Washing Covid-19 Away!

It's been two months since we've closed to the public, and we have spent the time churning out thousands of PPE, supported by your generous donations and by our friends who have maintained their memberships.  Your support has allowed for a very exciting new partnership with the City of Seattle, as well as unique support for dentists and ophthalmologists.  Read more below!

3D Printers... Assemble!: our biggest need at the moment
A Clean Start: fabricating the handwashing station prototype
Keeping You in the Loupe: new face shields that will fit loupes

Donate to our COVID-19 response

3D Printers... Assemble!

Calling all 3D Printers!  We are looking for help in printing our new extended face shield.  We currently have a current demand for about 75 of the new visors from dentists and ophthalmologists whose clinics are slated to open in 3 days.  If you can, please print and donate!  More details at the end of the email below.

A Clean Start

The coronavirus rebounds quickly where populations have no access to clean water to wash their hands.  All our efforts and billions of dollars lost could easily be for nothing if we don't resolve this hygeine issue.  With everything shut down, our homeless population needs places in the city and near their encampments to wash their hands to prevent an explosion of new cases.

We have just surpassed our $20k donation goal, so fabrication is underway on our handwashing station prototype for the City of Seattle and other organizations in need.  Thank you to everyone who has donated!

We are working with local businesses and fabrication studios to provide materials, labor, and consulting on the plywood prototype.
Seattle Barrel Co:  Thanks to Seattle Barrel for donating the two 55 gallon barrels for our prototype handwashing station.
Cammeck Equipment:  A big thank you to Scott Kamp of Cammeck Equipment for donating materials, expertise, and labor to produce the first metal version of our handwashing station.
We are making a prototype out of plywood, which has been bought, cut, and primed.  It will be ready for assembly in a few days.

In metal news, sparks are flying as our friend Scott from Cammeck Equipment is welding up the sink portion of the prototype.  While this is the only metal portion of the prototype, the final product will be almost completely made of metal.
Above, Scott welds the piping and the sink basin for the handwashing station.
Our new fundraising goal is to fabricate ten of these handwashing stations in metal, each of which costs $5,000.  To help us reach our new goal, go here:
Donate to our Covid-19 response

Keeping You in the Loupe

With businesses starting to open up with now hygiene protocols, dentists and ophthalmologists are facing a unique challenge: finding face shields that fit over their loupes and lighting  equipment.  

All that gear needs space so Jon Lenoff redesigned the NIH-approved face-shield with a 1” and 1.5” extension to give our magnifying friends some extra space.  Product details on each of these versions are available on our website.
The standard face shield (blue, above) doesn't leave much room for eye-gear, but the extended face shield (brown, above) has an extra 1.0 or 1.5 inches, there's plenty of extra room.
To request these products, click the button below.
Request PPE via our online form
To donate to support the fabrication of these face shields, go here:
Donate to our Covid-19 response
If you're able to print and donate, we're looking to crowdsource these extended face shields.  Get the link to the files here.  This will allow us to keep up with the increasing demand for these products. If you have a printer and filament cost is an issue, let us know and we can reimburse you for filament for donations of 10 or more.
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