We would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for your continued support in 2019 and  welcome  2020  and our new subscribers 
Bella's Forever Home Anniversary 
The Beautiful Bella. This week we received an update about Bella, whom we rehomed via the Blue Cross. 
We are always over joyed when we receive images and updates about all the horses and ponies that we have rehomed and there  are so many, given our current circumstances we are unable to take horses in, but that does not mean that we don't help them. We secure placements for them, from a vast range of appropriate organisations across the UK. . 
We even see lots of updates about horses and ponies where our intervention in facilitating their rescue is unknown, or not publicised. This whilst being a little disheartening, is not of great importance. The most important factor is that the horse or pony is in a loving, knowledgeable home and has all their needs met. 

We have on occasion , rehomed large numbers of horses to an array or organisations across the county and sought the most appropriate organisation for them. From the horses with ridden potential right down to the horses that require specialist behavioural treatment.  No one size fits all. We are extremely fortunate to have such a vast, extensive  number of reputable organisations across the country whom do not delay in securing homes for the horses that we seek assistance for. 

           Catching Up With Old Friends  
This little pony was a case that Lisa worked on many years ago. This little pony was left untreated and had the most awful eye infection, which resulted in her loosing her eye. 
Now almost 7 years later, our paths crossed again, it was wonderful to see her looking so healthy.  Lisa never forgets a face. 

Not all welfare cases require the horse to be seized, Sometimes, it just about drawing the owners attention to their duty of care and responsibilities. 

Amazing Volunteer   

 We would like to introduce you Ana Pombo Rose , Ana is a lovely extremely talented lady, whom has chosen to dedicate some time and expertise to us at Communities For Horses. 

“I am so glad to be helping Communities for Horses. I love their approach and compassion towards marginalised communities and animals alike. They really strive to educate horse owners and support them in improving their animals’ welfare so that they can keep horse ownership, which for most of this people means a lot. They even run an education programme which complies with the National Curriculum to help children with special needs in these communities.  I find this amazing”.

We are really excited to work to Ana and cannot emphasize at how grateful we are to all our supporters and volunteers. 


 2020 Making New Friends and building relationships 

During 2019 , we worked collaboratively with a so many organisations,  The equine welfare crisis, is not one that can be fought alone. In order to change or have any form of impact you have to work together. 
That is why in 2020, we aim to extend  and continue our working relationships with reputable organisations across the UK . 

What has our equine welfare officer been up to? 

January, was a busy one. where we  built a new relationship, with ROR, (Retraining Of Racehorses). We were contacted by an overburdened and overwhelmed  horse owner whom was in dire straits, with nowhere to turn. Fortunately, with the assistance of ROR ,Cotts equine, and ourselves we were able to facilitate a solution  in a very difficult situation.
We had the opportunity to give some ad hoc training to some young horse owners, and gave them hands on training at how to body score a horse. Also how to humanly trim a horses mane, using a solo comb. 

We gave advise on how to soak a horse that  was suffering from a hoof abscess. 

We also had to have some awkward discussions with one owner about ,  meeting their  horses needs, whilst faced with personal problems, fears and phobia's.

 As we use a humanistic case by case approach to our work, in which the words second chance and zero-tolerance to abuse / animal cruelty are equally important. 

We have been out and about on our local commons and marshes, where we caught up with a little pony that was a previous welfare case that we dealt with many years ago. Now having had the infected eye removed and lots to time to adjust to her new way of living, it was a delight to see her again and how well she was doing.  

We have also returned to previous case, where a stallion is being kept in a builders yard. Whilst not how you or I would choose to keep a horse, his needs were being met. He had shelter, ad lib forage, lots of water, a hard standing and daily turnout, He was of a good body condition, complied with equine identification legislation.  For a stallion, this environment is so much better, than some  we encounter .  

We understand it is sometimes  difficult for people to accept how others keep their animals. As we always say, In order to have a good life, one must thrive not just survive. This horse despite some peoples interpterion of what is acceptable has a good life. 

This month we have experianced a high volume of calls,  which puts a drain on our finances. if only fuel tank would run on passion and concern.  Your donations, keep us mobile, However with news of our work growing, the calls are increasing and need to request assistance with funding is essential. 
Could you commit to a regular donation, to keep us on the road. No amount is too small, we are extremely grateful and thank you for your compassion. 



How can you support us? 

You can support us whilst you do your shopping! On Amazon Smile UK, just enter Communities For Horses as your chosen charity and Amazon will donate. 0.5% of the value of your order directly to us. The cost of your product does not change. 

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We have an Amazon Wish List. Most recently we added Boot Gloves, these are used as part of disease, prevention and control on all our welfare calls. They are an extremely important part of our kit. 
We would be most grateful if you could assist us with purchasing some of our everyday or training items.

Thank you Monica Ward for your donation. We would also like to thank our regular donors Sarah Smith, Holly Thomas  and Jenni Nellist  for thier regular donations.
The donations that we receive enable us to cover some of the costs associated with attending welfare calls. Many of the calls that we attend allow us to change the welfare status of the horses for the better - whether the horse is compromised regarding mental, environmental or physical welfare.

To support us in making changes, you too can help. To donate please go to
To offer support by means of volunteering, please contact us.
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