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December Color Wheel Killers Newsletter

Happy December, Color Wheel Killers! Happy Holidays to you and yours! The theme of this issue is critical thinkingWhat are you doing to help your students become more media literate? Thanks as always for reading! If you like what you read, please like, share or leave a comment!  #KYCW

What’s Real?: Critical Looking 1
Do artists have a responsibility to the truth? We often have issues telling what is real and fake and technology seems to make it harder everyday. What is our role as visual art teachers in ensuring that our students are media literate?
The Future of Truth: Critical Looking 2
What is the role of art education in the “post-truth era”? Research paints a dismaying picture of our students’ present critical thinking skills - can art teachers help? Technology like artificial intelligence is already changing the way we see and think about and even make art - should it change our classrooms too?
If Creativity Were An Animal...
If you captured creativity under a bell jar, what would you see when you looked inside? Think you know creativity when you see it? When we talk about creativity, are we talking about the same thing?  My hope is that by the end of this post you will know less about creativity then you do now! Join me as we rethink creativity.
Another Visit With The Art Class Curator!
I'm humbled to have been invited back by Cindy Ingram, the Art Class Curator, to share a very personal story I wrote recently for her podcast episode on Art In Times of Tragedy! "If you want an example of how art can change your life, listen to this episode."  Check it out along with her other wonderful episodes!

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"If you draw a circle around a thing, stand in the middle of the thing, invite others to stand in it with you and pray and work and move your body, that place won't be the same anymore." - Theaster Gates, visual artist

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