Welcome...It's been a tough year, and the challenges aren't going away yet.  However, on a daily basis we are given the opportunity to choose - what to focus on, to be thankful for, to recognise the importance of self-care.  The choice to be honest about our feelings - to sit and cry if need be, to call a friend to give or receive support, and to remember, above all else - THAT THIS TOO SHALL PASS. 

Sending you all my love and blessings as we head towards Christmas, the New Year...and Spring. 
Om shanti shanti shanti 

Thank you...for so many trees donated
NEW Podcasts (Pranayama for lung and immune health)
Upcoming - Healing chant circles and workshops
The Sound of Grace - Spring Retreat.

Our Birch Moon Community came together for a Winter Wellness Weekend - it was a huge success and far busier than I had anticipated!  Supporting the Weleda and TreeSisters campaign, nationally we donated 10k trees!  Weleda's goal is to donate 1 million trees - so if we can do that in one weekend, what can we do over the coming months?!  The Birch Moon Community alone donated nearly 300 trees - my heart is full.  

I was incredibly moved by people's generosity; when you realise that TreeSisters support women in third world countries as well as ensuring tropical trees are planted (they the fastest way to sequester carbon from the atmosphere), plus educate and inspire women world-wide - it was a fantastic event to be part of. 
Here's a link to
TreeSisters - you can read all about them, and maybe donate a tree or three too? 

If you would like to consider ethical and sustainable gifts (Christmas, birthday, or a thank you...) Weleda offer a wide range of skin and health care options.  With each Christmas gift Weleda donate a tree to TreeSisters - so the gift that keeps on giving. You can explore HERE. 

Whatever you decide this year - do shop local where possible - support our brilliant small businesses, artists, creators, therapists, farmer's markets xx


Healing Chant - our Monthly Circle, and a New Year Workshop. 

Healing Mantra & Chant have been in my life for over 20 years now, and it continues to be a deeply nourishing practice.  

Using the vibration and energy of Sound for self-care and healing is an ancient practice - yet one that continues to thrive in the 21st Century.  From simple,  single syllable sounds (Bija = Seed sounds) to longer chants - the benefits are far-reaching; physical and emotional health, mental clarity, spiritual connection and development (it's your path - not one imposed on you from an external group), inviting in love, abundance and upliftment, clearing obstacles or our do not need any belief system to benefit.  

Seems strange?  We use sound to break up kidney stones, a soprano can shatter a wine glass, ultra sound is used for recovery from injuries.  Your voice is the first instrument - and there is great potential within it. 


Sound & Silence - First Sunday of the month.

Healing chants and mantras from the Buddhist, Hindu, Tibetan, Indonesian and Vedic traditions.  Taught in the traditional "Call and Response" way, easy to learn and follow, the chants create a vibration, a resonance within and around you.  They help you to focus your mind (mantra = mind protection), create clarity, soothe the nervous system, improve your lung function and in turn boost your immunity.  Chants have a way of bringing you home to yourself, your heart-space, and will connect you to an inner sense of groundedness and stability.  Calming stress and dissolving that experience of separateness and loneliness that has been heightened this year.  

We meet via Zoom - and it is working amazingly well!  Everyone has reported that there is as palpable connection - as though we were meeting in person.  

Our next chant circle is  SUNDAY 6TH DECEMBER 2.30PM - 4.30PM

Click here for further details and upcoming themes...

And you can book/pay for your place HERE.  

Cultivating Peace, Calm & Tranquillity with Shanti Mantras

I am delighted to be offering this online workshop for the British Wheel of  Yoga on Saturday 23rd January 2021.  Open to all, this is a rare opportunity to experience a selection of Shanti mantras from various traditions, together with asana/posture, mudra (hand gestures or seals), and meditation.  

Shanti is a Sanskrit term meaning peace, rest , calmness, tranquillity, or bliss. In both Hindu & Buddhist practices, shanti is often chanted 3 times to represent threefold peace in body, mind and spirit.

Drawing on the wisdom of different traditions-Hindu, Buddhist and Vedic-come and experience a variety of Shanti Mantras for your personal healing and gain confidence for your personal practice or to share with your yoga students. No previous chant experience required.  FULL DETAILS HERE


NEW! Click here for FREE Podcasts - Pranayama for lung & immune support
A HAPPY GLIMPSE OF SPRING!  The Sound of Grace retreat for women will be held at the beautiful Monkton Wyld retreat centre - a sustainable community nestled in the Dorset countryside, just 5 minutes from Charmouth and Lyme Regis.  Just two places left - please do join us for a nurturing, nourishing weekend of yoga, chant, meditation, healing movement, silence...and delicious vegetarian food!  All rooms are now singles and the community have full protocols in place.  FULL DETAILS HERE
GO WELL MY FRIENDS - Hope to see you soon at a yoga class, chant circle or even out on a walk!  Go gently and trust that Spring is coming! Love to all, Sarena 
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