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Feeling overwhelmed? 
Let's join together for mutual care...

You've been watching the news, following advice, maybe even going above and beyond what the government is telling you, because you get it...this is not flu, and this may not affect you - but certainly someone you have contact with.

Below is my updated list of online support - plus some practical tips for keeping calm and staying practical amidst the natural anxiety. 
For as long as I remain healthy I'll continue to be here to guide you.

1. My gentle holistic yoga classes are now online - Monday 10am, Wednesday 10am and Friday 1.45pm.  

I've just swapped to another system (now on Zoom) and am refining my "driving" this week!  Last week went well, but I'd like to be even smoother this week.  Imperfection is perfect at any time - but even more so now!  Once I have a couple more sessions under my belt with my current students, I will open it up to more people via my Birch Moon Yoga Community Monthly Pass (£25 per month).  Access all 3 classes each week, plus additional sessions (live and recorded) of Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and Relaxation. 
If you would like to join online (and they'll be recorded so you can watch at a more convenient time for you if you have children at home or are working) - please email me (or reply to this newsletter) and I'll send joining instructions.  

2.  Sound & Silence Chanting Sessions - Sunday April 5th - JOIN ONLINE

Our community - our Chanting Circle - continues - via Zoom.  The theme for April was (and remains) Ayur Dhehi - a Vedic healing mantra.  However, I will be teaching the Mahamritunjaya too - a very powerful healing mantra which is important for everyone to learn.  We always - and this month is no exception - chant for ourselves, our family and friends and the wider community.  So we will set our Intention - without Intention so much of the 'power' of chant is lost...

We will meet 2.30pm - 4pm - then a 10 minutes break for tea (have your kettle ready to switch on as we break) then come back in for a communal cup of tea and chat/feedback about the session! 

Email me or reply to this newsletter to book your place and joining instructions will be sent.


3.  Facebook 

If you're already on FB - but not following my page/s - you could Follow Birch Moon Health and Wellbeing Centre and/or "Healing Chant and Mantra"  where I'm uploading "Live" videos occasionally (healing mantra at the moment) with positive psychology and resilience tips coming soon.    

4.   Your Self-Care

It is perfectly understandable that you feel anxious, scared and possibly overwhelmed by this situation.  We have choices though - to allow that fear (adrenaline) to take control, OR we can listen to that anxiety and offer inner (or out loud) soothing self-talk. For example, "Yes I feel anxious, that's OK, and right now, this minute, I'm OK."  If need be, and the thoughts are racing, say firmly "STOP!" Say it out 'jolts' the primal nervous system into a big pause...take 3 slow, deep breaths...and notice what's around you.  What you see, hear, taste, feel (feet on the ground for example), smell...this brings you into the here and now...

 I've felt anxious too - it's completely bizarre (or just plain bonkers!)  Feel what you feel from the "Witness" perspective; that is, we notice, we acknowledge, we remember that we are not our thoughts .  

And then get practical; Clear out a kitchen drawer (I can't be the only one with a cluttered drawer!), sort out the airing cupboard, get out into your garden if you have one, and certainly practice yoga!  Or any other thing you already have in your tool box - Tai Chi, Qi gung, pilates, dance on the spot...keep the body moving as this dispels the physical tension and adrenaline and gets us out of our heads.  Remember to find things to laugh at (I really did sit down the other evening and watch on Netflix "Peter Rabbit" was funny! Paddington's pretty funny too!)  


5.  My Own Self-Care  

I will answer any emails, texts or enquiries as soon as possible - but I am also self-isolating, taking my dog for a walk (where no-one else is!), and digging in my community allotment (seeds ready to be planted!).  I am chanting, getting onto my yoga mat, and meditating.    

6.  RE-CAP 


@  Online GENTLE YOGA - 10am Monday and Wednesday - plus 1.45pm Friday.
@  Online SOUND & SILENCE CHANTING - 1st Sunday of the month - April 5th 2.30pm is our next one.
@  Facebook Posts...
@  COMING SOON - Online Positive Psychology and Resilience sessions.  

Sending you all much love and many blessings at this time.  This WILL pass - and we have much to learn about ourselves, each other and how we're operating in this world...

Sarena xx

P.S. Email me for payment and class/session joining instructions.  Like many self-employed people I have had my work stopped - going online enables me to continue supporting you - and many others - so I am very grateful to those that are/can pay. 





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