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The Southern Gas Corridor, that also goes by the much cooler nickname of “Euro-Caspian Mega Pipeline”, will suck gas from Azerbaijan to Italy.

This mega fossil fuel project is mega expensive, mega political and mega unnecessary.  

From human right abuses to corruption cases, you can find out all about the project and its impacts in the impeccable documentary Walking The Line and the resource pack below.

We are highlighting in this newsletter the italian section of the pipeline, “TAP”, because things are expected to kick off soon : the construction of TAP is potentially starting any day; resistance is expected, but police repression too.

"Not here, not anywhere"
What is happening on the ground in Italy

Tension is high. But has not yet peaked.
After years of peaceful resistance, the construction of the TAP pipeline might soon begin in Salento, Italy. 

On the 18th of October, the EBRD will potentially take a decision on whether they will fund TAP. Once public financing is approved, the construction of the pipeline is likely to start any day.

As we talk, the company is raising fences around different construction site. In response, NoTAP groups are patrolling the area day and night, ready to give the alarm.

The resistance in Italy is strong and rooted.

It has been growing for years. Since 2011, NoTAP groups have undergone administrative battles to slow the approval of the project and raised awareness. 94 out of the 97 regional municipalities have officially came out as against the project.

Assemblies with all the residents of the town and neighboring towns are held to take decisions and share information. Students, mothers, grandmothers fight side by side.

April 2017 was a turning point. The company started removing olive trees from the construction site. The entire community stood up against them.

The repression is also strong.

Hundreds of police were sent and brutal attacks were made on peaceful protesters. NoTAP committee members received threats on the phone and have been warned to expect administrative fines of thousands of euros.

With the construction expected to resume soon, the situation is also expected to kick off. We need everyone to be ready to support NoTAP in the next weeks and months.  

How you can support

As NoTAP reminds us in their latest publication, "TAP is not just a local issue. You can be No TAP everywhere".

It is the same companies, the same institutional processes, the same disregard for local democracy that is pushing new gas projects to be built everywhere across Europe with disastrous impacts on our climate.

It is the responsibility of everyone to react and stop these projects.  

1. Participate in the twitterstrom.
A twitterstorm will be coordinated by BankTrack and around the EIB/EBRD decision.

2. Follow what happens in Italy and communicate about it.
Check the NoTAP’s facebook page and write a blog, a newsletter, tweet - let’s get everyone talking about TAP.

3. Do a solidarity action with NoTAP.
We’re gathering a list of potential targets (in progress) and has designed a brilliant platform to host your action.

4. Fundraise. 
NoTAP committee members have been threatened with fines. They want to hire lawyers to defend their case. A platform to help them fundraise will soon be set up.

Divest the Globe

The indigenous organization Mazaska talks is calling on Global Days of Action to Divest the Globe.

European actions will be held on the 24th October.

This call is not limited to the Dakota Access pipeline. It can aim projects happening on your own territoires which violate your lands and your community rights.

Mazaska Talks is calling on people to conduct nonviolent divestment actions at their local city hall, bank offices, fossil fuel projects and fossil fuel corporations


We encourage all groups and organisations to prepare an action on the 24th October!

Paint a banner, write a few words on a poster, or come up with a creative way to share your message.

This is an opportunity to talk about your struggle and connect it to the wider fight against fossil fuel.
This is an opportunity to show solidarity with other struggles
, such as the TAP pipeline. 

To get you inspired… we’re working on a list of potential targets that are involved in multiple gas infrastructure projects. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like more infromation or if you need support in organising your action.

Sign up here

  1. Walking the line documentary on the Southern Gas Corridor
  2. Exquisite overview by Bankwatch and Banktrack
  3. Risky business report: on the companies involved in the pipelines
  4. Platform on the greek section of the pipeline and the involvement of BP
  5. for petitions, pictures, local resistance update and blogs
  6. Switzerland’s dirty secret involvement in TAP
  7. Potential targets for action and their link with other fossil fuel projects (work in progress)
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