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april 11 | the organic issue | view in browser
Hi there! 

Big news in the health world this week. The EWG's lists of the foods with the most and least pesticides came out yesterday. 

I've got the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen for you over on the blog, plus answers to all your questions about buying organic vs. conventional - when's the added price worth it?, how to know you're getting organic produce?, what's better - organic or local?, etc.... 

Let me ask you something... have you ever found yourself in this scenario? 

There are two stacks of strawberries at the grocery store. They look the exact same for the most part, except one costs $2 more. It's organic.

The bargain shopper you were raised to be reaches for the less expensive option...

"But the pesticides..." the mom in you worries.

So you debate....

It's just $2...

But, what about the rest? The grapes, bananas, the broccoli - do I need to buy all those organic too??

That extra $2, $1, 50 cents, it adds up.

Is it really worth it?

That's where the EWG's Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen will save your sanity... And time and money, too.

With these lists you'll know exactly what to buy organic to avoid the most pesticides and what you can save on with conventional. 

This is a great place to start if you're concerned about pesticides but don't want to break the bank with your grocery bill. 

It's all about having the knowledge so you can shop smart. 

So, get on over to the blog and knowledge-up...

Peace and pesticide-free produce, 

12 Foods That Make Organic Worth the Price + When To Conventional and Save

P.S. Now, are you ready to get the most out of your pesticide-free produce? In my Eat Healthy program you'll get a full month of weekly meal plans, shopping lists and step-by-step instructions to make the whole shop - cook - eat process easy, enjoyable, healthy (duh?), and delicious, too. Email me for more info.

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