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Boost Your Resilience Tool Kit

Truth is that life will have already thrown you a few boomerangs, and you may have thought at the time that you 'didn't cope' or 'sank in the mire screaming silently' or even 'shit I just hid away!' But here you are, still breathing, making decisions and putting one foot in front of the other...

That's Resilience folks!  It's not about being a super hero, or a positive person at all costs, or never sitting in a heap and's about picking ourselves up, even when we didn't want to or know how.  

Dr Chris Johnstone, says in his book "Seven Ways to build Resilience",

"When we encounter a situation we find difficult, frustrating challenging or annoying - this is all part of your Resilience Training!"  

Just as we go to a gym to train our muscles, or attend a course to train for work skills, so we can also train our "Resilience Muscles".  There are already tools in your RTK - and maybe it's time to pause and acknowledge that?  Here are a few tips that you may already have, or might like to explore and add in these uncertain times?

This Spider diagram above looks at what we can do to make the best MORE likely --- and make the worst LESS likely --- It's about choices and options.  So if you're struggling with anxiety, fear or frustration at the moment, what can you do to reduce what is, fundamentally, an adrenal response?  Here's some simple but effective ideas:-

  •  Use your BREATH to calm your mind and soothe the adrenal response.  When we inhale for a slow count of 4...and exhale for a slow count of 4 we shift from shallow breathing (a natural response to stress) to deeper, 'diaphragm' breathing.  If you make the exhale longer than the inhale (In 4 Out 6 or 8) it really calms the sympathetic nervous system, the fight or flight part.  
  • Go for a brisk WALK!  We are, luckily, allowed out for exercise - and walking briskly burns off adrenaline.  But also taking time to slow down and really notice and absorb nature and spring emerging turns our walk into a Mindful Walk; ask yourself, what do I SEE - HEAR -FEEL - TASTE - SMELL?  
  • Set up a ROUTINE - without work or hobbies to punctuate your day or week it may be difficult to navigate your way through this...but routine is something our minds really like (although the personality may resist!).  Keep it flexible/not too rigid, add in 'down time' for reading, watching a film/something funny, but gardening, daily exercise both in and out of the house, washing, ironing (!), cooking, studying, work.  Monday to Friday can have a routine, the weekends different perhaps.
  • KEEP MOVING - Our bodies are made to move!  So that daily walk, gentle yoga (my classes are now Online), fitness sessions on the TV - this is a perfect way to take care of your physical and mental health.  Kids at home?  Get them exercising along with Joe Wicks!  This also has a direct impact on our immune system - so turn up the music and dance, do yoga, tai chi, walk in nature...
  • WORKING?  If you're working from home this may or may not be a positive experience, particularly if you've got children and/or a partner to juggle around too.  Take time away from your computer - walk, do something practical (load the washing machine), do a breathing exercise...And if you are one of many who is still going out to work (thank you!!) - self-care is vitally important.  Wherever you go - your breath and your thoughts go with you. See above...
  • THOUGHTS?  Oh boy, can't they create the most amazing scenarios?!  A good hearty, "STOP!" works well (out loud or silent - shared that one last time!) but add in the question, "Does this help or harm me?"  Choose to switch to something more peaceful, calm and kind.  If your mind is really racing - look around you and notice what you see, hear, above...
With resilience skills we ask ourselves two questions...1.  What's happening here?  and 2.  What helps is..?  Good old fashioned pen and paper come to the fore always have choices - even if that choice is to manage your thoughts and use your breath.  If you want to navigate your way through this situation more calmly and constructively...I invite you to put some time aside, with that pen and paper, and make some helpful choices.

Here's some ways I'm continuing with my work to support you in mind, body and soul...

All Yoga classes are now ONLINE - and I've set up the Birch Moon Community Yoga Pass -

All via the online platform ZOOM - it really is easy to join via your computer phone or tablet, and I send full instructions. 

Gentle holistic yoga classes run LIVE on Monday mornings from 10 - 11.15am; Wednesday mornings 10 - 11.15am; and Friday early afternoon 1.45pm - 3pm.  These are recorded and you receive either a video or audio only recording (the audio is working well, with clear instruction and numerous gorgeous people feeling nurtured, relaxed, calm and overall "better" by the end of the classes).  The PASS is just £25 for the month and you are welcome to join ALL the classes plus receive the recordings to follow at a time that suits you.  

PLUS :- Recorded meditations, yoga nidra (deep rest) and relaxation sessions sent too. 

Email me for further details/joining instructions -


Sound & Silence
THIS Sunday, April 5th from 2.30pm - 4.30pm

ONLINE - Via the simple ZOOM system
Taught in the "Call and Response" style, easy to follow and perfect for beginners and experienced alike. 
Mantra and chant really do calm and strengthen the body/mind.
Protective, healing and uplifting.
£15 for the 2 hour session.
Come and learn Ayur Dhehi, an ancient healing mantra;
Mahamritunjaya - also a beautiful healing mantra;
Chant for yourself, family and friends and the wider community.
It's a lovely way to connect with like-minded people, and do something positive for you and the world. 

"I'd love you to join me - chant is such a magical and ancient healing practice"

Keep in touch, keep well, laugh and see you soon!
Much Love, Sarena xx

Email me for further details/joining instructions -
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