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The upcoming episode of The Better Show is all about how to beat procrastination. Here is your weekly set of tips, fun facts and other exclusive content from us at The Better Show. Enjoy and share with a friend :)

Defeat Procrastination & Achieve Your Goals

Tip of the week

We are all highly motivated 10% of the time, and have low motivation 90% of the time. You can plan around this. Use the 10% time to set up systems that make it easy to achieve your goals in the low motivation time such as make batches of healthy lunches, schedule workouts on your calendar, set a daily reminder to meditate. Learn more from Stanford researcher BJ Fogg.

Look clever at a cocktail party

Did you know that the most productive people work for 52 minutes, then break for 17 minutes? According to a study conducted by the makers of DeskTime, a productivity tracking app, the most productive 10% of users they studied worked for intense 'sprints' of 52 minutes before taking a break. This sprint & rest model allowed them to be the most highly productive group measured even though on average they worked less than 8 hours a day. Learn more from DeskTime.


What are Ian, Darren & March up to this week?

  • Ian is experimenting with Qualia, a nootropic supplement that helps with focus and motivation. (See below for an exclusive discount link and coupon we got just for our listeners if you want to try it out!)
  • Darren is trying out the '10 minute rule' - anything you can complete in 10 mins or less, do it right now
  • March is working with an editor to help complete the 2nd draft of his novel
All three of us are trying the Productivity Planner. We'll have a special mini-episode on how this has been going for us. Watch out for it coming soon.

Listen to an upcoming show to hear how our experiments went and what we learned!


Article of the week

Why Procrastinators Procrastinate - by Tim Urban

"The thing that neither the dictionary nor fake procrastinators understand is that for a real procrastinator, procrastination isn’t optional—it’s something they don’t know how to not do."


Product of the week

Qualia by NeuroHacker Collective

Qualia is a nootropic supplement (enhances cognition), a science-based supplement to enhance focus, energy, and mood while supporting long-term brain health. Ian, Darren & March have all tried out this supplement and we think it's both effective and a fascinating indication of the coming wave of treatments to help improve cognition and brain health.

We've partnered with NeuroHacker Collective to offer an exclusive discount to Better Show listeners. You can get a 10% discount on a single order or a 15% discount on a subscription. Just use our special link and the code 'BETTER' at checkout and let us know if you found it helpful!


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All the best in getting better,

Ian, Darren & March

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