funding

Last but not least : are you looking to raise funds for local gas resistance?

Here are some sources of funding that might be of interest for small grants :


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