What This Means for You:

1. Download

Use the link below to download our updated Sample Consent Packet.

Download the Packet ▶

All forms can also be found within the TEAM Background online system under Docs & Forms.

2. Review

Please review the updated documents and federal/state requirements outlined in the packet.

3. Implement

If your company and legal counsel chooses to adopt TEAM Background’s sample forms, you will need to begin using the updated versions provided in this packet and cease use of all previously provided forms.

NOTE: Sample documents should NOT be construed as legal advice, guidance, or counsel. Employers should consult their own attorneys about their compliance responsibilities under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and applicable state law. TEAM Background expressly disclaims any warranties or responsibility, or damages associated with or arising out of the information provided. Employers seeking credit reports must provide additional notices pursuant to state law.

Using the Packet:

TEAM Background clients can either:

A. Obtain a wet signature prior to initiating the background check, OR
B. Capture the signature electronically through the TEAM Background online system

Electronic Distribution

When capturing electronic signatures through the TEAM Background online system, the applicable forms in this packet will be presented to consumers by default.

Applicable documents will be presented to consumers based on their address, work location, and the type of products included in the report.

If your company would like to customize these forms,
please reach out to our Implementation TEAM at

  • The state abbreviation for the state the consumer will be performing work in should be listed in this field.

  • The TEAM Background online system will take both the Job Location State Abbreviation field and the consumer address into account when populating the required Authorization and Disclosure forms.

Please ensure all ordering users and consumers are inputting correct information into these fields.

If you have questions or need any additional support, please reach out to us at
(918) 921-4815 or

Thank you for your continued partnership.

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