Throwing Everything at Covid-19

When last we wrote, we were planning on gearing down our PPE production and switching over to other products.  BUT the floodgates have opened, largely in the form of dentists, opthamologists, and other clinical care workers looking to open in the coming weeks, so we we're keeping on keeping on with our PPE fabrication.  We are also taking on some new challenges that you can read about below.

(Clean) Hands Across Seattle: update on the handwashing station, our most pressing need
Masks, Shields, & Donations, Oh My: 1000s of donations to date!
Fit Like a Glove: developing new and improved sewn masks
We'd Like to Thank the Academy: whom we're thankful for this week

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(Clean) Hands Across Seattle

The plans for our handwashing station are finalized, the materials are purchased, and we are starting the build on Friday, 5/8!  
The final version will be made of metal (pictured), but we're starting with a wooden prototype, a lighter and lower cost proof-of-concept that will help us test the technology on-site and establish funding for dozens of these stations citywide.

Stay tuned to see pictures of the build-out and first installation on our website!
To facilitate 20 second handwashes and maximize water use, the electronics are now programmed to turn the pump:
  • On for 5 seconds to wet the hands
  • Off for 25 seconds to get soap and wash
  • On for 15 seconds to rinse
  • Off for 10 seconds before the cycle can be restarted.
Our first functioning prototype will be mostly crowdfunded.  This project is our most pressing fundraising need at the moment and we need your help to reach the $20,000 mark of our fundraising goal to complete the first complete model. Let's prevent waves 2 and 3 of this pandemic and get handwashing hygiene to our most vulnerable communities. If you can help us, donate to the link below!

Donate to our Covid-19 response

Masks, Shields, & Donations... Oh My! 

Your generous donations of materials, printing, sewing, and volunteer time have helped to produce and distribute over 4,000 pieces of PPE to date.  As hospitals and essential workers needs are being met and we look to re-open the economy, we are now committed to eliminating the potential second and third waves of infection by supporting:
  • Healthcare workers that will be reopening soon and can't get PPE delivered in time
  • Elder care facilities who will soon allow residents to go grocery shopping & to doctors
  • General public who need better-fitting masks, and/or education on how to use them
  • Homeless population, who still struggle to find a place to wash their hands
Sarah, from the Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC), pics up a batch of sewn masks for workers at homeless shelters.
3D printing:  If you're still able to print and donate, we're looking to crowdsource a few hundred of the lighter weight Prusa cradles for face shields.  Get the link to the files here.  This will allow us to reserve our medical face shields (with visor) for healthcare workers. If you have a printer and filament cost is an issue, let us know and we can reimburse you for filament for donations of 10 or more.

Sewing:  We are also seeing more demand for sewn masks than we can provide. If you are interested in sewing please let us know by emailing Dimitri. We have the original kits back in stock, and a few sewing machines that we can loan out as well.

Masks That Fit Like a... Glove?

Many workers and members of the public now have masks, which is great.  However, now that people have masks, we are seeing many that 1) don’t fit correctly, or 2) are not being handled or worn correctly.  
To address the fit, we are developing 3 new sizes of masks.  These can be laser cut 4 layers at a time, and sewn together relatively quickly.  Updated instructions will be posted on our website shortly.

This latest version is modeled here by our resident super-ish model, none other than Jeremy Hanson.
To improve mask handling, we are developing a mask hygiene handout to go with every mask that we produce.  This is currently underway and we'll post updates to our website.  

We'd Like to Thank The Academy...

...of makers for going above and beyond.  This week, we're grateful to the following folks:
Coca Cola donated PET plastic to continue face shield production.  

PDX Hackerspace re-rolled and delivered 300 pounds of plastic from Portland.  Thanks for making the drive Andy and Megan (pictured), you rock!
Steve, Martin, Sue, and Jeff (pictured) not only ran our socially-distanced production facility this week, but they also packed and distributed a record number of product requests.
Richard Albritton upgraded our pump and re-programmed the electronics for the handwashing station.
Beyond the folks above who stood still long enough for us to get a picture, we're also thankful to:
  • Trey Young for delivering materials to the space, and patiently waiting for Jeremy to order from the correct Home Depot in Seattle (4th time’s a charm!).
  • Sofia Schwartz for sewing dozens of face masks for distribution.
  • Jeni Falldine for laser cutting mask kits for people to sew, and developing better fitting designs.
  • Steve Moore for sharing all our efforts on Social Media.  You can see his handiwork on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Seattle Barrel for donating 2 barrels to our handwashing station prototype
And of course we're thankful to all of you who have been so generous and encouraging during the last two months as we've weathered this new normal.

If you haven't had a chance to donate yet, click the button below.

Donate to our Covid-19 response
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