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End Deportation's Casework Team support people at risk of being deported by charter flight by connecting people with legal information, helping to gather evidence for their cases and supporting them in securing legal representation. You can refer a case to us via our Referrals Coordinator on 07438385662 or by email at

Whilst the custom-built, secure database was being developed, we used the time to build on our training by creating accountability processes, principles for self and collective care and working on outreach with other groups. We’re hoping in future to go on to use our casework experience to research charter flights and more generally to inform our work and demonstrate the harm they cause.

For more information about when and how to refer to us or for groups that would like to work collaboratively, please email We’d also love to hear from other groups working to support detainees about working collaboratively!

Trial of the Stansted Defendants

In March 2017, 15 people put their bodies on the tarmac to halt the forced deportation of 57 people on a deportation charter flight to Ghana and Nigeria.

The flight was rescheduled and left some days later, with around 34 fewer on board. This gave more time for those individuals not deported to find legal support, as well as amplifying the voices of communities affected by the government's cruel deportation policy, offering hope in the face of a deeply unjust system.

This autumn, these 15 campaigners will be tried under a terror-related charge at Chelmsford Crown Court, in an 8 week trial, facing up to life imprisonment for their actions.

Trial Resumes: Monday 1st October

In March 2018, after months of preparation, and a huge amount of support and effort from Chelmsford and beyond, the defendants and their support were ready to undergo 6-weeks in court, followed by the possibility of prison sentences.

The organisational and financial implications that arose as a result of that trial were extensive, and End Deportations is deeply grateful for all of the support we have received to date.

Regrettably, in the projected 3rd week of the trial, after many delays, and what felt like a false start, the judge dismissed the jury, and adjourned the trial, to begin again on 1st October.

There is a reporting ban on the context of this, so further detail will have to follow.

Join us in approaching the delayed trial as an important opportunity to extend the popular outrage over the Windrush Scandal into an exposee on the ongoing brutalities of charter flight mass deportation.

The Stansted Trial will bring more of the truth about the Home Office's racist policies to public attention and help us move towards a future where these policies and the violence they impose are a thing of the past.


Join the Solidarity Demo!

JOIN US outside Chelmsford Crown Court to support the defendants, to demand the charges are dropped, and to demand an end to deportation charter flights.  Find out more on our facebook event page

8:30, MONDAY 1ST OCTOBER. Please arrive promptly or early.

Chelmsford Crown Court, 
New Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1EL


You can book your ticket on a coach from London online here

To find out about a minibus from oxford call (01865) 558145


#Stansted 15 : Crowdfunder

The crowd funder has now reached a whopping £6,900 but (unbelievably!) we’re still a long way short of the money we will need to cover the costs associated with moving our defendants, our casework, media, outreach and legal teams to Chelmsford for 8 weeks.

Your donations will help provide food and accommodation for defendants as well as supporters with experience of deportation and detention from across the UK. Funds will help defendants to meet their living costs (they won't be able to work during the trial to cover their usual rent) and so help minimise lasting housing issues resulting from the trial.

Please donate if you can and help spread the reach of the crowdfunder by sharing it in your networks.

You can see the crowdfunder at



Hold your own fundraiser

With our new Event Pack, it’s super easy to put on an event to support End Deportations. You can raise awareness and funds at the same time with resources from the event pack, which has a quiz, posters, and links to some short films you might like to show. We hope this should give you what you need to bring a local event together and raise awareness about the issues, have an entertaining evening, and possibly raise a bit of money for the campaign along the way.

Check out the event pack online here

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Solidarity from Trades Unions!

End Deportations is proud to share that we have received backing from the Trades Union Council of Chelmsford and District, as well as the London and South East TUC.

The branches gave a modest donation, and shared information about the trial amongst their network, sharing the details of the case and the campaign, as well as the crowd funder. It is a privilege for End Deportations to have received support from the TUC, and we’re chuffed to see the struggles in these different areas linked, and solidarity shown in this way.

Many thanks to all those who have shown their support.
If you’re from an organisation or network which would be keen to support, please feel free to get in touch and find out more about how you can support.
Lastly . . . we have a new website!

For resources, campaign news, trial blogs, and casework updates and information, check out
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