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Welcome to the October 2018 edition of The Grind. Read on for FYG updates, Emerging Career news, and our feature on this month's Misfit in Action.


Junior Rogue: While schools across the country were starting their Fall 2018 semester, Find Your Grind launched the Junior Rogue Program in partnership with the esports organization Rogue.

We just announced the winners last week. If you didn’t make it this time, stay tuned! We hope to do the program again in the future.

New Feature: Which Lifestyle Are You? We also launched our new Lifestyle Assessment, which helps you figure out which lifestyle you are. Take the 5-minute test to learn more about yourself and see tons of inspirational content related to your “focus” lifestyles.

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New and Noteworthy FYG Career Videos We’re ramping up Season 2 of our career profile videos, focusing on entrepreneurial misfits and emerging careers. They’re the next best thing to a job shadow: check them out! More are being added every week.

Ruth Carter: Costume Designer
Black Panther costume designer Ruth E. Carter is a storyteller — only she doesn't use a script, a captivating image, or a telling line of dialogue. Carter let audiences explore the fictional world of Wakanda through armor, robe, and headdress. Watch Now
Katie Day: Staff Scientist / Marine Biologist
When Katie Day says she helps protect the ocean, sometimes it's hard to fathom how big that job is. Learn how she reckons with both rising world temperatures on the macro and blocked access to a single public beach on the micro. Watch Now
Clay Alexander: Inventor / Company President
Watch the video to learn how Alexander turned a career dream as vague and ambitious as "inventor" into a reality through internships, problem solving and more. Watch Now
Akiko Yamashita: 3D Artist / Computer Animator
Yamashita had become obsessed with YouTube videos about projection mapping, a kind of 3D modeling that turns uncommon objects into display surfaces for artistic video projection. Find out how she turned this interest into a career in 3D artistry and modeling. Watch Now
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This month, we kick off our national high school tour and a series of conference appearances. If you are in the area, come see us!

Oct. 20: Houston, TX • Technology and Curriculum Conference of Aldine

Oct. 25: Richmond, TX • Jostens Renaissance School Culture Revival Tour

Oct. 31: Milton, GA • Jostens Renaissance School Culture Revival Tour

Nov. 3: Long Beach, CA • ComplexCon

Nov. 9: Edina, MN • Jostens Renaissance School Culture Revival Tour


Drew Newlin: Business Developer. Logistics Coordinator. Analyzer. Organizer. Competitor. Entrepreneur. Find Your Grind Talent Manager.

Born and based in Omaha, NE (but raised all over), Drew Newlin recently found his way onto the Find Your Grind (FYG) team via co-founder and speaker Mike Smith. Having worked side by side with Newlin for the last several years on various ventures - Mike Smith Live, The Harbor by Jostens, and Leadership Live, to name a few - Smith felt it was only right to bring his "right-hand man" into the fold at FYG.

After graduating high school in 2007, Newlin received a full ride to the University of Nebraska at Omaha and graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Political Science - a degree which he jokes he barely used to get a job after graduating and now does not use whatsoever. An avid skateboarder of nearly 20 years, Newlin befriended Smith at his non-profit indoor skatepark, The Bay, in 2011, and the rest is history. In that sense, Newlin's professional career is a testament to the power and importance of authentic networking.

Outside of his work with Smith and FYG, Newlin values skateboarding above all else, embodying the FYG mantra of putting your desired lifestyle first, knowing your strengths, and then letting the professional pieces fall into place. A grateful Newlin says those pieces couldn't have fallen into a better one.

For more on what it’s like to be a Business Manager, check out Drew’s FYG Profile.


We live in a global society, but we can't speak the language.

Less than 14 percent of Americans can speak, read, understand, or write more than one language. This percentage is incredibly low considering many European and Asian countries have populations that are majority bilingual. (Source: SwiftKey study)

Given technological advancements and the growing interdependence between countries for successful economies, being able to communicate with vendors, partners, clients, and customers who speak a language other than English is critical for American businesses. Because of this, the Slater: Language Industry Intelligence organization projects the job market for interpreters and translators will grow by 68,000 more jobs in the next eight years.

Interpreters and translators both work to convert information from one language to another, but there is a slight difference between the two. Interpreters primarily work in spoken and sign language whereas translators focus on written text. Accuracy and quickness in performing translations is a vital measure of success in this field of work. (College Grad Careers)

Interpreters and translators can work for large or small businesses, in hospitals and other medical facilities, for the government, with schools of all types, and as their own bosses. Workers in this field have the opportunity to travel all over the world or work from home, utilizing the benefits of today's technology.

When you're not confined to one language, the world is at your fingertips.


Building an empire is tough at any age, but at 13, most would call it impossible. That's not so for one Mississippi middle-school student, Cade Ortego. With dreams of being a public personality along the lines of Jimmy Fallon, Cade's dream job is one that would allow him to "meet all kinds of people, have fun with them, cook with them, and make them laugh."

With that dream in mind, Cade has begun to create experiences for himself now that will help him achieve that dream in the years to come. The young teenager operates a YouTube channel where he posts cooking videos and funny adolescent experiences. He and two of his friends - Quin Sirmon and Sydnee Durham - also host the podcast Catch Cade, which gives voice to teenage issues and social dilemmas. Finally, Cade put his cooking skills to the test competing in the 2018 season of Master Chef Jr., finishing in the top eight.

Cade credits his family for supporting his dreams. He says, "Lots of parents say, 'you can do anything you put your mind to', but let's be honest: as a kid, there can be some real-life obstacles that a kid can't tackle." He learned how to cook just from being in the kitchen at home and job-shadowing in his uncle's restaurant. He also relies on his parents to help with the production side of his podcast.

Even with a successful podcast and TV appearance, a relentless drive, and a big personality, Cade's proudest accomplishment has been motivating the mentors in his life to help him tackle obstacles that would stop most young people from creating the life they dream of.

If you want to "catch" Cade, check out his YouTube channel and podcast.

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