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Winter Color Wheel Killers Newsletter

Winter Greetings, Color Wheel Killers!  It's been a busy season so far so I have a lot of new posts to share!  And stay tuned for exciting announcements just around the corner!  If you find something you like, please like and share!  Thank you for your support! #KYCW

In Search of Authentic Creating & Cultural Inquiry
How do we consistently engage our students in authentic making and exploration - and what are the risks?
Planning for Creativity
How does one teach lesson planning without making the class ABOUT lesson planning? Lesson planning is the crux of most any teacher preparation program but should it be? How does one plan for creativity and have I helped my students answer that for themselves?
Real Artists & Real Talk  
Students can benefit so much from hearing artists (and other community members) share their own work in their own words! How can we inspire teachers to inspire others while making strong connections between their classrooms and their communities?
How Far Have We Come?
Part 1: The Numbers 
I collected pre and post self-reports from every student this semester. While their responses revealed tremendous positive gains in some areas, they also exposed some disappointments and puzzling questions for the future. What story do the numbers tell?
How Far Have We Come?
Part 2: The Words
I collect and analyze comments from my students and invite their criticism. What was their experience like? What did they value? Will they build me up or tear me down? Last week we looked at the numbers. This week, we’ll hear from them in their own words.
Final Meetings & New Beginnings  
Meeting with students to determine grades together? As I told my students, this will be different from what you’re used to. Does everyone run away with an A or do students learn something about assessment? Read about our experience as I reflect on the semester behind and look ahead to a new group!

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"If you draw a circle around a thing, stand in the middle of the thing, invite others to stand in it with you and pray and work and move your body, that place won't be the same anymore." - Theaster Gates, visual artist

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