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Dear Friends & Family,

Wrangle up an otter, pull on your red suit, and join Kevin Claus as he makes the rounds in his sleigh on Christmas Eve! It's 2020, and stranger things have certainly happened in all our lives this year!

We are moving forward in the aftermath of losing Kevin's sister Debbie to cancer, and both his sisters' homes to fire in August. We're thankful for memories of people and places we loved, and reminders of them that come in unexpected ways—even the junk mail forwarded to us.

Our wish for you this holiday season is that you stay healthy, find comfort in memories and virtual connections, and seize every opportunity to laugh and smile in the midst of all the challenges this wild year has wrought.

With love,
Kevin & Cathy
Jen & John
& Chrissy
We're thankful that construction and real estate were deemed essential businesses after the initial shut down. Kevin was able to keep Yellow Ribbon Homes going with the help of government loan. Michael & Matthew (above left & right) received unemployment during the hiatus and were able to rejoin us. They're hard workers with great attitudes and senses of humor. We all spent the second half of the year renovating a home for a client that just went on the market. After two years of losing out to higher offers, I was finally able to help Michael become a home owner this summer. 
After 9 years of sharing a double kayak, and always paddling in second spot, Kevin got his very own kayak this spring and put it to good use as he escaped the clutches of a giant Canal flamingo. I organized a 47 day email/online poetry writing experience during "lockdown" and published an anthology featuring wonderful poems by the participants. Kevin's brother, Sterling, and I participated in a Black Lives Matter march in Belfair in June. And I was fortunate to enjoy a hike to Dickerson Waterfall in Kitsap County with my dear prayer partner Becky in November. 
In March, Kevin rescued Maggie (both photos top row) in the abandoned home across the road where we store tools. We finally have a cat we're allowed to pet! Thankfully Malika and Tux consent to be photographed, and have been  subjects  for several of my online photography class assignments.
Kevin's sister Coco, and her boyfriend, Brad, moved in with us in early September after the tragedy of losing her home in the CZU Lightning Complex Fire. In November, they drove back to her property (towing their new camping trailer) where Kevin joined them for two weeks of sifting through the ashes. Shortly after their return, we found a sweet home on Lake Symington in Kitsap County that will be Coco's on December 30th. She'll move in after Yellow Ribbon Homes works a little magic.  Now Kevin, Sterling, and Coco (the 3 surviving siblings) will all live within 45 minutes of each other.
Last Christmas, Jen & John were on a honeymoon cruise in Mexico, so we haven't seen them since the wedding in June 2019. But, we've House Partied (an app) on holidays and birthdays. Jen continues her accounting work for Colorado State University from home. John is down to one job from two, manufacturing airplane parts for Woodward Industrial, also located in Fort Collins. Earlier this year, they adopted a "tripod" (three-legged) dog who'd been found wandering the streets in Houston, TX. Dale was diagnosed with heart-worm last month, and will be on intensive treatments until next spring. Their other dog, Moose, is getting less mobile as he ages (already a challenge with his neurological disorder), so he now takes rides around the neighborhood in a cart! Jen & John enjoyed some off-road trips this year, and were able to meet my mom and stepdad when they drove the Rubicon Trail in the Sierras. 
While Jen & John were honeymooning, Kevin and I flew to New York City to celebrate Christmas 2019 with Chrissy in her new home. She was an excellent tour guide and we saw many of the city's iconic sites, including this building in Chinatown where her office is located. Chrissy and the principal architect's dog enjoyed working together until the shutdown. Now Chrissy's cats assist her efforts. To expand her living space, she cat-proofed the fire escape outside the window of her 5th floor walkup in Hamilton Heights. Chrissy took up running/jogging this year as a safe way to get some exercise (no more walking to the subway twice a day) and explore the city. She also took a quick trip back to Boston to help a friend move and saw in person the hotel she helped design!
I invested in a new camera and a photography class this year, and the result: If a picture is worth a thousand words, I have a book's worth of photos to share with you via movie/slideshows on YouTube:

Warner People & Pets from last Christmas to this, including our visit to New York City.

Hood Canal highlights. The incredible view from our home.

Waterfront Flora & Fauna from our home. 
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