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- April 2018

Internet light - the digital child of the Non-discriminating access for Digital Inclusion (DigI), is a three-year innovation project, funded by The Research Council of Norway and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Read more about the DigI project and Basic Internet Foundation at our website. 
This newsletter is to inform you of our recent, ongoing and planned activities.
Josef Noll travelled to India in January 2018 to present “Internet light” on the conference COMSNETS-2018, and to discuss the project with relevant actors. The aim is to get an "Internet light"-pilot running, thus to be able to refer to an ongoing activity in India, and to identify academic institutions that can contribute to the development of the technology. A good collaboration is established on “key performance indicators” (KPI) between Danica Radovanovic and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bombay), and we have identified a cooperation with the state tele operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) for a pilot in some villages. This will most likely be confirmed in April / Mai 2018.
Photo taken by Sudhir Dixit, showing Josef and Francis.
In February 2018, parts of the DigI-team had a meeting at the Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Telecom regulators, Telecom industry, the Tanzanian Ministry of Health and Universal Service Communication Access Fond (USCAF) were present. USCAF will continue to coordinate the digitalization of rural Tanzania. Pease find the minutes from the meeting here:
The participants are invited for a new meeting at the Embassy on the 16th April 2018. We have expanded the invitation-list to the Nordic and Germany embassies, together with the actors from Tanzania, and the aim is to develop a project proposal on Showcase Digital Rural Tanzania.
Photo taken by Noel Magoti at the Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam, showing all the participants at the round-table discussion. 


In March 2018 Josef Noll went with Norwegian African Business Association (NABA) on a mission to Ghana. The Norwegian Minister of Development, Nikolai Astrup, and a delegation from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated, accompanied by a delegation of 25 entrepreneurs / companies from Norway i.e. Norgesgruppen, Sunergy and Bright Products.
On the first day, a cooperation agreement between the Norwegian embassy and Germany was signed, on 10 + 40 M€ for Compact with Africa (CwA). The event had 250 persons present. During the visit Minister Astrup and the Vice President of Ghana's had a joint session on digitalization. 
The Norwegian Ministry for Foreign Affairs is looking for a stronger partnership between Germany and Norway. Thus, the Minister Astrup, is interested in mapping existing collaborations. We see the cooperation of partners from Technical University of Munich (TUM) and University of Oslo (UiO) as a starting point for supporting CwA. Starting from academia, we have already a significant network with projects and partners in Africa, which we expect to extend through this German-Norwegian partnership.
Photo by Josef Noll, showing The Norwegian Minister of Development, Nikolai Astrup.


Josef visited Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST), established by Jørn Lyseggen. 6000 applications resulted in 60 students to work on SW entrepreneurship. He had discussions with Aaron Fu, the Managing Director, regarding the challenges the project face related to (i) Internet light standard and (ii) village platform, and we agreed that the ideas should be presented to the students. 
Through other contacts, (Høybråten church) the project was connected with Norwegian Church Aid (NCA), who runs the Veggie project in Tanzania. This project aims to provide better access to agricultural information. A meeting with NCA is planned in week 15, and they will also participate in the meeting at the embassy in Dar es Salaam 16 April 2018.
Together with Thanh (Telenor), Boning (Oslo Met), Sudhir and others, we wrote the paper "Reducing Inequalities with 5G Internet Light Network Slice" for a 5G conference in USA. “5G network slicing for digital inclusion” was written for IEEE COMSNETS 2018 in Bangalore, India. 
Photo by Josef, at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST).


Development of health messages
Maurice Isabwe is leading the work on developing the health messages, and is getting close to finalizing the first film on Taenia solium cysticercosis/taeniosis (TSCT). It has been a collaborative process with important contributions from DigI-team-members  in Tanzania, USA and Norway / Germany. When the TSCT-film is ready, the team will continue with Anthrax, followed by HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis. The films will have interactive parts with a digital quiz for the users.  We look forward to seeing the first product!

This week a special session on “Digital Global Health” was held, with contributions and panel discussion as part of the  Norwegian Global Health Conference 2018, Oslo 10-11 April 2018. 


The network operation for GravidPluss ended in Q4.2017, showing that the infrastructure worked spotlessly over three years. We have now rolled out a network for the TrygtSvangerskap project, where 20 health centres (helsestasjoner) with a total of 40 midwives have gotten access to information. 
Since Q3.2017 we have had a stabile network operation of Caritas Kinderdorf in Bottrop, Germany, where 60 kids and up to 40 adults have got InfoInternet access. The main focus was on secure access to the Internet, and the Kinderdorf has now got extended rights to access content including video i.e. Youtube. Maghsoud has developed a remote monitoring, and this gives us control over the quality of the provision. 


The HR-situation 
Christine Holst (UiO) is coordinating the DigI-operations and Danica Radovanovic (Serbia) concentrates on theInternet Society and KPI for digital inclusion. Sudhir Dixit (San Francisco) focus the pilots in India and new project proposals. Peter Edenhofer (München) is analysing the German market and looks into the Norwegian-German cooperations related to Compact with Africa (CwA). Ingeborg Haavardsson (UiO) is coordination meetings and external relations towards our Ministry of Foreign Affairs and internationally. Through this organisation, we have an international business.
Photo by Christine, showing Elibariki, Felix and Josef on our latest fieldtrip to Iringa. 


Upcoming activities
The upcoming activities before summer include
  • Extension of the DigI project by 9 months due to delay in installation on the ground in both Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
  • Network roll-out and operation in Tanzania, updated plans for DRC
  • Meeting and wokshop in Dar es Salaam 16-18 April 2018
  • Follow-up with Ghana contacts
  • Follow up with UiO-TUM partnership


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