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Hi all!

On the upcoming episode we have our very first guest on the show! Ryan Carson is the founder and CEO of Treehouse - an online learning company. We talk to him about learning techniques, mentorship and the best way to learn a new skill. Subscribe to the podcast to always get the latest episode as soon as it's released.

Now here's your weekly set of tips, fun facts and other exclusive content from us at The Better Show. Enjoy and share with a friend :)

Tip of the week - Find a Mentor

Ryan highly recommends mentorship as a great way to gain valuable insight and guidance into anything you want to learn. Ryan's advice for getting a mentor? Have a learning goal that aligns with the passions of your mentor, be specific about how much of their time you need, be prepared for mentoring sessions, and don't be afraid to ask the people you admire!

Look clever at a cocktail party

We’ve all had that feeling when we can’t remember something we thought we knew. We assume the memory has just gone and has been replaced with something more recent and useful to us. A study at MIT shows it's possible to retrieve memory once thought lost. The experiments have shown that much like the physical phenomenon of ‘muscle memory’, these forgotten memories can not only be re-accessed but can be relearned more quickly and easily than new information.

What are Ian, Darren & March up to this week?

  • Ian is practicing his golf swing in the hopes of being as good as Tiger one day.
  • Darren finally got to see the Hamilton musical :-)
  • March is cycling to work a couple of times a week both for fun and to increase his VO2 max.
Listen to an upcoming show to hear how our experiments went and what we learned!


Article of the week

Make Learning a Lifelong Habit - by John Coleman for Harvard Business Review

"We’re all born with a natural curiosity. We want to learn. But the demands of work and personal life often diminish our time and will to engage that natural curiosity. Developing specific learning habits — consciously established and conscientiously cultivated — can be a route to both continued professional relevance and deep personal happiness."

Products of the week

YouTube #Education

YouTube has grown to become an incredibly rich source of educational content - whether you want to learn to change a tire, dive into the history of the world or grasp quantum physics. It's used in classrooms around the world to engage students with some of the best educational videos ever created. And you can use it too!

Some favorite things we've learned from YouTube recently:

Ian -  Joe Rogan Experience #1109 - Matthew Walker (Sleep researcher)

Darren -  What you can do to prevent Alzheimer's | Lisa Genova

March -  Why is Relativity Hard? | Special Relativity Chapter 1



If you want to jump into a highly paid career as a developer then Treehouse is a great place to start. With in-depth courses in many modern development languages you can skip the four years of computer science and jump straight into the nuts and bolts of programming. Treehouse provides a 6 month 'get job ready' program to prepare you for the workforce. Check out a free trial on


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All the best in getting better,

Ian, Darren & March

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