What Happened in 2020?
A Cocoa Sustainability Year in Review

Thank you WCF members and partners for your support in 2020. Despite major challenges this year, we are making progress toward a sustainable and thriving cocoa sector, where farmers prosper, communities are empowered, and the planet is healthy.
Cocoa & Chocolate Industry Donates $835,000 to Help Farmers Fight COVID-19
Cocoa and chocolate companies donated $835,000 to help cocoa communities fight coronavirus by supporting national emergency plans in West Africa, Asia, and Latin America.
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Following in the Footsteps of COVID-19 for the Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus (CSSVD): Contact Tracing, Testing, and Treatment
As everyone around the world has learned about viruses and how to control their spread, the cocoa sector has continued to gain a better understanding of CSSVD.
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The Cost of Cash to Ghana’s Cocoa Sector
Ghana is among the world’s leaders in the use of mobile money, but over 90% of farmer transactions are still made in cash. Better Than Cash Alliance and WCF released new analysis showing that the cost of cash to the cocoa sector is valued at more than $20 million every year.
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New Research Insights for Brighter Future for Children in Cocoa
New research from NORC at the University of Chicago provided two important pieces of research on child Labor in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana: the first assesses progress in reducing child labor overall and the second takes a closer look at the success of company programs.
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The Power of We: Convening for Cocoa Sustainability
In 2020, with a crisis possibly linked to man’s encroachment on nature crippling the world and cocoa farmers hit hard by economic hardship, maintaining our collective focus on sustainability could not wait. With this in mind, WCF decided to take the 2020 Partnership Meeting online.
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Cocoa & Forests Initiative Reports Progress, Aims to Expand Effort
With more than 4 million trees planted and 1 million farms mapped, Cocoa & Forests companies reported progress towards their goal of ending deforestation in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.
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Unique Flavors with a Positive Impact: The Future of Ecuadorian Amazonian Cocoa Beans
The Ecuadorian Amazon hosts 17 protected nature reserves that cover 26% of the territory. In this region, sustainable cocoa cultivation is gaining importance as a deforestation-free livelihood.
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The Business Case for Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs)
The social benefits provided by VSLAs are well known. The most important one is a reinforced sense of agency for women. WCF commissioned research to assess the VSLA business case.
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Cocoa Farmers in Disruptive Times
Cocoa farmers from Nigeria, Ecuador, Ghana, Colombia, Nicaragua, and Indonesia share their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic in this video.
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Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA) Issues Position Paper on EU Action to Protect and Restore Forests
TFA issued a proposal for a 'smart mix' of measures by the EU to help tackle the negative impacts on forests associated with the production of forest risk commodities, including cocoa.
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Take a look at other cocoa sustainability news from 2020 here. We look forward to our work together in 2021.
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