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Newsletter #5 February 2019 of Kerikeri Peninsula Pest Control
Hi folks,

 2,857 pests taken out!

Here's our latest stats:

  • 194 properties being trapped - 121 active trappers
  • 1015 traps and bait stations
  • 2,678 pests removed
  • 1,133 rats - 1,085 mice - 335 mynas - 152 possums - 37 stoats - 52 rabbits - 33 hedgehogs - 16 weasels and 14 feral cats removed from the peninsula.
  • View our catches per property/area here
  • Trapping catch records commenced 1st May 2017
Encouraging signs

Don't know what it's been like at your place but our resident tui have produced four offspring in two batches. The bubas' have been coming into our sugar water feeder, yellow beaks and no bibs. One was using it as a bath for a few days until his folks probably gave him the heads up. Also had the same number of newly minted piwakawaka. Fantastic. A mum and dad quail with 11 quite well advanced chicks have also been cruising around the property. Pest control works :)
Want to win one of these?
Keep those catch reports rolling in and you're in the draw ;)

Just email your catches regularly to KPPC at

End of each month we'll put all the catch reports in a hat and draw one out.

If it's you that gets drawn, we'll deliver a genuine Lynda Harris NZ native bird mug to your doorstep.

Doesn't get any better than that does it?
To trap a myna bird

MynaLindsay Turner in Doves Bay, has been trapping myna birds. In the last six months he's caught 295! 

He's using two traps he made himself, based on the Aussie Pee Gee design.  Great work Lindsay, these guys are a real problem for our native birds, raiding nests, destroying eggs and tipping fledglings out. They also eat native skinks, geckos, wetas and invertebrates. Nasty buggers.

We've bought a couple of Pee Gee traps for the group to use. Lynda Harris and Garth Raines have given them a test drive, between the three trappers our myna talley is 329. Great work you guys.

If you'd like to to have a crack at trapping mynas on your property please email us here
Optio Bay's got talent

Talk about playing to the camera. A male kiwi at our place in full cry, right in front of the trail cam - click on the image to watch the vid, make sure you have the volume cranked up.
Cat vs young kiwi, Doves Bay Rd

A Doves Bay resident was in the right place at the right time recently. Driving home down Doves Bay Rd at 9:30pm they came across a cat attacking a young kiwi. They stopped and thankfully managed to rescue the kiwi.

Please lets keep our cats in at night, young kiwi are especially vulnerable.
Poisoned Pohutukawa

Heartbreaking. Some mindless $%^& has drilled and poisoned four of Opito Bay's iconic beachfront Pohutukawa. Utterly defies belief.

If anyone has any information as to who may be responsible, please call the Kerikeri Police (09) 407 9211
Those hot summer mornings when a kiwi stands on your boot...

Mike Cadogan, our professional trapper took this pic in January. He was checking traps in Rangitane when this little critter came walking out of the bush at 10:00am. Mike was filming it with his phone, it just kept coming towards him before standing on his boot! He/she finally got Mike's scent and scarpered into the bush.
Rangitane Ratters click over 1 year of operation

Ali and Terry Goodall recently held a meeting of Rangitane trappers at their place to celebrate a year of operation. Rangitane's talley is 360 pests removed including 216 rats. Fantastic effort you guys! Ali decorated this legend cake complete with a white icing rat - yum it was.

Speaking of white rats, one of our trappers caught a small albino in Bush Point Rd this year.
Weta B&B

We've made up a couple of weta hotels and after a month or so we've finally got some customers. The big guy that normally lives in the bottom flat had bailed for the day, but the upper two compartments had a tiny one on one side and a bigger one on the other.

If you want to make one of these for your garden, to keep the weta safe click here to download the plans off DoC's website
Goodnature A24 traps need to be raised 1m due to kiwi bill injuries

DoC's Kiwi Recovery Group has advised all Goodnature A24 traps in kiwi areas need to be placed 1 metre high after five kiwi were found with injured bills.

The kiwi sustained minor to moderate injuries to their bills with associated fractures, bruising and keratin damage. Three of the birds were hospitalised but all recovered and returned to the wild.

Read the full article on the Kiwi Coast website here
Thanks Lynda!

One of our trappers, Lynda Harris, is an extremely talented potter and artist.  She's recently donated to us a portion of her pottery sales at the Sunday Markets. If you live on the peninsula and buy directly from her and mention KPPC, we get $5 for every mug sold!
You can contact Lynda on
Moth plant - this bad boy is flowering now

If you've got it, pull it now rather than later!

Here's what the NRC say:
"Moth plant can rapidly smother and replace native vegetation. It easily over tops shrubs and small trees, weighing and breaking them down. It also spreads over the ground, dominating seedlings and native plants of small stature. Easily spread by wind dispersal, due to it's prolific seeding abilities"

Here's how the NRC recommends you deal with it
Feeding the birds - plant natives

Planting season starts in June, NRC put out this fantastic downloadable booklet on native trees and plants.
  • What native trees are the best food for kereru / tui / silvereye
  • Which trees possum most like to eat!
  • Growth rates / final heights / what conditions each species prefers
The cheat sheet is:
Best food for kereru: taraire, karaka, nikau and puriri.
Best food for tui/silvereye: flax, kowhai, kahikatea, kohekohe, puriri, pohutukakwa and rewarewa
Northland kiwi aversion training

Get your dog kiwi aversion trained from any one of these certifiers:

Pete Graham - 027 4837 050
Glen Coulston - 027 290 9448
Jason Hanham - 021 872 476

Seen an uncommon native bird? Report a sighting...

kakaWe've added a section on the website that lets you report sightings of uncommon native birds. We then add the location to a google map displayed on the page.

In Opito, we've had a kaka hanging out on the  neighbours deck and buzzing our place. One was also spotted by Terry and Ali, our Rangitane coordinators, while they were out walking in Akeake Reserve.

Report a sighting here
What flavour rat did you catch?

When  submitting your catch reports, it would be useful information to know what type of rat you have caught. We've posted an article on our blog to help with identification.

The cheat sheet is:
Ship Rat (climbers) - tail longer than head and body, ears fold over eyes.
Norway Rat (swimmers) - tail shorter than head and body, ears don't fold over eyes.

Read the full article here
We're on Crackbook!

Our numbers are inching up - 67 followers!  Please help us out, if you use Facebook, jump on and like our page. It'll help spread the word about the project and hopefully more folks will end up with traps in their backyards. That'll be good for the birds, bugs and plants - yay.

Just click on the trap below...

Please keep the catch reports coming in...

It's important to be able to report on our progress to our funders, so please visit the site and hit the report a catch button to keep the system updating :)
Watch our slideshow...

Living in a kiwi zone - essential info for all of us living on the peninsula...
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