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Newsletter #2 Feb 2018 of Kerikeri Peninsula Pest Control
Hi folks,

Here's our February update, our numbers are building!

132 Properties being trapped
477 traps and bait stations

330 pests removed from the area

A huge thank you to all our trappers!

Visit our site to:

  • Report a catch  ~  join the network of trappers  ~  request a trap
  • Read our blog full of interesting pest controlly-type stuff
  • Keep up with the numbers, catches, properties and traps - updated regularly.
Welcome 50 new trappers in Doves Bay and Rangitane!

Firstly, a huge thank you to Kay Calder in Doves Bay and Terry & Ali Goodall in Rangitane for canvasing their areas co-ordinating the project.

Thanks also to the 50 new folk who are now trapping in their backyards. Look out rats, that's 50 more traps out there open for business. Brilliant. The catch reports are coming in from our new trappers - the system is working :)
Welcome Aroha Island

Stoked to have Aroha Island included in our pest control area - thanks Wendy and Simon.

Theses guys have been doing fantastic work controlling pests down there for many many years. They have a network of over 80 traps. We've been including their catches in our count since November.

To see which areas pests have been caught  follow this link
Mum, Dad and their bubba down the front of our place and a couple of cats...

Included with our first shipment of gear from NRC were two Moultrie infared trailcams. Cool bits of kit.  One of the first nights we put it out we got this footage of mum and dad walking down our track. About a month later the baby appeared. Wonderful.

Worryingly, the cameras have also picked up two different moggies walking the track in the dead of night. Please, please let's keep our moggies in at night, only 5% of kiwi chicks make it to adulthood. Let's give the little guys every chance to thrive.

Six kiwi killed on our road in 2017

By our count there's been six kiwi killed by cars on our 9km stretch of road from the start of Redcliffs Rd through to Opito Bay in 2017.

We've just put this additional sign up on Opito Bay Rd just down from Doves Bay Rd corner for traffic heading back into town. The stretch of road in the pic was the location of the latest death. Thanks very much to Bruce Campbell for allowing us to put the sign up on his property and to Ross Lockyer for the work getting it in place.

Please let's all keep our speed down at night and watch out for the feathered guys.
Sustained pest control can create more of this sort of thing...
This is a vid of two (we think males) kiwi fighting outside our bedroom window taken about a year ago. They appeared at the same time for three successive mornings. A year later we had the same thing but just a single performance this time.

These two kereru visited us almost daily in December flopping about in our kawakawa bush stuffing as many of its ripening fruit down as they could.

This little critter was sunning itself on a kanuka branch last weekend.  The photos have gone off to the experts to confirm the species. They say it's a girl. It's either a Northland Green, an Auckland Green or a hybrid! Either way she's reasonably uncommon.

It was within our pest control area, they suggested we didn't say exactly where because there's a black market trade for these guys. I thought they were kidding, but sadly no.

Kiwi Aversion Training for Dogs - 24th Feb 2018
Waikuku Road, Waimate North

The Waimate North Land Care Trust is offering this free service!  The training session takes approximately 10 minutes per dog. The trainer is Tom Donovan.

If you wish to book your dog for training or retraining please contact John Beachman by phone or return email and he will slot your dog in to the timetable. phone (027) 2800415 or (09) 4059434.
Kiwi listening volunteers wanted

In May or June, we are going to carry out a kiwi listening survey on the peninsula.

To help out you need to know your kiwi calls, have good hearing and don't mind braving the cold a bit. It involves sitting outside for four nights when the moon is in its darkest phase, two hours per night.

If you are interested please get in touch:
What flavour rat did you catch?

When  submitting your catch reports, it would be useful information to know what type of rat you have caught. We've posted an article on our blog to help with identification.

The cheat sheet is:
Ship Rat (climbers) - tail longer than head and body, ears fold over eyes.
Norway Rat (swimmers) - tail shorter than head and body, ears don't fold over eyes.
Read the full rat ID article here

KPPC Beach Barbie

The inaugural KPPC beach barbie went off a treat despite hughie sending down the rain just before the steaks had been flipped. About 40 folk attended. Many thanks to Gary and Loes for the plan B location in their basement, everyone stayed dry and were well fed and watered.

2017 award winners:

  • Golden rat - Ryan McCready with a talley of 27 pests trapped
  • Silver rat - Liz Jolley 13 pests trapped
  • Bronze rat - David Sceats 11 pests trapped.
We're now on Crackbook!

We've started a facebook page and we've only got 18 (yes eighteen) followers!

Please help us out, if you use Facebook, jump on and like our page. It'll help spread the word about the project and hopefully more folks will end up with traps in their backyards. That'll be good for the birds, bugs and plants - yay.

Just click on the trap below...

Please keep the catch reports coming in...

It's important to be able to report on our progress to our funders, so please visit the site and hit the report a catch button to keep the system updating :)
Watch our slideshow...

Living in a kiwi zone - essential info for all of us living on the peninsula...
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