Feeling Forlorn?

If you're an extrovert it's day bazillion of captivity
If you're an introvert life is pretty much unchanged

But anxiety is in the air, invisible and contagious as any virus,
and we could all use

Some Reasons to Smile

This is some of what I was blessed to see as I stayed home this week. The Hood Canal beauty is incredible. More on my website.

I'm Hooked on YouTube & Fabeook Right Now

Some of my favorite YouTube music created in this time of cloistering:

Playlists pop up based on your viewing. Follow the rabbit down the hole!

Two of my favorite poets are going live on Facebook almost every day. Enjoy hearing them read to you:

Checkout "Live From My Living Room" as singer-songwriter Carrie Newcomer shares her deeply hopeful music on her Facebook page.

Claudia Castro Luna, The Poet Laureate of Washington, is curating a webpage of "Poems to Lean On."
Some of our friends and family have mentioned that Kevin and I ought to host a show on HGTV. Here's as close as we're going to get. I posted a full-length 40 minute unscripted episode/house tour shot with my phone on YouTube. It's full of random trivia, cool products, and ideas. Sit back with some popcorn, enjoy the view, and be glad your walls have sheetrock and paint!
Yesterday morning some bald eagles showed up with a seagull they'd just killed, and ate it on the beach right below the house. I shot this video from our den (through the window with my Lumix camera). They don't usually come this close, so it was an extra special experience. 
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Spring Equinox

Gossamer fog floats on the water
like rose petals strewn at the feet
of undulating emerald hills
crowned by snow-melting peaks
pink with alpenglow
their white silhouettes mirrored
in silver blue stillness

Mergansers swirl their rippled trails
like figure skaters marking ice
the tiny grebe dives for fish
the broken water pierced
by the wand of her beak
ripples bloom upon the surface
round and gentle as spring’s first kiss

Goldeneyes skim rose gold
and copper tributaries streaking
paths through Anna’s placid bay
then rise with glowing wingbeats
an urgent aqua greeting
to the coupled mallards
who bob by undisturbed
to the seagulls who shine iridescent
transfigured with light
welcome extending
to the lowly crow
and me scrabbling the shoreline 

~Cathy Warner 2020
Copyright © 2020 Cathy Warner, All rights reserved.

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