EchidnaCSI Winter Update

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Welcome back!

Hello again echidna spotters! It’s been a little while since our last update, and the team has been working harder than ever to learn more about these amazing animals. We have some exciting projects in the pipeline that we can’t reveal yet, but be sure to keep an eye out for future newsletters 😉

Read on to find out about our events, talks, and articles, as well as learn about echidna breeding season!

Event: Hear leading experts talk about echidnas, poop and insects on Kangaroo Island

Come learn about the wonderful world of echidnas and insects by leading researchers and award-winning science communicators with an event for all ages on Kangaroo Island. In addition to EchidnaCSI leader Dr Tahlia Perry speaking about our project, you will hear from leading echidna ecologist, Dr Peggy Rismiller, who will share secrets about echidnas she has learnt from over 30 years of studying them! You will also learn all about the creepy crawlies that are living in your own backyard from Dr Erinn Fagan-Jeffries and even catch and identify insects yourself on the day. 

The two hour event will be a combination of entertaining talks and hands-on activities including insect catching and learning how to identify different animal's poop! The event is free but be sure to register for either the 10am or 2pm session.

Click Here To Register
This event is part of National Science Week, Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology. There will be more than a thousand events taking place all across the country - check them out here
Mating train seen on Kangaroo Island - breeding season underway!

Every year between June and September, a magical thing occurs: echidna breeding season! 

During this time, echidnas become more active as they search for a mate. This will be the only time of the year that you will see more than one echidna together out in the wild. Echidnas form 'trains' where one female is followed by multiple males until she chooses one to mate with - these trains can last for weeks at a time! Check out this train seen on Kangaroo Island just a couple of weeks ago.

EchidnaCSI featured in Landcare Uphunter newsletter
Read all about echidna biology, behaviour, breeding season, and more in this write-up for the Autumn 2021 edition of Landcare Uphunter. Dr Tahlia Perry also discusses how she started EchidnaCSI and the ways in which the project has progressed over the years. 

Read the full article here:
Recorded Talk: the Secret Life of Echidnas
Listen to Dr Tahlia Perry discuss EchidnaCSI during this recorded 1 hour talk for the Lane Cove Council in New South Wales.

Zoom link:
Password: @Echidnas#1
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We appreciate each and every one of you who has gotten involved with our project 🥰

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