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Tip of the week - Say a stranger's name 3 times

Not being able to remember someone's name is a problem we all face. But if you can remember it you signal that you really care about a person. To help a new acquaintance's name stick in your memory say it three times when you first meet them. Repeat there name when you're introduced: "Nice to meet you Maria", say it once during conversation: "Oh Maria, I love that idea!", and say it when you say goodbye: "It was lovely to meet you Maria".

Look clever at a cocktail party

Blind-fold chess has been played for centuries. Players aren't allowed to see the board or touch the pieces and must keep track of the game by memory alone. The current world record is held by Timur Gareyev. In 2016 he played 48 simultaneous games while blind-folded and riding an exercise bike, winning 35 of the games.

What are Ian, Darren & March up to this week?

  • Ian is using MyFitnessPal to track his food before meeting with a certified nutritionist.
  • Darren is trying out a new lavender scented linen spray to improve sleep quality.
  • March is experimenting with turmeric to reduce muscle soreness after his successful volcano climb.
Listen to an upcoming show to hear how our experiments went and what we learned!


Article of the week

Secrets of a Mind-Gamer by Joshua Foer

A fascinating article about a novice's adventures training to become a world class memory athlete. This became the basis for his book 'Moonwalking with Einstein'.

"For all of our griping over our failing memories — the misplaced keys, the forgotten name, the factoid stuck on the tip of the tongue — our biggest failing may be that we forget how rarely we forget."


Product of the week


Most brain training apps haven't undergone rigorous testing for efficacy. BrainHQ, co-founded by renowned neuroscientist Dr. Michael Merzenich, has undergone multiple randomized controlled trials to test it's effectiveness in improving memory, increasing processing speed and reducing depression.

A quote from Dr. Merzenich in Fast Company

"Some brain training has been repeatedly shown to work. If you sort through it, you’ll find that is a plasticity-based brain training developed by knowledgeable and reputable experts. Other brain games have been rushed to market to make a buck, and will fail in serious trials. It’s important to realize that not all brain training is the same. Look for products designed by real experts and subjected to peer-reviewed studies, and be wary of those that spend more money on advertising than on research."


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All the best in getting better,

Ian, Darren & March

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