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What an absolutely amazing start!

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who has downloaded the app and registered their details. We're very excited to have launched EchidnaCSI and this project will only be a success with your help.
We have already had over 1000 downloads and more than 200 submissions in just 3 weeks. We've even received some scats already!

Below is important news for you.

You can upload old photos of echidnas too

By far the most common question we've been receiving is about what to do if you already have photos of echidnas before the app was available. We have a BioCollect page where you can upload these photos! It works in a similar way that our app does, if the photos already have the date, time and location embedded in them then those fields will automatically populate. If not, then you will need to enter those. You will also need to make a profile with BioCollect first before submitting, but that is all pretty easy. Click here to head to our BioCollect page to get started.

Don't forget the scats!

In BioCollect there are two 'Surveys' you can choose from. As well as uploading photos of echidnas, you can also submit the scats you've collected if you don't have access to our app. It is really important you submit a scat before you mail it to us! Because we need the location you collected it from, who collected it, and a photo so we can connect the samples we get in the mail back to this information.
It's even easier if you do this through the app as you collect the scat, because the app will automatically send us your information and location!

Roadkill is important too

It's not the nicest topic to cover, but it is true that information about the number of echidna roadkill is very important. Being hit by cars is a leading cause of death for these little guys. You can easily let us know if you see this by submitting photos through the app or BioCollect and when it asks for the 'State of the animal' select 'dead'. As it is coming to the end of breeding season, many females will be pregnant or be carrying puggles (baby echidnas), so if you do find any deceased echidnas please check for pouches and young, but please be careful with busy roads. If in Adelaide feel free to contact us and we may be able to collect the echidna, as tissue is always valuable for our research.

Keep our echidnas safe

It is very exciting to see an echidna out in the wild! And we are so happy to see all of these fabulous submissions come through. But remember these are still wild animals and can get scared or stressed. Sometimes an echidna won't even care you are nearby and continue with its business, but other times it may dig into the ground or stand still when you approach. If this happens please be sensible and give the animal the space it is showing you it wants. Also be aware if an echidna appears on your property and you are worried about having dogs or other pets around it, try to not relocate the echidna, especially at this time of year as they may have a puggle in a burrow nearby. It is best to keep your pets secure for a while and the echidna will make its way out of the situation itself - they don't like to be in danger! For more information about best practice when you come across an echidna check out these very informative links below or contact your local wildlife rescue group.

Fauna Rescue of SA | WIRES Wildlife | Rescue Wildlife Victoria

Photo of the month

I'd like to give a shout out to Peter Hastwell who has taken this project on head first with 22 submissions already, including some scats! What a great photo capturing an echidna mid scratch. I'm sure you have a lot of intriguing stories about these beautiful creatures on your property and thank you for your efforts so far.

Keep them coming!

As the weather becomes warmer echidnas will begin to hide in the cool depths of their burrows. Until then, keep an eye out and let's continue this spree of submissions! At this time of year you may even be lucky enough to spot a puggle.

If you have any questions about the project or echidnas please don't hesitate to contact us - either through email or Facebook.

All the best, from EchidnaCSI

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