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The Grind: September 2018

We're back at it! Read on for FYG news, emerging careers, and misfits in action.

Natasha Gross


Find Your Grind co-founder Natasha Gross identifies as an entrepreneur and philanthropist, through her work as a community event coordinator, marketing specialist and scholarship director. But she started with her nose in books.

While growing up in Maine, Natasha dreamed of being involved in the entertainment industry. At a young age, she began consuming as much information about it as possible through books and movies. By the time she was a senior in high school, she landed her first unpaid internship at an art gallery and event space in Portland, Maine, where she got her first taste of professional work in the arts. Her continued dedication to her high school studies landed her a spot at University of Southern California’s Business of Entertainment program. She gained more experience in the entertainment industry through internships at production agencies, while pursuing her bachelors in business administration.

Today, Natasha truly embodies the lifestyles of Creator and Entrepreneur. She uses her desire to make the world a better place and her dream-big mentality to add value to the community and people around her. With her unique and forward-thinking ideas, and her knowledge of cinematic arts, she has been vital to the creation of Find Your Grind’s virtual-job-shadow videos and game-changing web experience designed to help people prepare for what’s next.

To learn more about Natasha Gross, co-founder of Find Your Grind, or to explore which lifestyles that connect with you, visit our

It’s time to find your grind.


The sport of the future.

Gaming originated in 1972 with the Magnavox Odyssey. Within the past 46 years, gamers have enjoyed the likes of arcade games, PC games, and consoles from Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft. Oftentimes, kids who enjoyed these games have had to endure the reputation of this as an idle pastime, a hobby, a waste of time.

The time has come, however, to where gaming and esports are starting to finally receive the respect and recognition they deserve.

Sports Illustrated quoted an estimated $493 million in revenue for the esports industry last year with a projection for that to top $1 billion by the end of 2019. Colleges have begun to take notice and within the past year several across the United States have added esports to their list of varsity sports programs.

With a global fan base, soaring revenues, and legitimacy being gained on the sports scene, the esports industry will continue to generate massive job opportunities in several fields including marketing, live events, multi-media streaming, research and development, athletes, recruiters, coding specialists… the list is endless.

Find Your Grind is honored to partner with the leading esports company, RektGlobal, in providing scholarship opportunities for gamers. See our Last Month’s Grind section below to learn more about this partnership.

For more information on esports and related careers, just search the site for “esports”.


At age 8, Lily Born set out to solve a problem for a dear loved one. Her grandfather, who suffered with Parkinson’s Disease, experienced difficulty drinking out of regular cups without spilling. Lily began working to build a cup that would help eliminate this problem.

Her solution, called the Kangaroo Cup, has been featured on numerous news and television shows, covered by several national print media outlets and bloggers, and has earned her recognition by CNN as a Young Hero award winner.

In an interview with journalist Bryan Munoz, Lily stated, “Even though you’re a kid, you can still do… anything.” And, she has. She is a humanitarian. She is an entrepreneur. She is an inventor. She is a problem-solver. She is a teenager.

For more information on Lily Born and her company, Imagiroo, visit her website.

For Lily, finding her purpose and success started with an idea. How will it start for you?


How did you spend your summer break? Here at Find Your Grind, we spent ours focused on supporting the pursuits of young people from across the country.

Find Your Grind is honored to have joined other corporate sponsors who appreciate the value of the competitive student organizations, such as Future Business Leaders of America. This summer in Baltimore, the best of the best young business leaders converged for three days of focused competition. Find Your Grind sponsored the Sports and Entertainment Management event and would like to congratulate the following national winners:

  • 10th Place – Alexander Fisher, FL
  • 9th Place – Grace Fairchild, Kayle Kessinger, and Melissa Tate, MO
  • 8th Place – Pranav Malavalli and Rohan Sreedhar, CA
  • 7th Place – Ryan Chae, Ryan Li, and Ryan Lou, CA
  • 6th Place – Shubh Trevdi and Nicholas Oliver, GA
  • 5th Place – TJ Dunn and Logan Ingram, AR
  • 4th Place – Stefan De Villiers, Jack Nussbaum, and Tejas Raj, WA
  • 3rd Place – Rohan Kommireddy, Thushar Mahesh, and Shray Mehra, FL
  • 2nd Place – Sarah Hu and Hongying Alana Liu, UT
  • 1st Place – Anthony Madubonwu and Brandon Nwokeji, TN

Find Your Grind has also partnered with ReKTGlobal and is working to provide scholarship opportunities to gamers of all types. The Gamer Grind Scholarship is FYG’s first worldwide scholarship. Our scholarships may be applied to college tuition, attending an event, or even for purchasing necessary equipment to compete or stream.

This summer, at The Bay in Lincoln, Nebraska, Find Your Grind hosted an event with DrLupo where he personally awarded a $5,000 to our first scholarship winner, Nebraska high school student William Koslaphirom. William attends Westside High School in Omaha. His favorite streamers are DrLupo and Ninja together, and he loves the fun environment they create when they duo in Fortnite. He will use the scholarship to pay for part of his tuition at the University of Nebraska Omaha and new streaming equipment. His goal is to do well in school, while maintaining a solid stream schedule.

Look for another exciting esports-related announcement from FYG very soon! 


The FYG team would like to welcome everyone back to school for the 2018-2019 school year. It is our hope that this year brings you insight into who you are and who you want to become as you Find Your Grind.

We hope to see you at our live events that will begin later this Fall. Follow us @FindYourGrind to stay in touch until then!

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