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april 3 | the too much sugar issue | view in browser

I hope your Easter weekend was fun, beautiful, memorable and so much more. 

I'll tell you, ours was and I'm still kinda feeling the more... As in the more food, more wine, more sweet treats than I'm used to.

That's the thing with holidays - it's fun and all while you're in it, but then Monday rolls around and before you know it, it's the middle of the week and you're still popping Reese's eggs like JC just rose from the dead or something. ;) 

That was Sunday. Today is Tuesday. It's time to get back on track... 

But it's so much harder than it was before. 

You know why? 

Because sugar is like crack. 

I know we joke, but seriously, sugar is like crack. cocaine. heroin. Pick your favorite hard core drug.

Sugar is just as addictive, if not more.

Studies show sugar lights up the same sections of the brain and the reward and craving you feel after eating it is on the same level or even stronger than addictive drugs. 

Now think about how seriously we treat drug addicts and drug withdrawal when talking about these "hard core substances." 

And we're all just expected to have complete control around the legal white stuff?!?!

Not exactly fair if you ask me.

We need to completely rethink our approach to sugar. 

And we can all start by being a little nicer to ourselves about it and recognizing that at this level - at the crack, cocoaine, heroine, hard. core. drug. level. We are no match. 

Ya, we are dealing with a much stronger force here. One that if we try going head to head with, we'll loose every time. 

Willpower isn't enough.

So how do we defeat something that's bigger than us? 

The trick is to outsmart it. 

Today I have for you eight strategies to help you take back the control and outsmart sugar. 

These are the things I consistently go back to after a weekend of "too much fun." And you know, it usually only takes about three days and I'm back in my "yay, plants!" groove. 

Here's exactly what  to do to get there. 

So You Had Too Much Sugar Over The Weekend? Here's Exactly What To Do To Get Back On Track.


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