Update: SOOOO Many Face Shields!

Protection to the People: where your donations are going
Face Shield Army : dispatches from the front (plus special visitors!)
A Crafty Collaboration: we join forces with some phenomenal crafters
Makers and donaters (we know, we know, it's misspelled so it rhymes), you are showing up in some pretty amazing ways!  A HUGE thank you to the amazing community that stepped up this week to provide 3D printed face shield visors, volunteer their time, sew masks, and donate money to the effort.  Keep those donations coming and we'll keep getting protective products in the hands of those who need them most!
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Protection to the People

With your help, we have distributed hundreds of masks to Ballard Food Bank, Valley Medical, Emergency Dental Clinics, Virginia Mason, and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

But wait, there's more!  We have also shipped to Eastern Washington, Arizona, New York, Puerto Rico and beyond!

Ana Garcia made an interactive map, documenting all the local places our efforts are reaching.  Tap the map to see more. Thanks Ana!
We continue to deliver masks and shields where they will make the biggest impact, and have provided protection to postal workers, police officers, elder care facilities, immunocompromised essential workers who still have to go to work, and grocery store workers in some of the busiest areas of the city.  Your donations make it possible!
Donate to our COVID-19 response

Face Shield Army

Since our last email, the National Institute of Health finalized it's approval of a 3D printed design.  So it was full steam ahead with fabrication! 

When we started this project, we were printing and delivering 10 face shields per day.  Today, with the help of an army of volunteers, we will deliver over 250 face shields!

If you're interested in participating by printing and donating parts, learn how on our website.
In the space, we have printed parts for 650 face shields, representing over 1,744 hours of 3D printer time, averaging over 249 hours per day over the last week!
The 3D Printing Nerd Visits!
We were delighted to have Joel Telling, aka the 3D Printing Nerd on YouTube, come by to check out our operation, help to spread the word, and outsource more visor printing!  Joel 3D printed a bunch of shield visors (naturally) to donate, and will be featuring our efforts in an upcoming YouTube video.  Thanks Joel, for working with us on this project, and we are excited to work with you more on non-COVID projects in the future!
Joel Telling checks out our 3D printed visor production line.
The Man Behind the Mask... er, SHIELD!
David Hackman (pictured here to the right of Seattle Makers co-founder Jeremy Hanson) came by to donate printed shield visors! David is the designer of the 3.0 design that was approved by the NIH last week , and is now being printed worldwide! You can find his file and start printing here.
An Armada of Prints!
We’ve also received a boatload of prints from Luke Goodman of Out of Darts.  Luke has a company dedicated to the art of the nerf modification, and has shifted his substantial printing capabilities to printing and sending face shields to the effort, donating over 200 shields already!  Thanks Luke!
Thar she blows!  Luke's generous donation of 3D printed face mask visors.

A Crafty Collaboration

Crafters Against COVID-19, a Facebook group, has produced an enormous number of sewn masks in the past week!  We are working with them to produce effective face masks for medical workers.  

Meet Jeny Bird (shown in the pictures below), a coordinator for the group.  She stopped by the makerspace to pick up barrier fabric inserts that will be cut and provided with the donated masks.  Non-woven inserts (think coffee filters or quilting fabric) are added to sewn face masks as an extra layer of protection against aerosols.
We have more exciting updates in the coming days.  Stay tuned!
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